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Secret Story: Les Maison des Mensognes

Discussion in 'Games' started by Liltwick, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Secret Story: Les Maison des Mensognes

    Welcome one, welcome all to my Mansion… Here you shall be spending your time here for the next couple of months, but everything is not as it appears to be. Me? I am the one they call… Merite. I have inherited this mansion from a good friend, I think you may know him as, La Voix. The house, under his rule, and undermine as well, was about secrets. Though mine is ruled with another component, lies.

    The game is simple, Sixteen contestants with different, interesting pasts will be coming here to stay here for a total of roughly Three Months. Each and every one of them has a fatal flaw, a secret of some sort the world should never know, until know. Though, they have another thing to hide as well, who they really are. Each and every contestant is under a Façade, and the goal of this game, is to break there façade. There secrets, while still playing an important part, are not the main focus of this installment, instead they are a clue to their true façade. Whoever wins will get all the money won by the challenge, and the right to participate in the next installment of the Secret Story saga, as well. While this may be about breaking facades, we do have other ways to play, let me elaborate for you.


    Each and every contestant will go through challenges, and they are split into four challenges.

    Défi hebdomadaire- The weekly challenge is a challenge each and every one must participate in, if not, let’s just say your sum of money will greatly decrease. Whoever wins, will have their team gain a huge amount of money, and they will gain immunity for the week. This challenge will range from group projects, stories, drawing, and other things. Also, you may use your secret/façade in this, to help paint me a better picture , but it will not be revealed to the public until it is found.

    Défi secret- The secret challenge, one of our returning challenges that never got the spend time in the lime light. Each week, I will assign one person a secret task they must fulfill during that week, if they fulfill it, they will gain a good sum of money, and a hint towards the secret of their choosing, though, should they fail it, they instead will pay the price of that amount, and a hinting towards their secret. Be careful with these challenges, as they can be life or death

    allongé Défi- This is the Lying Challenge, in my own merit, the hardest to pass. While the Secret challenge is given to one person, this is given to several. Think of it as a harder Secret challenge, better rewards, and worse losses. I will assign these biweekly to three people, and they will never know who the other participants are. Here, they will fulfill the task I give them all, and they all must fulfill it without knowing who the other are. If this is passed, each person will gain a huge amount of money, and they all together will decide for a person’s secret to be heavily hinted at. While failure, means losing half their money, and as well as one of their secrets revealed. Life doesn’t pity liars, as they say,

    Equipe de guerre- The Team War. This is when all four teams all compete for one goal. Whoever wins this, will gain a useful virtue, but the team who does the most miserable, will be heavily penalized. What that virtue is, I can’t say, all I will say it will affect everyone who is participating. The penalization, will be elimination, forcing one of them team members to be eliminated. Meaning, I suggest trying your hardest, as these will be biweekly. This means that team members will have a good of time for recovery between them.

    1. Be active, those who are in active for a week unless they tell me before will be eliminated
    2. Be Secretive, your secret is your lifeline, your last line of defense before your façade if up and open for guessing
    3. After being elimination, please post your farewell post. You have a time frame of four days to get this post in, after that four, it will be considered SPAM
    4. Please include your emoticon in all posts
    5. When nominating, please elaborate on why you are nominating the person, this is the ssame for elimination as well
    6. Please Keep Role Playing to a minimum
    7. What I, Merite, says, will go
    8. Have fun here as well, as you’ll might be playing for your life

    Other things to be explained
    1. We will have four teams, Terre, Mer, Ceil, Esprit
    2. Everyone starts with 5000 Poke in there Bank
    3. When someone is eliminated, the money will be distributed to the winning team/ winner(s) of the Défi hebdomadaire
    4. Lies are your friend, do not let truth escape your mouth,.
    5. Expect twists and turns everywhere. What this Mansion holds will truly make those who survive scarred
    6. Again, have fun.
    7. Whenever you want to guess a secret, please PM me. Please say the character in question, and bold their secret


    :625: Travis Blade, 5100 PokeDollars
    ;065; Zemus, 5100 PokeDollars
    ;350; Sarang, 5100 PokeDollars

