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Semi-new here, my introduction.


MS Paint Sableye
I joined quite a while ago, but I only just now got around to getting things settled in, so my introduction is a little delayed, I apologize.

I did get around to posting about my Friend Safari info though, so that's a start... I guess?

My story as to how I got into Pokemon is a little long, so I will spare the details. But why I am here now?
I'm sort of weary with the whole trade randomly with anyone around the world thing, because I got a hacked, or corrupt, Pokemon over Wonder Trade and don't trust it as much anymore, so here I am, deciding that if I want to get the ability to compete, which is my ultimate goal, I need to become a part of a place where I can accomplish what I need to. And here I am now, hoping to get to that point.

I'm hoping that I can become as good a member as anyone else here. I might try to settle into the trade and competitive play sections since there are where my ultimate goal is, but don't be afraid to talk to me, I won't bite... sometimes.

With high hopes ~Xatuish

More info:
First Pokemon Game: Pokemon SoulSilver (First Starter: Chikorita)
Favorite Pokemon: My top 5 are Mawile, Flareon, Flygon, Roserade, and Galvantula, in no specific order, although I like Mawile more than the others (I have a total of 24 favorites by my last count)
Primarily Play: Pokemon Y