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Seperated in Kanto!


Sexy May lover

Well, i decided to go on and make this fic^^ Enjoy!


Four girls- Takomi, Surmeka, Berry and Milinda-had been best friends since they can remember. They are seven year old girls that live in Pallet town. Pallet town is always a peaceful place where everyone is always happy. That is also where our young Ash started his journey. It is also where Professor Oak lives. Professor Oak is where all the trainers get there starter pokemon.
Anyways back to the girls. Takomi is the Tomboy. She wears a red hat facing backwards, a red shirt that has the word “Pokemon” on it black pants and gloves. She does not like guys and thinks Hillary Duff is *cough cough*. Her favorite color is black and she loves to eat spaghetti.
Surmeka is the girly girl. She wears a sky blue t-shirt that says “What’s not to love” on it, a pink long skirt and pink boots. She loves pokemon like giggly puff and cleffa due to their cuteness. Her favorite color is pink and loves to eat mash potatoes.
Milinda is normal. She wears a green sweater with a broccoli on it, dark green pants and white gloves. She hates pokemon poachers and love pokemon that come from caves. Her favorite color is green and she is a vegetarian.
Berry is so smart, it is scary. She can do grade ten work. She wears a white shirt with calculations all over, black pants and a pretty bracelet that Milinda made her for her 6th birthday. She loves solving things out and going to school. Her favorite color is white and favorite food is candy.
All the girls are very happy. That all changes one day when the Professor leaves the lab. Team Rocket comes and starts to terrorize the land. They attack their homes, destroyed the schools and more. People from Pallet town start to pack their bags and leave. Then the girls meet at their special place.

“What!” Takomi cried. “What do you mean you are leaving Pallet town!”
Berry had just admitted to her friends that she has to move to Fushia city due to the team rocket problem. Takomi just couldn't take it.

“Takomi,” Surmeka started off “I…I also have to move. Since team rocket came the food supply has went way down, because we are too afraid to go to a shop, so my parents think it’s a better idea if I stay with my cousin Misty in Cerulean city.” Takomi stared at her in surprisingly.

“And…,” said Milinda. “My daddy got a job in Mt.Moon islands. At first he didn’t want to, but now thanks to the team rocket problem he is going to.”

After that everyone started crying. They were crying so much they could fill a water bottle. Everyone except Takomi was crying.

“Takomi why aren’t you crying?” asked Berry “We are all going to be separated and we are not going to see each other…” she started to weep more then continued. “Ever again!”
“Fine,” Takomi said. Everyone turned there head towards her. “We’ll get separated but only on one condition. When we grow up we will become pokemon trainers and find each other. Okay?”

They all stopped crying. “Promise?” she stuck her hand out.

“Promise!” The rest said sticking out their hands. With that they turned around and left. That’s how our young adventurers came to be. Not knowing the challenges and dangers they will face.


Bring it.
Eh, not bad. Looks like a chick flick to me but itz still good.

Sexy May lover


New Pokemon-New journey

5 years later….

Takomi, the determined one she is, wakes up bright and early to pack her bags to begin her journey. She can’t wait to go to professor Oak to get her very first pokemon. To start her journey off she is wearing a black t-shirt with a skull on it and black pants.

After she is done she goes downstairs to say her goodbyes. She gives her mom hugs and kisses when she notices something.

“Where is Tamoko?” she asked, questioning for her younger sister.

“Oh” her mom said “Professor Oak asked Tomoko to bring a starter pokemon to a trainer in Cerulean city. Of course, she is not going all the way there. She is going to meet her half way.” Her mom handed her a note from Tamoko saying:

Dear sis,
Sorry for not saying bye to you but this is the first time I could do a big kid job. Anyways by the time you come back from your journey I will also be back from my journey of being a coordinator. I wish you luck! 
You’re truly, Tamoko
After that she went to Professor Oak’s laboratory.

“Well Takomi here you are,” he said as he handed her the pokeball “Your very first pokemon”

“Wow thanks!” she said “I am going to take extra good care of it.” She held it as if it was gold. “I choose you” Out came the fire pokemon Charmander.

Well, Berry’s first pokemon story is very boring. She is wearing a plain emerald green shirt with a berry on it, and jeans. Knowing the smart person she is, she packs her bags the night before and asks professor Oak to send her a pokemon the next morning. The next morning Berry collects her pokemon by the P.C in the pokemon center. Berry was about to let it out when it let itself out and started dancing. That is when Berry found out that her partner is a singing and dancing Squirtle.

Surmeka was thinking of what pokemon she would get. She had been walking for two days to meet a little girl that is going to deliver a pokemon. She is wearing a baby blue shirt that says “Pink Girl” on it, and jeans. Just the she saw a girl with a package in her hand.

