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Secret Feelings ~ AdvanceShipping (One-Shot) Rated PG

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Stephy, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Hi everyone. ^_^ I and Hakura May have written this Advanceshipping Fanfic, and I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

    Secret Feelings - Advanceshipping (One-Shot) Rated PG

    By ~Cecilia~ And Hakura May


    It was like just any normal day, well at least not exactly normal for a little brown-haired coordinator...

    She smiled happily as she got up from bed and removed the covers. Without even changing her clothes-The coordinator dashed towards the calendar. 1st of May... She sighed as she went into dreamland.

    It was her birthday...1st of May...She couldn't wait to see what her friends-best friends in fact, bought for her as a birthday present. She smiled happily and collapsed on the bed, but quickly got up and brushed her hair, smiling all the way along.


    She walked out of the room, and looked at everyone in the Pokemon Center. They were completely oblivious to her happy smiling face, and continued to do their own things. One of her friend passed by her-Satoshi munching away on his own burger and Pikachu eating Ketchup from the bottle. She shrugged.

    She tapped Satoshi's shoulder as she greeted him good morning.

    "Good Morning, Satoshi!" She greeted smiling happily.

    Satoshi got startled; turned back and said in surprise, "Oh, uh, hi, Haruka. Good morning. I and Pikachu were just going for some early morning training. Wanna come?"

    Hakura smile faded a little. Not even a little 'Happy Birthday' greeting from him? She shrugged. "No thanks." She thought, since Satoshi was just as dense as a Psyduck, he probably forgot about it.

    She sighed, and decided to try her luck with Takeshi. She walked a few steps to Nurse Joy, and found Masato dragging Takeshi away from Nurse Joy again. She blinked.

    "Good morning...Masato and Takeshi." She greeted happily.

    Masato turned to face Haruka, while Takeshi was completely oblivious to her.

    "Good Morning, Onii-Chan!" Masato said. "Well, I'm surprised to see you awake...early. What's the occasion?"

    Haruka really got downcasted this time. "Oh, um, nothing. Just thought I would wake up...early..."

    "Oh." Masato said, as he saw Haruka walking away-looking disappointed.

    "Haruka? Are you alright?" Masato said as he walked towards Haruka. He let go of Takeshi's ear as Takeshi fell down, but just in time Nurse Joy caught him.

    "Nurse...Joy..." Takeshi said, with hearts in his eyes.

    He fainted as Nurse Joy sighed and shooked her head.


    Haruka walked towards the park and sat down on a bench. She sighed as she watched the cute little baby Pokemon running about, trainers battling and in the corner of her eye, she could see Satoshi training with Pikachu. She shrugged. How can everyone forget her birthday?

    Maybe she could call her mother and father for some presents...Maybe they had bought them earlier for her. Maybe...Just Maybe...She sighed.

    Masato hid behind one of the tree, camouflaging him as he looked at Haruka sitting on the bench-looking extremely disappointed at something...as so it seems.

    He had to do something for Onii-Chan...He had to find out...What was bothering her.

    Haruka swang her legs and looked down at the ground. The breeze blew through her soft brown hair as she shivered. She sighed and closed her eyes.

    Masato decided to go up to Haruka and ask what was bothering her. He took a few steps forward, when he saw a familiar sight walking towards Haruka...


    Masato quickly retreated to his hiding spot once more, for he knew quite while the friendship between the two. He seemed relieved when he noticed a smile form on Haruka's lips.

    Both Shuu and Haruka walked off hand in hand, laughing and smiling all the while. Masato was relieved that Haruka seemed happy once more, then he got a sudden feeling.

    He giggled as he thought, "My sisters got a boyfriend..." He faintly chuckled once more before running off to tell Satoshi.


    "Pikachu! Thundershock!" Satoshi ordered, as his Pika-Pal jumped down from his shoulder and begin to charge electricity, gaining more power to unleash a Powerful Thundershock.

    "Pi...Ka...CHU!!!" Pikachu yelled, before unleashing a powerful Thundershock onto it's opponent-A Taillow. The Taillow was nervous as it was froze on the ground, oblivious to it's trainer who was shouting at it to attack.

    The ThunderShock quickly hit the Taillow and the Taillow begin to have swirls in it's eyes, fainting.

    "Yes! Pikachu, we did it!" Satoshi yelled in excitement. The people surronding their battle begin to clap an applause, while the other trainer returned Taillow and said some soothing words to it. The trainer sighed, and walked towards Satoshi.

    "You did a great job. What's your name?" The trainer asked curiously.

    "My name is Satoshi, what about yours?" Satoshi replied.

    The trainer smiled and said, "My name is Hiroshi, and I'm aiming to win the Hoenn League Championship. But I guess I have to strive harder."

    Satoshi chuckled and smiled. "Well, you did a great job too." Satoshi eyed someone walking towards him.

    "I got to go. I hope I see you again soon!" Satoshi smiled and walked away, as the person walked closer and Satoshi found out it was Masato. Masato had a excited expression on, and Satoshi knew that the news would be good...

    ...Or would it?


    Satoshi quickly ran up to Masato, and wondered what was going on. Maybe a new Pokemon League? A special challenge? Whatever it was, he couldn't wait to find out.