    :576: Ciela, 6000 PokeDollars
    ;196; Andre , 5250 PokeDollars
    ;281; Kylie, 5250 PokeDollars
    ;429; Ryuichi, 5250 PokeDollars

    Can participate again
    :635: Lovina, 6500 PokeDollars
    ;242; Bobby, 6100 PokeDollars

    :549: Delilah, 6750 PokeDollars
    :562: Rina , 6550 PokeDollars

    Supreme Winner
    ;264; Ellie, 107,450 PokeDollars*

    Secrets/Facades Discovered (Not Part of the PM SU, this is for all characters):

    Blade's Secret: Blade along with Chandler work for a secret organization known as the SPPF which stands for Secret Pokemon Protection Force. They are not really hosts of a game show they are actually secret agents who act all nice just in the hope of recruiting others in the organization and they also enter contests just for the prize money in order to fund the organization, so basically the show is a lie. The reason he keeps the organization a secret is because due to Chandler and Blade being already so famous they don't want to grab any unwanted attention about their business of lies.

    True Personality: Blade although he still has a problem being a pain magnet. Blade is a violent pokemon in reality not giving mercy to anyone, so when he has at his angriest he can kill someone if wanted, this led to him defeating multiple legendary pokemon in the past on other shows.


    True Personality: Ciela is really a loud and outgoing Pokemon. When she's conducting experiments in her lab, she's always telling jokes and hanging out with her assistant. She's tried doing things like this to other people, but they always give her the cold shoulder after they discover her hobbies. This has happened multiple times so Ciela has just stopped trying.

    Secret: Ciela's twin sister, Reetha, was her best and only friend. Unfortunately, Reetha passed from what Ciela believes to be an unknown genetic anomaly. After Reetha passed from this world, Ciela became withdrawn into her lab in a desperate search to discover what the real cause was.


    True personality: I think that one basically explains itself, but he is a prankster. He may steal jewel from a museum and then 'magically' discover its wherabouts.

    Secret: Amarillo is a character from another game on this site. He is a failed detetive that couldn't save an azurril on time. And that adds to his timid nature he was already timid, but seeing his uncle fail didnt help it.)


    True Personality: Sarang is, while not entirely silent and timid, still quite introverted; she becomes nervous whenever she talks to anyone she doesn't know very well, and is shy to introduce herself. She doesn't like fighting, and tries to avoid any arguments; even if one's opinions go against her own, she won't say anything against them. However, she also has a very strong will, and will do as much as she can to achieve her goals, as long as no conflicts arise in the way. She is willing to sacrifice herself along the way if she needs to, though.

    Secret: Sarang betrayed her best and only friend, Mideum, whom she'd known for most of her life, because he was a homosexual; in her home country, being homosexual is still illegal, with the punishment being death and anyone turning in an offender receiving a large sum of money, and as her family was experiencing very hard times, with her father having lost his job and her mother being hospitalized, she decided to make some quick cash by reporting him to the police. She was present at both the trial and execution of him and his lover, and never forgot his crestfallen yet forgiving last words to her. When her family found out about this, they disowned her, and refused to use the money. She therefore decided to move to this country in hopes of a new life, though her past still continues to gnaw at her. She adopted her fake personality as it was the personality of Mideum, as a reminder to herself of how she'd killed such a good person.


    True Personality: Deep down inside she doesn't really like to gossip or go shopping. She is someone who can't stand it and is pains her to do these things. She acts what she thinks is the typical 13 year old girl to prevent others from thinking there's more to her. She's still selfish however. She is a girl who has a mission and does it seriously.

    Secret:She is a spy sent by the government to supervise the Pokemon World. She makes sure no one is doing anything that would harm the world. She only does this for her own benefit though. She is in the mansion to make sure it is not doing anything shady.


    True Personality: Outside the whole Diva act, Andre is a lot nicer, and is a loyal generous friend once you get to know him. One just has to be willing to put up with his attitude.

    Secret: After staring in his first film, and making a lot of money, Andre went on a huge shopping spree, and racked up a large amount of debt.


    True Personality: He's very vindictive, if anything happens which insults him, he will force the memory to loss and instead force your mind into believing you're a war criminal. He perceives that as a ghost, all non-ghosts are surplus to requirements so he has a tendency of using them as playthings. He's also waiting for the perfect 'Mon to possess and discard his ghostly form. Also he's great with electronics.