“Are you the little girl that is supposed to give me a pokemon from Pallet town?” she asked in her sweetest voice.
“I am not little!” she yelled as she gave the package. “I’m 8! Professor Oak gave me the responsibility of giving this package to you and being the best coordinator ever!” Surmeka stared at her.

“You want to become a coordinator?”

“Yeah, why do you care pretty girl?”

“Why don’t you come along my journey? I am going to travel all over Kanto.”

“Really?” she sounded surprised.


“Okay partner” shaking her hand.

“Now for you” she looked at her pokeball. “Come out” Out came a beautiful bulbasaur.

Milinda looked at her pokeball. She was going to start her journey with a green shirt with long sleeves going up to her belly button, with green pants to match. She had a sudden flashback of her 8th birthday.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Milinda!”

“This is something I picked up at one of the caves.” Her father said giving her a present. In the present out came a… Zubat!

“Zubat! Zubat!” it said. Back to reality.

“Zubat we are going to find or friends and be a great team.” She said smiling at her pokemon. She looked at the mountain one last time and left.

Sexy May lover

Ch.2 Working with a Charmander

Takomi was walking to Viridian city. She wanted to get a bug pokemon from Viridian forest.

“God I am never going to get there!” she complained “I don’t even think I am going the right way!” so she sat on a rock and started to think. Suddenly her Charmander let itself out.

“Char, Charmander!” it said.

“Charmander, why did you let yourself out?”

“Char, char” it crossed his hand

“Man, don’t you have an attitude” Hearing that Charmander used smokescreen on her.


“What’s your problem?! Why did you do that?” Charmander started to walk away. “Hey! Where are you going!” she quickly started to follow behind him.

“Char char char char char” it was talking to himself.

“Ok what’s wrong?” he used smokescreen on her again.

“Charmander” he sounded mad now.

“You know you really need a name. I will say a name. Char for yes or Char Char for no. Okay?”

“Char” he sounded to like the idea.

“Hmmmm. Charlie?”

“Char Char”


“Char Char"


“Char Char”

“How about Mr. Annoying dude that doesn’t like any names I give him?” Takomi started to laugh on the ground. This time Charmander used ember on her. “Wow!” she said “You learned a new attack and the first one you used it on was… me?!”

“Char, Char” he said happily while skipping down the road.

“Okay back to the pokeball with you!” she threw the pokeball at him, but he whacked it backed with his tail. She tried it again but he just tossed it back again. She did that 1000 times and finally gave up. She let him stay outside for a while just to get some fresh air even though she didn’t want him out.
After many hours of walking…

“A hill!” Takomi shouted as they ran on top of the hill. There they saw Viridian city. Takomi held Charmander and started spinning him around in happiness. Then Charmander got so dizzy he used ember on Takomi again.

“Charmander we finally made it to Viridian city.”

“Char Char!” he said.

“Not so fast!” a boy’s voice said. Takomi looked around. Suddenly a man and lady came out of the bush. They were wearing a shirt with the letter “R” on it. When Takomi saw them she knew right away who they were, Henry and Hanna. Two out of five people who was terrorizing Pallet town and was the cause of the separation of her friends.

“Henry and Hanna” Takomi said “Still up to your games are you?”

“Hey how do you know us?” Hanna asked

“Hanna,” said Henry “That looks like one of the girls that lived in Pallet town five years ago when the others and us were still a team, remember?”

“No, but who cares about that. Give us that Charmander right now or else!”

“Like I am going to do that!” answered Takomi. Charmander was hiding behind Takomi.

“Okay then be that way.” Henry debated. He took out a pokeball. “Go Grimer!” Out came a Grimer. “I will take care of this.”

“Charmander, I know that you don’t like me, but I need you to battle and then beat these guys. If you ask why I should beat these guys it is because they made my friends and I go away from each other and thanks to that situation we met.” Charmander could tell by looking into Takomi’s eyes that she was very angry. “So partner, are you ready?”

“Char Char!”

“Grimer, use pound!” said Henry.

“Charmander, dodge it and use scratch!” ordered Takomi. Charmander did as told. He scratched him in the eye.
“So you want to play dirty? Grimer, poison gas!” A gas hit Charmander and poisoned him.

“Oh no Charmander!” Takomi knew if a pokemon got poisoned it will lose hp even when it is not doing anything. “I never wanted this to happen.” Takomi fell to her knees and her anger kept growing and growing. Charmander felt Takomi’s pain and finally started to grow more and angrier every second until… he went crazy. He bursted out an attack that Takomi has never seen before. It was so strong that it blasted team Rocket at least a kilometer away. Quickly Takomi took out her PokeDex.

