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Seems like alot of REALLY buggy xbox 360 making it on the news.


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Most of it is lies. A very small percentage of Xbox's are faulty, no more than any electrical appliance that get's released. It's just mainly haters spreading bad news and the media blowing things way out of proportion. For example, check the Xbox forums, where most people with a 360 will post. There's very, very few topics about people having problems - at least people that aren't trolling.

The "over heating" thing in particular is complete BS. The system is watercooled, there's two very large fans just under the hard drive, and the HDD itself is external, and people are claiming it's overheating? I doubt it.. unless of course, you're trying to cover the system with pillows, in which case you may be in some trouble. And once again I'm forced to point out, that Sony actually purposefully releases shoddy equipment. So Microsoft having a few problems with their new system is nothing to bash them about.

Todays lesson: Don't believe everything you hear.
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Its not really that buggy its people that didn't read what to do with it and what not to do(like detecting an ipod can take up to five minutes depending on the version)

Lets just say you can't exactly turn it on silently like gc


Just to correct myself, the 360 isn't actually water cooled. I have no idea where that came from, but it turns out it isn't true. So just ignore that. But anyway, the 360's fans are actually really quite noisy. And anyway, if you do have a faulty one, just send it to them. They've said they're repair them and send them back to you as quickly as possible. And they're doing it for free, so I have no idea where all the talk of them charging money for it came from.

And hey, I don't have time to search for old news articles about MILLIONS of faulty PS2's being recalled, but I'm suprised you guys don't remember it. Sony even went to court over it.
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Hmm... They say a FEW ISOLATED cases...
I feel inclined to believe them until I hear at least three complaints from my myraid of Xbox playing friends.
As opposed to my hearing my friends ***** about their PS2 spoiling thrice in a year. While I put it down to shoddy handling and illegal modding, it does bring up some points.