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seeking advice for an elegant, feminine team

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hi guys, so i'm trying to build a new, side-project team, but i am currently struggling to find pokemon that i think would be perfect for my desired outcome. first thing i should note is, i am quite picky, second, i'm not looking to build a team that is female for the sake of being female. i want a team that is actually feminine and elegant. lastly, must not use any legendaries or nikki minaj impersonators; i'm looking at you jynx!

so far, i've picked out the following:
Gardevoir (she's always been a favorite for me)

i'm considering gorebyss, ninetails too, but i can't make up my mind yet.

i can work out the movesets on my own, but i'd greatly appreciate any good feedback.

any suggestions on how i can finish this team side-project?


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Go with Machamp. That's totally feminine. :D

Jokes aside, Blissey can be a good supporter for your team. And definitely get a Gorebyss and/or Ninetales (or maybe Milotic if you feel like searching for Feebas), to soak up Ice moves for Roselia and Altaria.

If Mawile seems feminine to you, I would also suggest her, if it appeals to you. So far, the Pokemon on your team are geared towards the special side, and you might need a few team members to be able to dish out physical attacks.
i totally forgot about mawile, she fits the demand for feminine, but i don't know about elegant. but in all fairness, as i said to my brother, "who doesn't want a dragon on their team?", same could be said for steel types....i love steel types. i'm very on the fence with blissey though, she is most definitely a she, but she is far from elegant in my opinion. regarding milotic, i was very fortunate to have found feebas, i just have to spend the countless hours breeding and praying for the right nature so i can get milotic xD

thanks for the suggestions though, you definitely helped me pick ninetales as a definite :D
she's one of those pokemon that even when male, is still extremely elegant and majestic, which further strengthens the role as an elegant female pokemon ^_^

what are your thoughts on Delcatty? i'm trying to work out if she's elegant enough for this.
and thanks a ton again for your suggestions, i greatly appreciate the help with narrowing down my team members!


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Ah. I don't know how you define "elegant", so yeah. :p And if you're on Emerald, you can use the Everstone + Flame Body trick to make hatching eggs faster and getting the right nature.

Delcatty I don't know. I've never worked with her before, I guess because her stats aren't really up to my liking. If the team is intended for Battle Tower or some other purpose than running through in-game, I guess she could provide some support with Heal Bell and Thunder Wave. If not, I'm not sure.
i'm pleased to announce that i've finally worked out my team of elegant female pokemon; it is as follows:
Gardevoir (should have seen that one coming right?)

in my personal opinion, they all best fit the demand i have in mind. regarding the idea of "elegant" that i was seeking, i was seeking something that really stood out in a classy and unique way without having the slightest hint of "savagery" in overall appearance. think "prim and proper" for a better idea :)
this was definitely quite a task for me to figure out how i wanted this team to go, i am also happy to be able to say that the movelists, whilst not perfect, they are quite balanced for coverage for In-Game play, and to a much lesser degree, friendly player vs player with my brother.

however, with that said, my brother has decided to attempt to make a gender opposite team of mine. a team of "Classy Gentlemen" if you will. he is open to some suggestions, think of an older british chap when you think of "classy", so far the best one we've agreed on was Noctowl. he definitely reminds us both of a classy gent.

any suggestions to go with that?

p.s. you can in-box me if you have suggestions ^_^


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How does Sneasel not have the hint of savagery? :p

As for classy gent... From the top off my head, I'd say Manectric. And since you had Ninetales, Arcanine might be a counterpart for that. Then again, my imagination of "older british chap" could be different from your (brother's) perspective, so yeah.

Looking at the sprites, I got Kingdra, Torkoal, Relicanth and Shiftry. Idk. I guess I'm just looking for Pokemon that look... ancient. XD
it's funny that you mentioned arcanine, my brother was asking my opinion on him. we both agree that he's in a league of his own. he's very sophisticated, very classy and very majestic, and misunderstood for savagery when he's not a savage. i was sort of thinking manectric too, i'll let him know your suggestions and see what he thinks.
thanks again for the ideas arceus03 :D

as for sneasel, i was thinking something resembling a wild jungle cat to be rather honest with you, beautiful, elegant and powerful with a hint of majesty. the killing potential gets confused for savagery (this is entirely my opinion lol)

10th Doctor

Classy gentlemen? I can name a few.

First off, you can't neglect Murkrow. Not only do his black feathers have the appearance of a suit, he appears to be wearing a fedora or a top hat. He has the appearance of a 1920s-era mobster, but that only adds to the class. A bit of danger and darkness can do wonders to make anyone look classy, and it shows in Murkrow.

Slowking, while not immediately the stereotypical "classy gentleman" could also definitely be classified as such. He's very intelligent, and while the ruff and Cloyster shell hat may make you think he's some sort of clown, you must remember that such adornments were commonly worn by Elizabethan-era nobility. He even has "King" in his name, referring to said nobility. What can I say? He's a King, he's massively smart, and he's a Psychic-type.

Whiscash is yet another Water-type gentleman. With whiskers resembling a perfectly-groomed mustache and an elegant navy blue and gold color scheme, Whiscash also gives off the appearance of nobility, though more Victorian-era than Elizabethan-era. With his very classy appearance, Whiscash looks like the kind of Pokemon that would hold a title of "Duke" or "Count".

Of course, these three are simply three that immediately come to mind. There are others for sure, such as the already-mentioned Manectric and Arcanine.


Graceful Elegance
Hooh... a fellow elegance trainer? I like it when people build appeal teams!
Let's see... I'd suggest Dragonair, Beautifly, Bellossom and maybe an Eeveelution (since most of them are cute too)
Might take a while for you to get them though (except Beautifly)
@Katelia heheh, i considered bellosum extensively and painstakingly, but in the end, the whimsy of roselia (shiny too!) won me over. couldnt resist the coy "IDGAF" expression either, inspires the feeling of confidence with a soft expression. i probably overthink this stuff, but it's okay xD

@10th Doctor i really like your analysis regarding "Like a Sir". i never thought of murkrow like an 20's mobster in a fedora before, quite nice really. let's not forget the "fancy moustache" whiscash, i totally didn't think about it like that. you've got an eye for the classy gents in pokemon, and i salute you.
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