“When Charmander becomes angry and mad he uses an attack called rage.” It said.

“Did you become angry because I was angry?”

“Char” he said nodding. Takomi smiled at it. She sat down and put Charmander on her lap. She searched through her bag and found some antidote.

“You know what Charmander?” she put the spray on him. “I’m glad team Rocket came or else I would have not of met you.”


“I finally figured it out. Your name will be Rage.”

The Burnt Shadow

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
Okay it ain'y so bad, but you really need to work a bit on descripton. Describe th pokemon how they look like. Describe also the fight scene. Use some words so we could picture the fight don't just say anything like a gas hit charmander and poisoned it. Also describe the surrounding how it looked. This is a good start and reminds me of something. This'll probably be popular if you tried harder...

Sexy May lover

Ch.3 Introducing Tamoko and Change

“What did you say your name was again?” Surmeka asked. Surmeka and Tamoko were walking to Lavender town together. “Tamoko right? That a funny name for a girl. All girls should have a pretty name. Only ugly people have ugly names like Tamoko. Not to say that you are ugly or anything but if you want to be pretty as me you got to change your name.” Surmeka was getting on Tamoko’s nerves. It was making her very mad.

“Well,” said Tamoko. “What kind of name is Beauty? Beauty is a very bad name for a bulbasaur. Bulbasaur is a pokemon. Pokemon aren’t supposed to be treated the way you treat them.”

“I named her beauty because she is beautiful. That is something you can never be!”

“Well I am more beautiful than your ‘Beauty’”

“Well at least I have a pokemon! You’re just some jealous twerp that doesn’t have a pokemon for the contests that she is entering!”

“Well who said that I don’t have a pokemon?’

“What do you mean?”

“I do have a pokemon”

“You do?”

“Yup” she took out a pokeball. “Go change!” She threw the pokeball and a Ditto came out! Ditto’s are pink, thick blobs that can change into any pokemon.

“Wow! Tamoko that is great!”

“I first got her when I was 5.”

“Really? Who gave it?”

“Umm… not important. You should have seen my older sister’s face. She was so angry that I got my first pokemon before her. She went yelling all over the house. She…”

“Your sister sounds like she is a mean person”

“Oh not at all! My sister is great! We tell each other everything. She is like a sister to me. Oh wait, she is my sister.” They both started to laugh.

“Wow now she sounds like a great person. I would like to meet her someday”

“We might. She is a pokemon trainer. She is traveling all over Kanto, just like us.”

“I also have a brother. His name is Matt. He is younger than me, about your age” For the next few hours they were talking about there siblings. They had plenty of laughs along the way.

“You know your ditto reminds me of something my brother did once.” Surmeka said.

“Really, what?” asked Tamoko.

“Well once I had to skip my piano class because my teacher went somewhere. I did this without my parents’ knowledge. I was in my room colouring some pictures when my brother came home. I didn’t want him to know I was there so I hid in the closet. Through the crack of the closet I could see he had something. I couldn’t see it clearly until I turned around. There I saw a ditto. He put it in a box and wrapped it with paper. He quickly wrote something on it and went out of the house. After that I never saw the ditto again. I never really thought about what he did with the ditto until after seeing your ditto.”

“Wow what a coincident!”

“Yeah that’s clear” a voice from a bush said. Surmeka and Tamoko looked around.

“And now that we’re here you should fear!” said another voice. Two people-a girl and a boy- came out of the bushes. Surmeka and Tamoko knew who they were just by looking at there funny clothing. Team Rocket and two of the people who was terrorizing pallet town 5 years back!

“What do you want?!” asked Tamoko strongly.

“We want you pokemon, we want a lot” said the boy “My name is Anton.”

“And my mine is Lariat” said the girl

“And together we are team rocket!” they said together

“Holy crap these people are a bunch of rhyme-freaks!” Surmeka complained

“Give us that ditto and the bulbasaur we know you have right now,” said Lariat

“Or else you will feel some POW!” rhymed Anton

“Okay then we challenge you to a double pokemon battle. If we loose we will give you our pokemon. If you loose you have to get lost and stop rhyming!” Tamoko shouted.

“Okay we accept”
“Let’s Go! Xiaolon Showdown!” everyone looked at Tamoko after she said that. “Sorry I just had to say.”

“Anyways… Go Nidoran♂!” Nidoran♂ is a pink pokemon creature that is four legged, has a horn and green ears.

“Nidoran♀, I choose you!” Lariat called out. Nidoran♀ are navy blue pokemon with a horn and whiskers.