    Masato grinned happily as he approached Satoshi and blurted out load, "Satoshi! You're never gonna believe this!" he chuckled.

    "What? What is it?" he asked eagerly.

    Masato smiled, then he whispered in Satoshi's ear, "Haruka's got a boyfriend..."

    Satoshi reeled back, as this was certainly not the news he had expected. His look turned into a semi surprised, semi angry face.

    "Oh, come on, Masato! Tell the truth! What is it?" he questioned once more.

    "I already told you!" Masato yelled. "Haruka's got a boyfriend!

    Satoshi still wouldn't believe it. His best friend, ever since the beginning of Hoenn, having a boyfriend?! He did want to know who, however.

    "Who is he?"

    Masato gave an unexpected smile. "This is best part! You're never gonna believe it! Her boyfriend is... Shuu!"

    Satoshi felt as if he could have dropped dead any minute now. His fists clenched tighter.

    "Where did they go? What are they doing?"

    "I dunno. They walked off holding hands and laughing."

    Boyfriend? Holding hands?! The whole world seemed to crumble right before his eyes.

    He had to go see Haruka. He stormed off, shoving Masato in the process, and began a dash to find them both.

    Oh how he wished he asked why Haruka seemed so sad. Why did he seem so intent on training? Why is Haruka doing this? Do they really... love each other? All these questions danced around his head as he ran, with his Pikachu desperately trying to keep up and make his trainer feel better.

    He glanced left and right, looking at any possible place that Haruka and her boyfriend could be. He then suddenly eyed the two coordinators walking somewhere in the park, holding hands and chatting with each other. He felt a wave of jealousy come across him as his Peach finally reached him, breathless. Pikachu looked at Satoshi’s angered expression, and slowly backed away…

    Satoshi was just about ready to burst out of anger. He couldn't believe it. It was as if all those times together with Haruka just seemed to disappear. Haruka seemed to enjoy her time with her so called 'boyfriend'. He had managed to stay calm and kept himself out of sight for the mean time. While in that position, he had managed to listen in on a few words.

    "... of course! I'd love to go, Haruka." said Shuu happily.

    "... so much fun!" giggled Haruka.

    A swooping Pidgey distracted Satoshi for a moment.

    "... lunch?" That was Haruka once more.

    "It's on me! How about..." Shuu spoke once more.

    "Wonderful! Let's go!" Haruka piped.

    Satoshi noticed them walking off, hand in hand, smiling and giggling. He couldn't take it anymore. Without even thinking twice, he kicked the base of the tree sending a rattling throughout the tree.



    When he looked up from his trance, he noticed Haruka standing right over him.

    "Satoshi, were you spying on us?" There was an anger in her tone of voice.

    "Uh... No... Haruka. No... No... I was just walking by... that's all!" he answered in a shaky tone.

    "Oh... I see... Well... Shuu and I are going to get something to eat. He says there's this great resturant nearby, and your Pokemon are welcome inside as well. You wanna come?"

    Throughout his anger, he had forgotten how hungry he was. "Sure." was his answer. He felt a little better, knowing that Haruka invited him.

    "Alright! Let's go!" she piped happily. However, she didn't take his hand. She just ran back into the open. "Hey, Shuu! Satoshi is coming along as well! Let's go!" She raced back and held hands with Shuu.

    Shuu cast a wary look at him. The stare nearly creeped Satoshi out. Was it because... no... not that...

    The 'happy couple' continued to hold hands as they walked infront, completely oblivious to Satoshi.

    They entered the restaurant, with the two trainer glaring each other and making up excuses to get rid of each other. Satoshi sighed and looked around the restaurant, filled with Pokemon paintings on the wall. A particular painting seemed to catch his eye-It was the painting of a Pikachu. It was well-painted, if he must say so.

    Haruka glanced around the restaurant and eyed a table for three.

    “Look! Let’s go to that table!” Haruka said, pointing to the table.

    Shuu nodded, “Sure…”

    They walked to the table, as they settled down. They picked up their menus, when Haruka suddenly said,

    “Um, guys, I think I have to go to the restroom. In the meantime, you two can order food, kay?”

    Shuu nodded and smiled.


    Tick, Tick, Tick. Time passed so quickly as Satoshi and Shuu were engaged in a glaring contest. Lots of people were eyeing them, but they couldn’t care less. Finally, Shuu decided to start a conversation.

    "You know what? I honestly didn't have this lunch planned for... the three of us." said Shuu in an obviously annoyed tone.

    "Well excuse me! I wasn't the one who asked to come! Haruka invited me!" yelled Satoshi.

    "Save your breath. I know you have a..."

    "Hey! Sorry I took so long. The... ummm... faucets didn't work." Haruka burst in, talking nervously. "I see you two have become accuainted! Good! Now, what are we eating today?"

    Throughout all their arguing, both had forgotten lunch, and both now felt guilty that they had to make Haruka wait.

    Satoshi then replied, "Oh... Um... Lunch? I was... outside and Shuu was..."

    "I'm so sorry, Haruka. Satoshi was simply asking me some questions and he distracted me from reading the menu. Forgive me, Haruka. Alright. Let's choose what we're gonna eat. I'm sure you're starving by now. Choose whatever you like. Lunch is on me and I have plenty on me." Shuu interrupted.

