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Senario Guide! HELP PLEASE~

When will the SENARIO Guide for Diamond and Pearl come out?

  • April 12th - Yeah! Like I thought~ Please be true!

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • April 13th - Ships, and shoot me like Bambi's mom

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • April 17 - Target and Walmart

    Votes: 6 54.5%

  • Total voters

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
;448; Hi, does anyone know when the guide comes out? I just went to see when and I thought it was coming out tomorrow, the twelth. But it ends up that the EBGames site and GameStop site said that they would ship on the thirteenth, a little confused and I just want to know, when is the stinkin thing coming out, personally I hope and think that it's tomorrow cause it says ships the thirteenth and I asked a guy at EBGames. Comfort or just shoot me like Bambi's mom(I'm a guy I know) ;448;

Steven Apprentice

Steel Enthusiast
That's the other guide, I mean the Senario guide. This is the one with the poster and stuff. Go to EBGames.com or like GameSpot.com and click the first DP link you see, it'll have a whole bunch of stuff, but look for the one with the book and you'll see that there are two different guides. SENARIO~ Not being mean. :)


The date keeps on changing for GS believe me It was the 4th to begin with and now it's the 14th.


Profesional Lurker
Well the guy said it ships on the 13th.

EBgames.com/gamestop.com said it ships on the 13th.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say they get it and start selling it sometime after the 13th.


Well-Known Member
I want to look at it to check out the game if it comes out early


Well-Known Member
it's out on 17th april. check on amazon.com


Well-Known Member
The official website of the people who made the "scenario guide" says April 22 so thats when its coming out.


lucario=my master
at gamestop/eb games, it is oficially out the 22nd.period, no questions asked from you but so many about the guide, game, and styluses from me that i got banned from eb games...so... the 22nd is the absoloute day