“Tamoko, everything is great except one thing. I HAVE NEVER POKEMON BATTLED BEFORE!!!” yelled Surmeka.

“Don’t fret Surmeka I am here and I have battled millions of times. Just do what I say okay?” Tamoko whispered.

“Well okay, so Beauty let’s battle.” She sent out Beauty.

“Nidoran♀ use quick attack!” yelled Anton. “Do it with your front to front and back to back!” Nidoran ran so fast it just looked as if there was pink blur.

Tamoko thank fast “Change transformed into Eevee and then used reflect.” Eevee is a very cute brown four legged pokemon that has a cut little tail, ears like an elf and very big eyes. Change was done as told. She transformed into Eevee and made an almost invisible shield. Nidoran hit the shield and the damage that was supposed to be done on Change, half was done on him.

“Beauty, use vine whip!” order Surmeka. Beauty was about to use vinewhip on Nidoran♀ when…

“Nidoran♂ use double kick!” called out Anton. “And we will end this with a click!” Nidoran kicked Beauty twice, four time six times and then stopped.

“Oh no Beauty! She is almost out of hp.”

“Surmeka tell Beauty to use vine whip again but this time to both Nidoran♀ and Nidoran. ♂” Said Tamoko

“I don’t understand”

“I noticed something of battling them. Anton has strength while Lariat has speed. Since they rhyme with each other they have had lots of practice with teamwork. Strength plus speed equal a great pokemon battle. Now I have a plan but it needs your help in it as well okay?” Surmeka nodded.

“Okay Beauty you hear that? We can win with our cooperation. Use vine whip!” Beauty’s vine whip came out. Vines came out of the bulb on Beauty’s back.

“Make sure one vine goes after one and the other vine goes after the other.”
“This is quite not fair” complained Lariat as her pokemon was getting whipped in the butt.

“I shall report to the mayor!” yelled Anton as his pokemon was also getting whipped in the butt.

“I have a rhyme” said Tamoko. Everyone was so worried about there pokemon they didn’t look at her. “Roses are red violets are blue… You every touch our pokemon again I WILL KILL YOU! Change solar beam!” At that second everyone looked at her. When all the fuss was going on Change changed into Gloom! Gloom is a two legged, circled body with more circles on it head. A glow started to come from the circles on Change’s head and a huge blast blasted Team Rocket away.

“Until next time” cried Lariat.

“I will not say a rhyme!” said Anton. With that they flew away.

“Good job change, return” said Tamoko proud of her pokemon.

“You too Beauty, take a break and return” said Surmeka also proud of her pokemon.

“Well Surmeka you won your first pokemon battle.”

“Not without you I couldn’t. Oh yeah, what was with your plan?”

“Oh that? I told you all he junk about teamwork and stuff so they couldn’t figure out my real plan. Every time they rhyme they always loose there guard. If you kept hitting their pokemon with vine whip they will say something. When they lost their guard at that second I told change to turn into gloom.”

“Very smart of you”

“Yes it is”

“Oh yeah I want to say sorry about saying your name is ugly and all. It fit your personality perfectly”

“Well thanks, and I want to apologize for saying Beauty’s name was ugly. She looks adorable in battle.” They shake hands and started walking to the next city.
Here you! I hope you enjoyed it :)

Sexy May lover

Ch.4 Introducing Ray -a new friend

Berry was traveling to the Cinnabar islands for her first gym battle. She was using a map like what a smart person would do.

“Man I am getting nowhere with this” she sighed. She was too busy looking at the map that she wasn’t looking at the road properly. She didn’t even notice that there was a small rock that she was going to trip on. She tripped on that rock and she started to roll down the path and rolled off a cliff. Luckily there was a tree branch was there and so she held on to until someone could find her. “Help!” she was screaming for her life. Suddenly her pokeball fell out of her backpack! “Oh no my squirtle” Squirtle was her pokemon. It looked like a turtle with a red shell and a fury tail. She was too scared to see where it landed. Then she heard a thump. She looked down and saw that the cliff wasn’t a cliff at all. It was 3 meters to the ground. After knowing that, Berry jumped to the ground and retrieved her pokeball. She let her squirtle out for a while.

“Squirtle” it said.

“I hope no one saw that scene right now” she felt embarrassed. Then, out of nowhere a paper airplane came and hit her head. “Owe!” she looked around and saw no one. She opened the paper airplane and saw a picture of her screaming and hanging off the edge of the cliff. “Okay, who’s there!?” No one answered. Berry is super smart so she studied the picture and what angle the person drew it in. After she figured that out she started to walk to the place.

“Hey get away from me!” said the bush

“Oh my god, it is a talking bush!”

“I am not a talking bush! I am a human being just like you and me!” The bush was just a boy dressed up.

