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Secret Bases

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Aquarelle, May 6, 2017.

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  1. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The Gen III Hoenn games introduced the Secret Base feature, allowing you to create a base in a cave, tree, or bush and decorate it as you please.

    So, what did you think of this feature? Where did you make your Secret Base? How did you decorate it?

    Personally, I really liked Secret Bases. I spent a lot of time on my RSE games looking for the right place to make my bases and then decorating them. I’ve used a variety of decorations between all of my games, though pretty much all of the bases I’ve created have had a mat (most often the Spikes Mat, since I like making bases in trees and thought it went well with the background), a plant or two, and some cute dolls.
    Also, I liked mixing records with my sister and visiting her base on my games.
  2. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    I like the Secret Bases. I made one on all three of my games, though I don't really remember where they are located... if memory serves me right, it was probably Route 111 on all three of my games. I guess I should look it up. On my first Ruby file, before I restarted, I remember having my base on Route 119. It is still stored in my games with memories of my first Gen 3 team. I also remember that one of my friends used to restart his Sapphire a lot, creating a new base every time. I often mixed records with him, so I have many bases from his various playthoughs saved in my games. I also have several other bases stored from some other friends I had back then who also owned a copy of the games. Some of them had rather strong teams, I remember one of them having a level 94 Kyogre and some other powerful Pokemon that were difficult to beat.

    As for how I decorated my bases, it varied. I usually just filled them with various fun stuff. My favorite decorations were the balloons, mud traps, breakable doors and sand statues since they could be destroyed by interacting with them, something I found fun when I was younger.

    I also remember that I spent quite much time on Emerald, creating specific bases to be used purely for training. These two bases (which I used my Ruby and Sapphire games for) consisted of 6 Gardevoir which knew Memento as their only move. IIRC, it took me several months to create those two bases, but it was worth it when it was done since I used them many times afterwards in order to train various Pokemon to level 100 or lower levels. I thought about doing something similar on OR/AS but Blissey Bases already existed when I started playing the remakes, so there was no meaning to it. I also used all other bases I had stored on my games for training in Emerald (and R/S to a very small extent) since the training they provided were much better than what I could get from rebattling trainers with the Pokenav.

    Overall, I liked the Secret Bases in R/S/E, they were a fun feature.
  3. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    I thought Secret Bases were amazing. I enjoyed decorating them far more than their Sinnoh counterparts. I don't actually remember where I have them in any of the games, but in Emerald, it is likely located on Route 119 near the waterfall. I remember using colour-specific decorations in Emerald, and since I've always liked the colour blue, I placed Lapras, Marill, Azurill, Swablu, Totodile, Blastoise, Mudkip plush dolls, either Surf or Powder Snow mat, Pretty Desk, Pretty Chair, Blue Brick, Blue Balloon, Cute Poster, Water Cushion, and Mudkip Poster inside.:)
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017
  4. Cat's Eye Draco

    Cat's Eye Draco Well-Known Member

    I loved the secret bases! I would spend hours running around the region, trying to find the coolest locations I possibly could. I never did much in the way of decorating them, though; I guess I didn't see the point of spending all my money on tables and chairs and cushions that my sprite couldn't actually use. :p

    I did buy quite a few rugs and dolls, though. :D
  5. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    Judge Mandolore Shepard Spectre Agent

    When it came to my Secret Base in Sapphire I recall that I made mine on Route 115 and that it required both Surf and the Mach Bike to reach. To be precise, it was in the Northeast part of the route.
  6. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I loved Secret Bases in R/S/E cuz we could battle their occupants each day after mixing records. Granted that stops when the games' internal battery dies, but I liked how useful the Secret Base battles were for quick training hee hee. :3
  7. Wednesdayz

    Wednesdayz Banned

    I didn't like Secret Bases much tbh. I mean decorating them was fun, but since I didn't have a Link Cable, I wasn't able to mix records and add my friend's Secret Bases to my game.
  8. adamtaylor792

    adamtaylor792 Member

    For me I always had the issue of always getting the ones with the giant holes that you needed the plank of wood to cross over. I ended up giving up after a certain point because I bought the tire thinking that was a better investment for my base. Then again I could be remembering it wrong.
  9. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Oh yeah, the bases with the holes in the floor. I remember when I first came across a base like that, I was pretty mad since I didn't know about buying the board decoration from the Lilycove department store's clearance sale.
    But once I got the boards, I loved using the bases with the holes since they had some of my favourite layouts. In fact, this:

    was my favourite type of base. I loved having three rooms.
  10. DarkLeviathan

    DarkLeviathan Banned

    I liked Secret Bases, except for how small most of them were. I wish that we could've expanded them, but that limitation hurt the feature.
  11. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I found quite a few bases to be small, too. There were many times where I found a base in a location I really liked, but it was too small to decorate it in the way I wanted to (or, it was an okay size but I didn't like how the layout used the space).
    I think that's why I ended up using the 3-room tree bases a lot, lol.
  12. Leonhart

    Leonhart Disney fanatic

    My Secret Bases in Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald were all located on islands, which sadly limited their interior designs. I enjoyed Secret Bases however, because connecting with other players' Bases via record mixing was fun.
  13. Alloutℯ

    Alloutℯ Banned

    Secret Bases seemed way too restricted in Gen III. I mean if you had no friends who played Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald or who had a link cable, you couldn't even mix records and find their Secret Bases.
  14. Bananarama

    Bananarama The light is coming

    I thought Secret Bases were a nifty feature in these games, and I had bases all over the place. I usually filled them with dolls and cushions.
  15. Cíconne

    Cíconne Banned

    Bases all over the place? I thought we could only have one Secret Base at a time.
  16. LadyTriox


    I had an awesome secret base on my old sapphire file. Pity my file is gone now :/

    I used to like going down the slide a lot in my base too lol
  17. Leonhart

    Leonhart Disney fanatic

    I mainly filled my own Secret Bases with potted plants and dolls. I didn't use cushions or mats, and I very rarely used huge decorations like the tent or slide. Those were too cumbersome.
  18. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria 4th anniversary of ORAS, 16th anniversary of RS

    I kinda liked the idea of the Secret Base, but I would have found it more useful if it was integrated more with other features like getting rare items like Master Balls. Because of that, I focused more on other features, most namely the Battle Frontier.
  19. Daizy

    Daizy I call you honey

    I had my base on Route 111 but I didn't organize my furniture much since I had very little money to buy things with. I only had a few dolls and a table in my base.
  20. Leonhart

    Leonhart Disney fanatic

    Speaking of which, I didn't like how expensive some of the Secret Base furniture was in R/S/E. Earning money wasn't that easy in these games, so buying some furniture was a hassle.
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