    Satoshi simply grumbled, and after a seemingly hour of deciding whether turkey was better or beef was better, he finally got to choose what he wanted. All the while, Shuu and Haruka laughed and giggled.

    "Satoshi... Are you alright? You have barely eaten," questioned Haruka.

    "Huh?" Satoshi twisted his fork around his pasta. "I guess I'm not hungry..."

    Haruka seemed worried, but Shuu simply grumbled. "You'd better eat that. It cost 10 dollars." He soon noticed Haruka hadn't touched her meal as well, which had cost about 20 dollars. However, he didn't treat her as he did with Satoshi. "Haruka, dear. Is the steak alright? I ordered it medium, but I know how pink meat upsets your stomache. Would you rather me order something else?"

    "Oh no, Shuu. I'm perfectly fine. I just ate so much salad that I'm stuffed!" She put down the fork.

    "Well, a little fresh air could cure that. Why don't we go on a short walk together?"

    "Alright, Shuu! Satoshi, we're going to talk a walk. You can stay hear and relax, alright? We'll be back soon. See ya!" She left without even waiting for Satoshi's answer.

    After about ten minutes of waiting, he finally gave up. He decided to go, and he paid for the meal, even though Shuu promised that the meal was on him.

    He walked out and hoped he could find a light snack in the Pokemon Center's fridge. While he was debating crackers and cheese over chips, he heard a giggle and a shout.

    "Shuu! Stop! No! Ah! Shuu!"

    "Come back, Haruka!"

    Satoshi turned to his left and noticed a tree he could hide behind. He slowly peeked over it and witnessed what he hoped was only a dream, more so a nightmare. Shuu and Haruka were playing together. They were here all this time, walking and talking and laughing.

    They had forgotten him...

    ...He leaned against a tree as his tears slowly trickled down. He wiped them away and sat down, closing his eyes. It was clear that Haruka...likes Shuu. No wait-even more than that. He was disappointed for some reason...But he didn't know why.

    He shook off that feeling, thinking about Haruka. He was so scared about losing Haruka...She was his best friend. Haruka even forgot him for Shuu...

    He shrugged. Shuu would be leaving today...right? Then Haruka and him, Masato and Takeshi can travel together again, right? What was the big difference? He didn't have to worry about anything, right? All these questions in his head soothed him a little, as he smiled.

    Shuu would be long gone tonight...Or will he?


    Satoshi plopped down onto his bed after a late night snack, sighing. He had completely forgotten that Shuu would leave tomorrow. He was relieved, and he had to force a smile out. Takeshi and Masato were alright fast asleep in their room. He felt quite alone without Haruka in the bunk above him.

    He tried to sleep, but he couldn't. He felt too excited. This may just be the chance to get their friendship back together.

    Then he heard the door click, and he saw footsteps moving. He turned to face the wall as he glanced a peek at Haruka, who was smiling.

    "He's already asleep. Oh... I wanted to tell him the news. Alright. Maybe tomorrow."

    That was the last words he heard before he fell into a deep sleep, wondering what the news was.


    "Haruka... Haruka... Are you awake?" He nudged her, but she wouldn't budge. He had hoped to get in some early morning training and thought that she might want to come along as well, and he wasn't about ready to leave her alone when Shuu could barge in any minute.

    "Haruka... Wake up! Harukaaaaaaa!"

    "Huh? Uh... Satoshi? What are you doing up so early?" She rubbed her eyes sleepily.

    "Sorry Haruka, but I wanted to go out and do some training. You wanna come?"

    "Hey, Satoshi! I forgot! I wanted to tell you last night, but you were fast asleep! Guess what? Shuu is staying! He wants to travel with us!"

    Satoshi gave her a blank stare. He was too shocked to speak.

    "Satoshi? Are you alright? You look pale..."

    "No... No... I'm just... I gotta go!" he darted out of the room without even waiting for Haruka's reply.


    He hoped what he heard was just a dream. He was sure it was. Maybe he had fallen asleep in the lobby, and everything was just a dream. He walked back upstairs, hoping that Haruka was still dreaming.

    He began to near the elevator when he noticed a small shop that sells flowers...


    As he neared his door, carrying a big bouquet of roses and a white envelope, he heard a voice inside of his room. One that didn't belong to Haruka.

    "Happy birthday, Haruka! I'm so sorry I didn't get anything yesterday. I spent all night looking for a gift. I... I hope you like it."

    Satoshi opened the door just a crack and saw Shuu and Haruka sitting together, with a colored package that Haruka was holding.

    "Shuu! You shouldn't have! I... Shuu! Oh my, Shuu! I love it! Thank you so much!" She carefully lifted out a small box and opened it. Only then I noticed it was a small, gold locket in the shape of the heart.

    "Shuu... Oh, Shuu! Thank you so much!" She buried herself in Shuu's arms, crying and laughing at the same time."

    Satoshi thought his heart would break. He dropped the bouquet of roses as he dashed outside the Pokemon Center, crying.


    "Pika! PIKA!" Pikachu cried at his trainer. Both Shuu and Haruka seemed to take notice of him.