“Oh, well did you draw this picture?”

“What if I did?”

“It looks very nice, but I don’t think it is a good idea to draw someone in an embarrassing moment like this”

“You looked funny in that picture. I like funny pictures”

“So you have more drawings?”

“Why do you care?”

“May I see them?”

“You want to see my pictures? I mean, fine whatever you can see them.” He led Berry to a cottage. Inside there was pictures of pokemon, people and more.

“Wow these are great! They are so cool.”

“Gee, thanks. Someday I am going to travel all around the Poke world and draw different pokemon and people”

“How old are you?”

“I am eight”

“Oh, I am sorry I did not introduce myself to you. My name is Berry from Fuchsia city. I am a pokemon trainer.” She stuck her hand out to shake.

“I am Ray from um… well that doesn’t matter right now” he shook her hand. Berry noticed something of all the pictures.

“Why are all these pictures sad?”

“Well…” Berry also noticed there was a bed and other living supplies.

“You live here don’t you” Ray took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I live here by myself and the pokemon”

“You don’t have to tell me what happened to your parents or anything but I want to know one thing.”

“What is that?”

“I want to know if you want to come on my pokemon journey”

“Really! You would do that for me?!”

“Sure, why not?”

“Oh my gosh I have to pack my bags and say bye to everybody. When are we leaving?”

“How about we leave tomorrow morning?” Ray started to jump up and down all over the place. “I will take that as a yes.

Night time fell fast. The Meowths were purring, the Jigglypuffs were singing and everything was quiet. Berry was sleeping outside cause she loves sleeping under the clouds. I promise under this beautiful night sky that someday I will find my friends, and when that day comes, Ray will be by my side. She thought.
It was a start of a brand new day.
“Ray, are you ready for the big day?” Berry asked all dressed to go.

“You bet I am!” he said in excitement.

“No he isn’t.” A voice from the bush said. Berry and Ray looked around and saw a boy with the letter R on his shirt.

“Team Rocket!” said Berry

“Wow, aren’t you smart? The name is Blasé and don’t forget it”

“What do you want?” asked Ray.

“I want everything you got. Pokemon, money, furniture and stuff like that”

“Well you got to battle me first!” yelled Berry.

“You’re on!”

“Squirtle, I choose you!”

“Go Cubone!” Cubone is a lonely pokemon. It covers its face with a bone helmet so no one has ever seen what it looked like. It is brown (not to be a racist or anything) and holds a bone in its hand.

“Squirtle use tackle!” The turtle pokemon went to hit Cubone when he used a counter attack.

“Use Bone club!” The boney pokemon started to whack Squirtle with his bone.

“Oh no, if I don’t do something fast Cubone’s bone club attack would run Squirtle down of Hp.” Berry thought and thought and finally got an idea. “Squirtle use withdraw!” Squirtle heard what she said and hid into his shell. Cubone began to hit Squirtle’s shell but it wasn’t working.

“Cubone, rage!” A large anger then filled Cubone and let out an attack that hit Squirtle heading towards a tree.

“Squirtle quickly come out and use water gun!” Squirtle came out of his shell and blasted water from his mouth. It was a direct hit! Sadly Cubone wasn’t down yet.

“Cubone use thrash!” Even though Cubone wasn’t dead it was still weak. It was too weak to even lift his hand. “Cubone didn’t you here me? Use thrash!”

“What are you doing? Your pokemon looks like it just came out of the trash can and you still want to battle?!” yelled Ray.

“We team rocket don’t care about the pokemon, we only care about getting strong pokemon.”

“Well that is not funny!”

“Who cares let’s get on with the battle. Cubone, thrash.” Cubone did not do it. Blasé said the same thing repeatedly until Cubone fainted. “Cubone return!” Cubone went back into the pokeball. Before Berry or Ray could do anything Blasé ran into the woods”

“Wow Berry nice battling!”

“Thanks that mean a lot to me. You know that was my first battle” said Berry. With that they walked to the next city together.


Your story has some orginality, but it lacks a lot of description.

Sexy May lover

Ch.5 Jake and Growlithe

It’s was another beautiful day for Milinda. The clouds wee dark, the rain was pouring and she was getting chased by a bunch of grass pokemon. Hey wait, that is not beautiful!

“Help!” she screamed “Help us!”

“Zubat zubat!” cried Milinda’s zubat. A zubat is a poison/flying pokemon. It looks like a blue bat with two points pointing out.

“Hey wait a minute, why are we running for?” she turned around and looked at zubat “zubat use super sonic” Circles came out of zubat’s mouth and went into the pokemon ear. They all became confused and started to attack each other instead of zubat. “Good job “

“Zubat” It started flying around happily as Milinda returned it.