    Secret: Before he was a ghost, he was a scientist who invented a drug which would cause amnesia if it touched your insides, using this, he'd commit robberies whilst releasing his drug, after feeling no prize, he graduated to murder, racking up a major body count until he double-crossed the mob, knowing his life was going to end, he perfected and ingested a drug which would cause him to become immortal, he did achieve this but only by becoming a ghost.

    (Note: Game was given approval to be remade by Skiyomi)
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  2. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Name: Lovina
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hydreigon :635:
    Personality: Harsh, foul-mouthed and violent, Lovina can easily be described as "Tsundere". She is very aggressive and prone to losing her temper very easily. She however, has a hidden nice side but rarely shows this...even outrightly denying that she has such side, especially towards those she may harbor a crush on or have feelings for. This restaurant owner hates cheese and cheese-flavored anything with a burning passion, as it reminds her of her ex-lover, Francois, too much.
    Anything Else: Just...don't make her eat anything outrightly cheesy or cheese-flavored. She also has an adoptive little brother named Felice (3 years younger than her. He's 19, she's 22) as well as a circle of close friends whom she probably would invite or call up from time to time.
  3. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Ah, Lovina, well, I welcome her back here for another chance to play this exciting game. Awaiting PM.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Name: Andre
    Species: Espeon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: From the time he was an Eevee, Andre was in the spotlight. Being a Movie Star, Andre loves fame, and enjoys being the center of attention. He is obscesed with beauty, and looking good, and as such he really hates getting dirty. He can be a diva at times, and he gets upset when things don't go his way. Still, he was raised to be a gentleman, so he'll at least try to be polite about it. He likes love and romance, he has a tendency to flirt with people (He's Bisexual, so guys too) he finds attractive. He also tends to ship people he thinks would make a good couple, and tease them about it.
    Anything else: He's French, so he often talks the way La Voix did. :p
  5. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Hmm, alright then,everything else checks out. Currently awaiting PM.

    EDIT: Lovina has been officialy accepted. Andre is pending.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2013
  6. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    my god the grammar is horrible

    Name: Sarang
    Gender: Female
    Species: Milotic ;350;
    Personality: Sarang is very talkative, and loves making friends. She's always optimistic about the outcome of events, and does her best to cheer others up when they are feeling down. However, she does have some depressed moments herself, which almost always come and go without warning. She has very strong opinions, and will defend them no matter what, even if it means getting into fights. Her opinions are all very liberal, and she firmly believes that everyone has the right to be happy, and should be treated as equals, no matter their gender, background, appearance, religion, and sexuality. Though she is happy for everyone who finds love, she dislikes talking about the subject herself.
    Anything Else: Sarang loves spicy food.
  7. Lluc

    Lluc Cute Rodent Trainer

    Personality:She is a gossiper who says bad things about people she never met before. She is very picky and it's hard to please her. She texts on her cell phone most of the time to gossip about people. She loves to go shopping to buy clothes and candy. She is extremely selfish. She's very weak but it isn't obvious to many people. The only time she seems to be happy is when she's texting or shopping.
    Anything Else:She says things like 'OMA' or 'LOL' and hates vegetables with a passion
  8. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Then why don't you go edit it?

    Sarang has passed part one, awaiting PM.

    Kylie seems to be interesting, please send me the PM before I completely judge her
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2013
  9. Flame Mistress