    "Pikachu? What's going on? Where's Satoshi?" asked Shuu. "What are the flowers doing there?"

    Haruka picked them up, and then opened the letter. She stared at the letter, stunned, as he whispered, "It's from... Satoshi..."

    "Satoshi?!" Shuu blurted out.

    Haruka was shaking uncontrolably now. "He... he... he said he bought the flowers... for me. And... He... he..."

    "Haruka? Are you alright?"

    "I... I have to find him!" she ran out, dropping the bouquet and the letter, with a worried Pikachu and an angry Shuu both tailing after her.

    "Haruka! HARUKA! STOP!"


    Satoshi walked back to the park and sat on the bench nearest to him. He looked at the pond in front of him, with Goldeens and Staryu(s) swimming in it. He sighed and wished he could be as carefree as them, without any troubles or worry at all.

    He looked down at the floor and let the tears slowly take control of his eyes. They slowly trickled down his face onto the ground, forming a puddle. What he saw in the reflection was one-very sad-boy...

    "Satoshi! Satoshi! Wait up!" He heard a voice calling to him. He looked up and saw Haruka.

    "Hi..." he grumbled in reply.

    She looked disappointed, as if this wasn't the answer she had expected. "Satoshi... oh Satoshi. I... I didn't... I mean... I just..."

    "Shouldn't you be with Shuu, talking about where to go next?"

    "Look, Satoshi! I'm sorry. I'm sorry I forgot all about you! Shuu maybe my rival and a friend... but you..."

    "Look, Haruka. If that’s the case..." He forced the next words out of his mouth, crying. "... maybe you should just go on with him..."

    "Satoshi! What are you saying?"

    "I'm saying that... I'll go on with Masato and Takeshi, or maybe even travel alone. You need to be with Shuu, and live your dreams of being a coordinator. My gym battles are just holding you back..."

    "That's not true! It's not!" she retaliated.

    "No! I don't want to hold you back anymore. Just go with Shuu and leave me alone... You'll be much happier with him than with me..."

    Haruka gasped at what he just heard. Her tutor, and most of all, her best friend... saying what she dreaded. "Satoshi... No..."

    "NO! Go with Shuu! Let your dreams come true! It'll be best for the both of us..." He began walking away.

    "Satoshi! Stop! No!" Haruka wailed.

    Satoshi ran, seeing as Haruka was chasing him. He ran across the road, to the Pokemon Center. He stopped and breathed in and out, recovering his breath. Suddenly, BANG! A flock of taillows flew away at the sound.

    Satoshi curiously turned behind, and saw Haruka lying unconcious on the road with a car in front of her. Haruka was surrounded by blood, and Satoshi quickly rushed to her.

    "Haruka? Haruka! HARUKA??!! Wake up!" Satoshi cried out anxiously, grabbing her body and shaking it.

    He needed to call for help for her...HER...Haruka...


    Finally, the sound of the ambulance came as Satoshi saw Shuu and the ambulance coming. The nurses lifted Haruka on a stretcher and put her in the Ambulance. Satoshi and Shuu quickly got up the ambulance as well, and wished Haruka would survive. Satoshi sighed as he looked at Haruka. He touched her face as he brushed some of her brown hair away. Shuu glared at him silently.

    The ambulance quickly reached the hospital, and brought Haruka to the emergency room. Lots of nurses and doctors quickly rushed in to the room, and tried to help Haruka.


    Satoshi impatiently tapped his hand on the counter as he slouched against the sofa. He looked into the room where Haruka was and saw doctors bustling around.

    "Sir... Would you like a drink?"

    "No thanks, Nurse Joy..." he replied unhappily.

    "Alright..." She sounded a little disappointed. She began to walk away but then added, "We'll try our best to make sure that she's alright..." She walked off.

    Satoshi sighed and heard another voice.

    "Would you like a..."

    "No! I don't want drink!"

    "Satoshi! It's me!"


    Shuu sat next to him and looked down at his hands.

    "Shuu... I'm so sorry..." Satoshi whispered.

    Shuu gave sighed, then replied slowly, "Me too..."

    Both trainers waited, and hoped for the best as the clock lazily ticked away.


    Finally, one of the doctors came out of Haruka’s room. A bunch of nurses pushed the bed Haruka was lying on into one of the normal rooms, and Satoshi noted it was room ‘108’.
    Shuu immediately rushed to the doctor with a worried expression and asked,

    “Is Haruka alright?”

    The doctor smiled and said, “Yes, she is. She just needs some rest.”

    Both Satoshi and Shuu breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately, both of them rushed to Haruka’s room, but was stopped by the doctor.

    “She needs her rest.” The doctor informed.

    “Oh right. Sorry.” Satoshi apologized.


    Both waited eagerly to see Haruka again. None spoke, obviously.

    "I'm glad she's alright..." Shuu said, finally breaking a long silence between them.

    Satoshi could only manage to nod.

    "Hey, Shuu?" he finally spoke.

    "Ya, Satoshi?"

    "I'm sorry that I... I... I got so..."