“Wow, aren’t you smart?” said a boy’s voice. Milinda turned around to see a boy. The boy was wearing a red shirt, black pants and gloves with a red hat.

“What do you mean I’m smart?” Milinda asked.

“Well if you are being chased by a bunch of pokemon of course you’re supposed to use your pokemon against it.”

“Well I didn’t think of that. It is hard to think while getting chased away by a bunch of pokemon that I hardly seen before”

“That is how stupid you are. Only wimps run away”

“I am not stupid! I got a 70 percent average!”

“I got a 86 percent average when I was your age so don’t talk”

“Can you prove that?!”

“I can prove it with a pokemon battle”

“Is that a challenge?”

“What do you think genius?”

“Bring it on! We get to play 1 pokemon each. Go Jigglypuff!” Jigglypuff is a ball of fluff that has huge friendly eyes.

“I choose you Growlithe!” The puppy pokemon appeared. It is an orange dog that has black stripes on it.

“Wow a Growlithe, I haven’t seen those before.”

“Growlithe use bite” Growlithe went in to bite Jigglypuff.

“Jigglypuff dodge and then use double slap!” Jigglypuff slapped Growlithe 2, then 4 and 6 times.

“Wow that hurt Growlithe a lot.”

“Jigglypuff hit them with sing!”

“I thought you would never use that attack.” Before Jigglypuff got to use her beautiful voice, Growlithe used a counter attack “Growlithe use roar!” Growlithe roar was louder than Jigglypuff’s singing so he didn’t fall asleep.

“Oh no!”

“Okay that is enough” he returned his pokemon.

“Hey wait the battle is still not over!”

“Well it is for me. It is obvious who is going to loose.”

“What is that supposed to mean”

“The only reason I wanted to battle with you was because when I saw your zubat I figured that you were probably from Mt.Moon. I wanted to experiment if Growlithe’s roar was louder than Jigglypuff’s singing. In the end my hypothesis was correct.”

“Wow you sound very smart, after all”

“Yes I am, aren’t I? I did tell you that before though” he put his hand out to shake “I am Jake from Fuchsia city”

“Hi I am Milinda from Mt.Moon.” She stuck out her hand and they shook. Milinda looked at his Growlithe.

“Why are you continuously staring at my pokemon?”

“I just thought that Growlithe are beautiful pokemon. Mostly there evolved from Arcanine.”

“That is mostly the reason why I caught one in the first place”

“I don’t understand”

“Growlithe and Arcanine are great pokemon when being a coordinator”

“You are a coordinator?”

“Yes I am” He got a box out of his pocket “These were my ribbons” He had two so far. Ribbons are the prizes you win from pokemon contests. They are coloured strings that are tied into a bow.

“They look very good.”

“Thanks a lot”

“They would look even better with me” said a mysterious voice.

“Who said that?” asked Milinda.

“I did” said a boy that had the letter R on her shirt.

“Team Rocket!” both Jake and Milinda yelled.

“Yup and either you give me those ribbons or else”

“And why would we do that?” Jake asked.

“Okay then, you’re not going to give it easily. Hard is what we always do best. Pokemon battle against me and the girl. Whoever wins takes all”

“But it is not a fair battle and…”

“Milinda don’t worry, you’re going to be fine. Just use your Zubat” At this moment Milinda was shivering.

“Fine I will do it. Go Zubat!”

“Finally, go Oddish” Oddish is a two legged pokemon that looks little weed that has grass sticking out of it. “Oddish use poison powder!” Milinda knew, right away, that if that hit Zubat it would get poisoned.

“Zubat blow it away by moving your wings back and forth so the poison powder blows back on to Oddish!” Zubat started to make wind when he started to move his wings.

“Oddish move out of the way!” Oddish moved as quickly as it could.

Milinda saw the team rocket guy’s Oddish. Some poison powder did hit it but it was trying to keep strong. Milinda saw Zubat. It was also poisoned as well. Then Milinda got a plan.

“Zubat use confuse ray.” Vibrating circle came out of Zubat’s mouth to Oddish. Oddish was too poisoned to move.

“Oddish, you idiot, move out of the way!” The team rocket fellow did not notice that Oddish was poisoned. Oddish became confused.

“Good, Zubat. Now get some energy back with leech life!” Zubat went in to suck Oddish’s blood.

“Move!” Before Zubat could even get to Oddish, it had already fainted.

“We won!” Zubat and Milinda started to dance together.

“No this can’t be!” The team rocket guy returned his pokemon. He tried making an escape.

“Oh no you don’t” said Jake blocking him from leaving.