    Flame Mistress Well-Known Member

    First of all, "maison" is a feminine noun; therefore, it should be preceded by the definite article "la", not "les", which precedes a plural noun. Secondly, "Three Months" should be written as "three months", as neither of those words are proper nouns. Thirdly, "lime light" should be one word, as in "limelight". Fourthly, in the phrase "This is the Lying Challenge, in my own merit, the hardest to pass", there should be a semi-colon instead of a comma between "Challenge" and "in my own merit". Fifthly, the "will" isn't needed in "you’ll might". Sixthly, you need to be more consistent with your proper nouns and capital letters. Should I carry on?
  10. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    At least I try to make to make it legible and easy to understand, sheesh. I've always had a problem with capitalization. Anyways, this isn't the place to talk about this Azran. I'll make the required edits so only one person is pleased.
  11. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    Name: Zemus
    Gender: male
    Species: Alakazam
    Personality: He is usually very quiet, but will stand up for himself and others if he feels the need. He is timid because he feels that he could never live up to the great detectives that mentored him, and because Amerillo's quitting had a profound effect on him.
    And it is no supprise that he is constantly looking for a mystery to solve, and usually finds one.
    Anything Else: He is the partner of ansem the wise from the other game, (you might remember that ansem sent a shout out to someone on the outside.) He is a detective, but not as experienced as ansem and not as confident (hence the hesitation.) He was taken in by ansem and trained by him and another detective named Amarillo. He comes from a great line of detectives, including the greatest detective, a Marawak named Bones. (Holmes)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2013
  12. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Ansem, please add more to the personality.
  13. Armando Payne

    Armando Payne Well-Known Member

    Name: Ryuichi
    Gender: Male
    Species: Mismagius
    Personality: His personality can change on a whim, one day he can be chatty, the next non-plussed, the next angry, he likes olden music, primarily YMO music and the like and he can tell when someone else is angry even when they themselves can't. (Due to being a ghost an' all.) He also has a telltale sign of being angry, (everything not bolted down will levitate) but even then he's not really angry about most stuff, he's inquisitive about most things but can't use most technology. He can from time to time disappear and re-appear, to play a prank on other pokemon by making them believe they have Alzheimer's or some disease like that but he never means to be mean-spirited about it. As you can tell from the above his humour sometimes slides onto the macabre.
    Anything Else: He can play the keyboard and piano. He's named after the singer Ryuichi Sakamoto (More specifically he's based somewhat on the song The Arrangement.)
  14. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright then, Ryuichi is also accepted. We're getting an interesting cast, to say the least. I'm still waiting for Electric's PM, and for Ansem to elaborate more on the personality.
  15. Aakash98

    Aakash98 Well-Known Member

    Name: Travis Blade (He prefers to be refered as Blade)
    Gender: Male
    Species: :625:
    Personality: Blade is the sidekick of Total Pokemon Crazy Island with Chandler making him somewhat a fan favourite among a few others although Chandler outshines him most of the time. He competes in this contest for fun. He has a calm and collective personality choosing to go for the less painful options in a situation. He is somewhat protective to people that it can lead to him doing stupid things like jumping off a cliff.

    Anything else: He has some talent of playing electric guitar and has some talent in comedy. Howeverhe has a problem, he seems to be attracted to pain like as if the universe wants to give this guy pain which leads to him getting owned (read my fic to be understand
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2013
  16. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright then Aakash, please send me your PM.
  17. Toxic Nightshade

    Toxic Nightshade GET TO DEL TACO

    Name: Rina
    Gender: Female
    Species: Yamask
    Personality: Rina is very tough and strong, she can put up with anything and deal with problems that most people would crack over. She often gets lost in thought but is always listening. She is often depressed and thinks about her former life, although she vaguely tried to hide her sadness. She can stand up for herself and her friends when needed though.
    Anything else: She hates anything with sugar on it.
  18. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Flare, please send me your VM now.

    Kylie is also accepted.
  19. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Name: Bessy
    Gender: Female
    Species: ;242;
    Personality: A very sassy and rough nurse. She has no trouble speaking her mind and says what she wants. She's also a big instigator and loves to provoke people. It's the drama that amuses her and she loves it even more when she causes it. She has the belief that you have to do whatever it takes to do something, no matter who it hurts or what it affects. She's a big gambler and likes to take risks. She is stubborn and hard headed; once she has made up her mind she will not change it. You would think she's gentle as a nurse, but she's anything but. She believes the tougher she is, the better your body gets accustomed. This philosophy of her's also applies to the way she behaves; if she's tough on others, then they'll become tough themselves. She can't stand anyone who's weak and emotional.

    Anything Else: She usually uses terms of endearment when speaking.

    To those of you who were in the last version of Secrets, yes, this is who you think it is (if you remember her).
  20. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Oh dear god it's her. Send me the PM.
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