    "No. I'm the one who should be sorry," he interrupted.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I'm sorry I... I basically took Haruka and thought that she considered me as her best friend. I guess I never thought if she considered me her best friend. I mean... I guess what I'm trying to say is... I know she thinks of you as a best friend and not me..." He stuttered with his words.

    "But Haruka..."

    A nurse hurried out of Haruka's room. She had a worried expression on her face. Satoshi stood up and asked:

    "What's wrong? Is Haruka alright?"

    The nurse sighed and shook her head. "Her breathing is a little unsteady. It's gotten weak. At this point that's very critical. We'll keep a close eye on her. Don't worry. We're taking tests every minute." she rushed off.


    Midnight soon came, as Satoshi and Shuu laid on the chair outside of Haruka's room, asleep. Just then, Satoshi opened his eyes and yawned. He walked towards Haruka's room window, and peered in it.

    Inside laid a little brown-haired girl on the bed, resting peacefully. He took notice of how her health was going by the computer next to her, beeping and showing lines that go up and down.

    He sighed and was about to leave when he heard a sound,


    "Huh? Satoshi murmured as he turned back and peered into the window again.

    The computer beside Haruka had gone dead, and Haruka has an expression that showed she had difficulty breathing.

    Satoshi had to call help, and quick!


    "Shuu! SHUU!" He shook Shuu vigorously.

    "Satoshi! Ugh! What is it?"

    "Haruka! The computer! She..."

    "Stop blubbering, Satoshi! I'll find someone! You stay here!" he dashed off.

    Satoshi nodded and he peered into Haruka's room again. She still had a look of pain on her face and her breathing wasn't regular. He twisted at the doorknob and finally got it open. He raced to Haruka's side and held her hand and felt at her pulse. It was weakening by the second.

    "Haruka... Haruka... Haruka! Please, Haruka! Don't... don't..." A tear slid down his face and fell onto her hand.

    "Sa........ to........ shi......" Haruka spoke. Her voice was weak and scratchy. She struggled to breathe.

    "Haruka! Don't worry. You're gonna be alright... I promise... I promise..." he whispered.

    He heard someone opening the door.


    Satoshi and Shuu were pushed out of the room quickly as the doctors and nurses tried their best to help Haruka. Satoshi and Shuu sighed, worried about Haruka. Satoshi dugged his faces into his hands as he blamed himself for causing Haruka to end up like this.

    “It’s my entire fault…I shouldn’t have left Haruka…” Satoshi murmured.

    Shuu overheard as he said, “No, it’s not. It’s my fault…”

    Satoshi shook his head and sighed. “It’s not yours. And don’t try to argue with me, Shuu.”

    Shuu bit his lip and nodded. “It’s both of our faults…”

    Just then, one of the doctors came out of Haruka’s room. Both Satoshi and Shuu were anxious to hear the news-or rather, terrified. The doctor took a pen and marked some of the files he was holding, when finally Satoshi stood up and asked,

    “Is…she okay?”

    The doctor paused for a while and glanced at him.

    "... She's in extremely bad shape. She's alive, but barely. We didn't get to the hospital fast enough. She's lost too much blood during that time, and the wound likely got infected. If things aren't looking right, we have to give her a surgery to remove the disease... I'm sorry." he walked off and motioned to several other doctors.

    Both Satoshi and Shuu stood there, stunned at what they heard. Haruka was already too weak. Would she even survive the surgery?

    Satoshi dipped his head and ran out the door, sobbing. He knew it was his fault that this had all happened.

    Shuu stayed behind and looked into Haruka's room. Several doctors crowded around her. The computer was back on; however the waves showed that her pulse was very weak. Shuu then started out the door to look for Satoshi. Then he reminded himself that he should make a call to Masato and Takeshi. Both of them forgot all about those two. They had probably thought that he and Satoshi and Haruka were just out training.


    Masato and Takeshi rushed to the hospital as soon as they received the call from Shuu, informing them about Haruka.

    Masato cried as he saw his sister in the hospital, "Sis! SIS! What happened?!"

    "Where's Satoshi?" asked Takeshi.

    "He ran outside, crying..." Shuu wasn't willing to tell the whole story.

    Masato tried to wipe away his tears. "Will she be alright?"

    Shuu looked down at Masato, feeling even sorrier for him than himself. He knew Haruka meant so much to Masato. He had to make him happy, but he also I had to tell the truth. He sighed and finally gave in. "I really dunno. The doctors say that she's very weak. If all else fails, they're going to have to give her surgery..."

    Masato looked as if his heart would break. He looked at Shuu with wide eyes, then at Haruka's room. He cried silently to himself.

    "Excuse me. Could you please take care of Masato? I have to talk with Satoshi..."

    "Of course, Shuu."

    He walked outside, thinking silently to himself. Of all that happened. Was it really his fault? Did his jealously trigger Satoshi's behavior? If he hadn't acted so pushy, would Haruka still have that same sweet smile on her face?


    Shuu sighed and looked around. Where would Satoshi go…He pondered for awhile. The…park! Yes, that must be it! He smiled and walked to the park, hoping to find Satoshi and…Say the words he’s suppose to say to him.