“Yeah we don’t even know your name” said Milinda

“I am not saying my name to no one” The rocket guy said.

“Why not?”

“Say your name or we will get Milinda’s Zubat to use its leech life on you.” Angered Jake. He looked at Milinda’s Zubat then back at him.

“You want to know my name?”

“Yes we do”

“Fine my name is…,” He threw a smoke bomb and flew off on his hot air balloon. “My name is Core!”

“Where did he get that balloon from?” asked Milinda.

“And what kind of name is Core?”

“Yeah, who would want a name that rhymes with door?” They both started laughing.

“That guy has no respect for his pokemon”

“Indeed, he doesn’t”

“Would you like… to come on my pokemon journey?”

“I thought you would never ask!” 

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Ch.6 My scared Caterpie!

Takomi was finally at Viridian city. She and Rage were walking down the road joyfully.

“Well Rage, here we are the Viridian city gym. Do you think we are ready for our very first badge?”

“Char…” Rage said as he started to think.

“Well who cares of your opinion, lets go” Takomi tried to open the door of the gym. “It is not opening”

“Char?” Takomi tried to pull harder but it wouldn’t budge.

“What is going on? Why isn’t the door opening?”

“That is because the gym leader is not here” said an old lady.

“Huh?” Takomi turned around “Excuse me miss?”

“The gym leader, oh what was the name again, oh never mind the name, he has gone out of town for a meeting or something like that.”

“Oh well thanks for telling us”

“Char, Char!” said Rage.

“That is no problem for a young girl like you.”

“Well Rage I guess we need a place to stay” said Takomi

“Char” replied Char

“Oh, you need a place to stay is it?” said the old lady

“Yes we do” answered Takomi.

“Well you can stay at my place”

“We can, really?”

“Sure, why not. Since my kids moved out there are spare rooms for you to use”

“Thanks a lot!”

Takomi was sitting at a table waiting to get some coffee from Beth (the old lady). Takomi noticed there was a bunch of pokemon picture and people all over the walls.

“You sure got a nice house here.” Said Takomi as Beth gave her a cup of coffee.

“Why thank you, I do get that a lot though so don’t push it” Beth said cheerfully. She sat on the seat beside

“Were you a pokemon trainer?”

“I wasn’t but my children were. There in Jhoto now, doing the things they do for a living.”

“Do you have any left over pokemon?”
“Yes, I have a few”

“Wow, this is great coffee”

“Where did you say you were from again and what was your name? I am sorry but I am an old lady as you can see so it is very hard to remember these things.”

“I am Takomi from Pallet town”

“Pallet town… Oh that is where Professor Oak lives”

“Yah, we were family friends.”

“Oh, is that true? Maybe I should send him my Caterpie”


“Yes there she is” Takomi turned around and saw a Caterpie! A Caterpie is green worm that has suction cups for legs. Takomi took out her pokedex:
Caterpie is the worm pokemon. It can climb
On walls and trees due to the suction cups.
It evolves at an early level. If you keep training
it, it will soon become a beautiful butterfree.

“Wow that is so cool”

“I caught it in Viridian forest” Beth explained.

“Your Caterpie looks alright, so why are you going to send her to Professor Oak?”

“Oh it looks alright in all. The only problem is that it is so scared of everything. I thing something happened to it before I caught it. If I give it to Professor Oak maybe he can cure it”

“What a good idea”

“It is scared of everything. Food, baths, paper cut and even other pokemon.”

“Well, how did you find her?”

“Well, I was taking a walk through Viridian forest I suddenly heard a Caterpie’s scream. When I went to check it out I saw this little Caterpie scared to death of looking at a bunch of Kakuna. Of course I had a pokeball with me so I caught it.”

“How… weird”

“When I brought it home it started getting freaked out of all the pictures of pokemon”

“How long had you had her?”

“Well about a week now”

“Maybe it just needs to get out more”

“That is it!”

“What’s it?”
“You are a pokemon trainer”

“I figured that out on the first day”

“No, what I mean is since you’re a pokemon trainer you can have Caterpie, and since you travel around the Kanto Caterpie’s fears will go away.”

“I can?!”

“Yah sure”

“So how about it Caterpie, are you up to the challenge?”

“Cat-ter-pie” it said as it hid behind Beth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Go on Caterpie. Takomi is not going to hurt you” Beth explained.

“I think Caterpie is also afraid of me”

“Is that true Caterpie?” It nodded its head.

“Well then I just have to prove my worth ship. You said that you still have your children’s pokemon so I challenge you to a pokemon battle. If I win I get your Caterpie!”

