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Seeking HA Turtwig and Piplup line


stats, natures, gender, etc dont matter i just need Turtwig, Grotle, or Torterra and Piplup, Prinplup, or Empoleon with their hidden ability.
i can offer most other hidden ability pokemon, shinies, or events.
i have lots to offer - all legit and all obtained myself, except for some events.

please post or pm me!


Active Member
i think i have both of them.
i can breed you one if you'd like.

the only think i'm looking for is the following.
ditto 6 IV ( non-enlish )
Acreus ( jolly nature, preferably 6 IV but 5 IV is fine too, as long as the sp. atk stat is the one that's NOT perfect. )
Baltoy 6 IV, Calm nature, and shiny. ( or 5 IV's as long as atk is the stat that's not perfect. )
Litwick 6IV, timid nature, and shiny. ( or 5 IV's as long as the atk stat is the one that's not perfect. )
Scraggy 6IV, Jolly nature, and shiny. ( or 5 IV as long as Sp.atk stat is the one that's not perfect. ) ( and let it have dragon dance as it's egg move )

i already have all the rest.