    Satoshi sat on one of the benches on the park, and dugged his face into his palms of his hands. It was all his fault. His fault. He shouldn’t have done this. He shouldn’t have done that. HE SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE ANYTHING! ‘Ugh’ He thought. ‘My life is a mess…

    “I should have let Haruka stayed with Shuu…I should have let Shuu travel with us…I shouldn’t let my emotions take over me. It’s my entire fault…My Fault…I could still have been traveling with Haruka…” Satoshi murmured, his tears trickling down his cheeks.

    “It’s…Not yours, Satoshi.” Shuu said, looking down shamefully. “It’s…mine. I…didn’t want Haruka to get near you. I…liked Haruka, and was jealous of…you. I did everything that I could get her away from you…And…I’m sorry, Satoshi.” A voice said above Satoshi.

    Satoshi looked up, surprised to see the green-haired coordinator. “Shuu?”

    “I…” Shuu said stuttering. “Let’s get back to the hospital.”

    Satoshi smiled as he got up. Shuu nodded as they went back to the hospital, hoping best for Haruka.



    "Yes, Satoshi?"

    "Thanks... And I'm sorry for thinking that... Oh never mind..." he murmured.

    When they arrived at the hospital the turned to look into Haruka's room. They were shocked when they noticed there was no body inside the room.

    A nurse happened to be walking into the Emergency Room. Satoshi called for her.

    "Wait! Is... Haruka..."

    She looked at the trainer's with saddened face. "Her condition has worsened. They've already started her surgery. I'm so sorry about everything. We're trying our best to make sure that she's alright..."

    Shuu and Satoshi looked at each other, and both knew that deep down in their hearts that Haruka may not survive.


    It was already well past 2:00 AM and yet both managed to stay awake. None, however, talked. They both listened to the ticking clock, and the beeping of the mechanisms in the E.R.

    Satoshi stared at the ground and looked at his reflection again. Satoshi sighed. He had caused Haruka…to end up like this. Just before he blamed himself further,

    “Would you like some water?” A voice asked above Satoshi.

    “Huh?” Satoshi got up and was shocked to see Masato. Masato…Why would he come here?

    “Want any water, guys?” Masato repeated, glancing at Shuu and Satoshi.

    “S-Sure…” Satoshi replied. Shuu nodded along with him.

    When Masato was about to go, Satoshi stopped him. “Why are you here…?”

    “I was worried about Onii-Chan…” Masato said, frowning. “I can help in case anything happens to her.”

    Satoshi nodded, as Masato walked. The only sound in the air was Masato’s footsteps.


    It was already well past 2:00 AM and yet both managed to stay awake. None, however, talked. They both listened to the ticking clock, and the beeping of the mechanisms in the E.R.

    Satoshi stared at the ground and looked at his reflection again. Satoshi sighed. He had caused Haruka…to end up like this. Just before he blamed himself further,

    “Would you like some water?” A voice asked above Satoshi.

    “Huh?” Satoshi got up and was shocked to see Masato. Masato…Why would he come here?

    “Want any water, guys?” Masato repeated, glancing at Shuu and Satoshi.

    “S-Sure…” Satoshi replied. Shuu nodded along with him.

    When Masato was about to go, Satoshi stopped him. “Why are you here…?”

    “I was worried about Omni-Chan…” Masato said, frowning. “I can help in case anything happens to her.”

    Satoshi nodded, as Masato walked. The only sound in the air was Masato’s footsteps.


    4:00 AM was long past. It was nearly five o' clock in the morning. Both managed to stay awake. Satoshi had begun to bob his head just to stay awake, and Shuu had already managed to take into a few naps.

    Tick... Tick... Tick.

    The ever ticking clock worried Satoshi. He looked next to him as Shuu had once again fallen asleep. Satoshi got up again and filled his glass of water.

    Tick... Tick... Tick...

    There it was again... That ominous sound... That sound that was ready to take away Haruka's life at any moment... That sound that haunted Satoshi all night...

    Tick... Tick... Tick...

    He slowly drank his water and thought about all that happened.

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The clock had struck 5:00 AM.

    From the chiming, Shuu had awoken and he looked towards Satoshi, then to the emergency room. The machines stilled beeped and the doctors still bustled around. There was no sign of whether Haruka would live or not.

    Satoshi sat back down next to Shuu and sighed a long sigh. He couldn't help closing his eyes for a moment. Just a little rest, that's all. But as soon as he closed his eyes, sleep fell upon him. He dreamed of all the things that happened to him and to Haruka. The day they met, the times the shared, the countless laughs, and the never ending smiles.

    "Haruka..." he whispered. "Haruka..."

    "Satoshi... Satoshi..." a female voice called out.


    "I love you..."


    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The clock struck 6:00 AM. Satoshi slowly opened his eyes. Was that a dream he had encountered? Or was it something else? He turned to the E.R and found that it was empty...


    Where was Haruka? Satoshi begin to panick. He looked around, but no doctors were in sight. Where was she??!! He walked over to Shuu and shook him up.

    “Ow. OW! Stop it! I’m up. I’m up.” Shuu said, opening his eyes from his sleep.

    “Haruka’s missing!” Satoshi said anxiously.

    “Huh?” Shuu said, coming back to the real world. He perked up at the mention of Haruka’s name.