“Okay I accept your challenge. On one condition, we have it outside because I do not want the carpet to get dirty.” Beth and Takomi went to the back yard to have the battle

“I will choose first” Takomi got her pokeball out “I choose you, Rage!” Her fire pokemon came out happily.

“Oh what shall I choose, there are so many choices. Hey I know what to pick! Go Ivysaur!” The green grass/poison pokemon came out. Ivysaur is a four legged pokemon with a bulb on its head.

“Rage use…”

“I don’t think so!” said a familiar voice. Takomi turned around to see, nothing.

“What was that?”

“That was us” said another familiar voice. Beth was looking up and down to see who was trying to speak to them. Caterpie hid behind Beth in fright. Then two people appeared in front of her.

“Oh great, it is Henry and Hanna!” Takomi crossed her hand in disappointment. “I thought it would be some real bad guys for once.

“We are some real bad guys!” cried Henry.

“Yeah, now we are here for you Charmander again! That Ivysaur and Caterpie would also go nicely as well” said Hanna.

“Well you are not going to get them” yelled Beth.

“Tell that to my pokemon!” she got out her pokeball “Go Koffing!” A Koffing looks like a floating purple ball that has a cross bow on it, and has gas popping out of it. Takomi took out her pokedex to get some info on Koffing.
Koffing, the poison gas pokemon.
It is made up of poisonous gas so
It is able to explode without warning.

“Wow a Koffing! Okay Rage let us do magic!”

“Char Char!” It replied happily.

“Koffing use smokescreen!” ordered Hanna. A black fog suddenly covered the area. The fog was made out of gas and toxic so everybody in the fog was coughing.

“Rage, make some light by using Ember!” Caterpie watched as the fire pokemon shot fire out of its orange mouth.

“Koffing use tackle!” Even though Rage could see thanks to his Ember attack he did not think that Koffing would sneak up behind him. When Takomi saw the fire went out she knew that Rage was hit by Koffing’s tackle. The smoke screen finally cleared.

“Okay I have no choice then. Rage use our favourite attack, now!” Hanna and Henry were wondering was favourite attack were they talking. Rage was building up all of the anger and strength with in him. He started to glow. Caterpie was watching very closely.

“There probably bluffing! Finish them off with tackle.” Koffing was heading in to hit Rage, but he was too late. The attack that Takomi was planning was rage, the attack that blasted off Hanna and Henry last time they bugged Takomi.

“It is time Charmander, use Rage!” Rage attacked Koffing with all of his anger.

“Koffing!” Hanna saw Koffing with only a few hp left.

“Your Koffing is almost dead, give up now”

“Like, I am going to do that!”

“Fine, be that way”

“This is going to be our last and final attack. Koffing finish things off with Self destruct!” Koffing started glowing because it was about to explode.

“Oh no, Rage!” Everything happened so fast. Koffing exploded and it was so powerful that it blasted Team Rocket off. Takomi looked for Rage.

“Rage!?” she called. There in the tree she saw Rage hanging on its tail “Rage, you are okay!” she went under the tree and caught him.

“How did Rage survive the Self destruct attack?” Beth asked. Caterpie was extremely amazed of how much power Rage had.

“I think I know how”

“How then?”

“Well Rage and I did a lot of training before we came to Viridan.”

“What kind of training?”

“Tail training?”
“I don’t understand”

“I taught Rage to dodge opponent’s attacks by springing his tail.”

“So you mean Rage sprang like a spring using its tail?”


“Wow how smart”

“Now don’t we have a battle to go to?”

“Ah yes, the battle for little Caterpie”

“So let us go”

“Cat-ter-pie” said Caterpie as it went to Takomi’s leg.

“What is wrong Caterpie?”

“I think it likes you” said Beth


“I think it accepts you as a trainer seeing the way you and Rage fought”

“So Caterpie are up to the challenge?”

“Ca-prie!” it said.

“Hmm… you need a name.”

“I think Gorgeous” Beth replied.

“Nah, I think your name will be Corage”

Mrs. Ishida

Well, it's originnal, but I am not to impressed with this.

The battle scenes aren't very impressive either. You just tell us the attack ir launched, and it hits. You don't tell us where it comes from, and how it's launched. From the mouth, from the eyes, through the butt?

Description lacks a lot aswell, but too lazy yo tell you everything. In the last chapter, you didn't give us a good description of the old woman. Give us so much description that we can picture the person/pokemon/ etc..

Rigt now, I'd rate it a 1.5/5..


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Fan Fic

I've been reading it lately its pretty good.Dont you think most of the girlz should be co-ordinaters(spelled right?) PLz post the next cappie. How do u make a thread?im so mad cause i dont know how to make one.:mad:
If i had to rate it i would give it a 8.5/10