    Just then, Satoshi spotted a doctor coming out of a room, and rushed to ask the doctor where was Haruka.

    "Where's Haruka?" he asked worriedly.

    The doctor shook his head and sighed. "I'm sorry. She didn't survive the operation. I'm so sorry..."

    Satoshi's heart was about to break. He tried to fight back the tears.

    "Where is she?" he asked in a choking voice.

    "In room 201. Right down that hall."

    Satoshi watched as the doctor disappear out of sight. Shuu slowly walked up to him as Satoshi told him the sad news. Shuu didn't say a word as he slowly walked down the hall, to tell Masato and Takeshi.

    Satoshi began walking down the hall to Room 201. Memories of Haruka began rushing to his mind. Memories of her achievements, her dreams, and the times they shared and laughed about. He regretted the times they argued, yet remembered the times they made up. The times they battled together, and the times she had smiled at him. Now there would be no more...

    He slowly opened the door. It creaked noisily. He walked into the dark, lonely room, and saw Haruka laying on the bed, silent, motionless. The computer beside her was dead.

    He rushed to her side and held her hand. He cried, knowing that his best friend was gone forever and it was his fault...

    "Haruka... Haruka... I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!" he wailed, the tears streaming down his face.

    "I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry that you'll never live your dream about becoming the worlds best Pokemon Coordinator. I'm sorry about all the times we fought. I'm sorry that I took you, as a friend, for granted. I'm sorry I left you. If I hadn't been so stubborn, you'd still be here. I'm sorry you'll never see Shuu, or your brother Masato, or Takeshi, or you parents or friends ever again."

    He paused and tried to wipe away the tears that had fallen onto her hand. He took a deep breath as he looked over Haruka.

    "Haruka... I love you..." he whispered into her ear as he grasped her hand tighter.

    He hadn't realized it until now. He felt a pulse in her hand. A pulsing beat. Was he imagining things? Was he imagining that the pulse was getting stronger? Was this all just a dream, and when he would awake, he would find Haruka by his side? Was it all just a memory; the computer was still dead. He was sure that he was hallucinating.

    Then he heard a small giggle.

    "Teehee... Teehee..."

    He sat up and wiped away his tears. He saw that look on Haruka's face. She was... smiling? Grinning? Laughing?

    He knew he was dreaming now. Maybe that was Haruka's laugh. Maybe she was laughing that he had rolled off the bed and was still sleeping on the floor. Oh maybe he had said something in his sleep. Or even simpler, he had just over slept and it was already afternoon.

    But no... It was none of the above... It wasn't a dream.

    Haruka's laugh got louder and stronger. Satoshi was really confused now. Had Haruka survived and was it all just a fluke? But the computer screen was still dead. He had hoped he wouldn't come to a conclusion that a ghost was haunting him...

    He sat, dazed and confused as he saw Haruka chortle and laugh. She suddenly sat up and fluttered open her eyes.

    "Oh, Satoshi!" she cried, still grinning and laughing.

    "Haruka?" he whispered, slightly flustered.

    She smiled. "Oh, Satoshi! You should have..." she burst into laughter before she could finish. She herself looked embarassed as well.

    "Haruka?" he questioned once more.

    "You can stop asking! It's your 'girlfriend', alright and smiling!" she teased.

    "Girlfriend?!" he reeled back in surprise. "What's this all about?"

    "The operation. Nothing went wrong. Everything went right. When I finally woke they told me that everything was fine!"

    "But... Why?" he asked, his face turning redder.

    "I wanted to see what you would say, duh! So I asked the doctors to tell you that I didn't survive. I wanted to see your expression! It worked! Oh I wish I had a tape recorder!"

    Satoshi fumed at the thought of being tricked. "And Shuu?"

    "I told him about the 'secret'!" she giggled.

    "Stop that! You..."

    "Don't be so dense, Satoshi. You still need a lot of work in the field of love," teased a satisfied Shuu.

    Satoshi's face turned a deep shade of red. What if... Shuu had already told Masato and Takeshi. Takeshi would fume at the thought of him getting a girlfriend, and then again he would 'congratulate' him, and Masato would tease him for as long as he lived, and likely for a lot longer.

    He was doomed for sure...


    Satoshi stepped outside, his face was still red from his last 'adventure'. Everybody else followed him. Masato gleefully taunted him while Takeshi frowned and complained that he would never get a girl.

    "Haha! Satoshi's in loooove!" Masato chimed.

    "Oh, Masato. Don't be so playful." Haruka defended him.

    "My sister's in love as well!" he teased.

    "Huh?" was both Satoshi's and Haruka's expression.

    "Satoshi and Haruka sitting in a tree! K-I-S... OW! Sis!" he yelled.

    "Whatever. Me and Satoshi are not in love and that's it!" she complained, hitting Masato again on the shoulder. She turned to face Satoshi. "Let's all forget about what happened today and yesterday, alright?"

    "Sure..." he whispered.

    Shuu smiled, and he was glad that Satoshi and Haruka had become friends once more. He looked towards the open road, leading to a large city, where there was supposed to be a Pokemon Contest coming up.

    He sighed. "Well, I guess I'd better be going now..."

    Haruka turned to face him. "Shuu... I'll miss you."

    "Same here... But we'll see each other again, right? Until then..." he smiled and walked over to Satoshi. "Take good care of Haruka, Satoshi." he whispered.

    "Huh?! Hey! Come back here!" Satoshi yelled, is face turning red.

    Haruka walked next to him and laughed. "We're friends, right? But not as in..."

    "What?! That?! Of course not! I... I only said it because... umm..."


    Masato creeped up beside them again. "Can you at least say... OW!"

    "We're not in love!" both said in an annoyed tone.


    Five Years Later

    "Satoshi! Satoshi!"


    "Come on! Let's go eat! I'm starving!" She came over and dragged Satoshi by the arm.

    "Haruka! I'm coming, I'm coming!"

    Arriving at the dining area, they found that it was lined with colorful lanterns and pretty decorations. What caught their eyes was the delicious looking food, sitting on several tables lined with white table cloth.

    Haruka eagerly got a plate and began searching for a slice of cake. Satoshi simply got an apple and began eating.

    "Come on, Satoshi! You have to eat something!" she blurted out.

    "I'm just not hungry, I guess." Satoshi replied back.

    "Whatever! Here! You can have this plate! I'll get another for me!" She handed him her plate filled with food as she dashed into the crowds again, despite Satoshi's protests.

    After a while, both had finished their dinner, and Haruka was grumbling.

    "Ugh... I shouldn't have eaten so much..."

    "I told you so..." he teased.

    "Whatever... Hey! The fireworks are starting! There's a perfect place! Come on!" She raced towards a tree and motioned for Satoshi to come.

    "Isn't it great? Come! Sit down, lean against the tree, and watch the fireworks! It's perfect!" she piped again as she took her seat by the base of the tree.

    The fireworks had begun. Colors every painted the night sky.


    "Yes, Haruka?"

    "Do you still remember when..." she paused.

    "When what?" Satoshi asked, confused.


    Satoshi shrugged, but he soon found himself holding Haruka's hand tightly.

    "I love you..." he whispered.

    "I know..." she whispered, squeezing his hand.

    Fireworks continued to set off as they dyed the night sky with their colors.

    There couldn't be a more perfect evening...


    Thanks for reading and comment! ^_^
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    I read the fanfic already. I liked when May tapped Ash's shoulder and greeted him good morning.
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    I liked the part of the fic where Haruka told the doctors about the pranl, and pulled it on Ash. She could get her own Punk'd show... It was cute, even though it was Advanceshipping and I'll rate it a 7/10!
  4. Uzamaki Hinata

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    I loved this fic, it was so sad and had so much twist. There was a point when I was crying with Ash, not REALLY crying, but I was sad. Man, I seriously thought May would die.
    I know you said its advanzeshipping but I senced some respectshipping in it too na dof course contestshipping.
    It was so funny when Ash was tricked! XD And they were trying to hide it. Man, it was one long fic.
    Very lovely though
    But I always pictured you as a contest/pokeshipper
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    I really liked it. It went from regular day, then jealousy, then confrontation, then sadness, then the car, then the lvie or death gamble, then the prank, then the five years later. It had everything! My emotions went up and down witht the fic, i think somehting was typed twice, but still congratulations!
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    Wow, reviews! 8D Thought I wouldn't get any. I mean...'we' wouldn't get any. XD; *shot by Hakura May* Btw, arigatou for reading the...extremely long fic. 0_o;

    @ Flareon ~ Arigatou for the review. ^_^ Glad you liked it.

    @ May1 ~ In which way was it sad? 0_o; But arigatou for the review, anyway.

    @ lilrumpkinkb ~ XD Glad you like it, anyway. ^_^

    @ Uzamaki Hinata ~ XD Someone sensed Respectshipping. Zomg. *gives cookie* XD Wow, you were crying with Satoshi? I know, he got all emo. D: *shot*

    Well, I am a Contest/Pokeshipper...But...*twitch* Hakura May suggested we write a AS fic, and...yeah. XD Blame her. *shifty eyes* ... *runs away* Arigatou for the review, btw.

    @ Wind Waker ~ Yeah...I read it again and something was typed twice...xP About the Masato offering water to Shuu/Satoshi, right? xP And there was lots of emotions, I know. XD I and Hakura May were typing each part of the chapter, and uh...We had different...ideas. 0_o We managed to mix them up and form a nice fic, though. ^_^ Arigatou for the nice review.

    ...Arigatou for the reviews, everyone! I'm sure Hakura May and I appreciate it, and bring on more reviews! =D *shot* xD

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  7. -walks in with teh shifteh eyes- So, uh, I feel like reviewing... o_O... about gosh knows how long after I first read the fic... -shifteh eyes- So, uh... XD

    Satoshi seems a little... OOC... with all the crying and stuff. But oh well! XD

    So sweet!

    What other fic by the brilliant Cecilia-Chan does this remind me of...? XD

    WEllz, I'm out. Brilliant fic, Cecilia!

    ~!MK!~ ;258;
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    Hey Cecilia-chan. How original to use your ARTA idea of a prank -_-' I really have to stop reading AS fics becuase I'll get turned into one of....them Uza-chan knows about that ^_^'
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    Satoshi got owned!

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