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September 13th: PM2019 037 - I'm Back! Nice to See You, Alola!

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My guess is that it's going to be a reunion episode with the Alola Team and Mallow, Kiawe, Sophocles, Lana and Kukui set at the Pokemon School as a Surprise. Burnet and the newborn aren't shown but Ash gets told by Kukui as the ending and Ash faints in shock. The only thing that I want to see is Dragonite attempt to hug Melmetal and it can't

But I don't think his Alola Team gets taken. Ash can't bring the Alola team back with him to Kanto but they will be called upon when needed ecause their presently doing their Pokemon Job being the Front line support for Kiawe and Mallow with the Ultra Guardians. If they do get taken back to Kanto I'll be surprised.

I'm still out here waiting for Kiawe to get Ponyta/Rapidash and Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash for Mimo and the fact the farm has no horses.
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Yes, the positioning of this episode definitely changed because of the hiatus. It seems like they definitely wanted that episode on this spot.
I 100% doubt that. If so, this episode would've aired later in the continuity and you're unlikely to see any changes in multiple episodes because they 'want' episodes to align.

Mallow better not get cheated out of screen time for more pointless background fodder captures.

Hope the focus is the returning characters and Bewear/Alola team
Mallow and meaningful screentime: fat chance.

Korrina's Mienfoo evolved to Mienshao, so I do think there will be at least 1 team change for the Alola gang as well. Maybe Lana's Eevee evolved to Vaporeon.
I'm hoping for an Eevee and Farfetch'd evolution while they are in Alola. Maybe Riolu vs. Bea.

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So we're heading for Alola, well at least it's not Brock and Misty again. And at least we don't have to stay in one place for 20 episodes with people who take playing school very seriously.


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I just finished watching sun and moon couple of days before, not much of excitement but I'll be happy if ash takes any of alola Mon with him. Lycanrock could add a type variety in his team.

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I really hope we see Kukui and Burnet's baby, please!
Also, maybe Ash can bring his Alola mons with him to the Sakuragi park, that would be nice.


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Oh man I’m so excited but before I start freaking out haha let me just say that if the anime didn’t go on hiatus for that one month, this episode would've aired 9 months after the Sun and Moon series finale.

I’m so happy that Ash and Goh are going to Alola this early in the series, idk if it’s just me but I do want Goh to feel like Alola is his home too and that he starts to fall in love with the place just like Ash.

So Goh won’t be doing much apart from catching Pokémon and learning about regional forms plus Z-Moves which is good for his development as a rookie trainer. I wanna see how he reacts to Ultra Beasts and the fact that Ash has one on his team lol

I also think that Hala will make a cameo here and try to give Ash some training/sharpening plus a bit of motivation to remind him that he’s still a great trainer and didn’t become the regional champion by luck while he has fun with his classmates as they cheer up.

The only cons I can see is that we probably won’t get to see everyone from the SM series, there’s just too many recurring characters and not enough time to fit in a single episode.

Lillie and her family won’t make a cameo already so I do hope they save her time for later on and try the Mohn plot into the new series.

Burnet may have a child but I think she’ll just show up with a large baby bump and Ash will be so happy that he’s having a “brother” lol, plus I wanna see Ash have a PWC battle in Alola using Incineroar and winning.

Apart from that this episode will probably be a very fun and relaxed one, reminding Ash that Alola is his second home that he can come back to anytime.

A nice bonus would be if that the Manalo Conference was mentioned to take place soon and that Ash would have to defend his title against the new winner, Goh finding out that he’s a regional champion would be pretty amazing lol

As long as we get 2 episodes in Alola (Melemele and Akala islands), it’ll be pretty successful. Eventually I would hope that they do visit underrepresented places in the region so we can see how it’s like.

As for Ash’s Pokémon, I sadly think none of them will be in his rotation for the PWC apart from the occasional battle. Since Melmetal has a GMax form, it looks very likely to be used a lot more in Ash’s future matches.

IMO Greninja and 2-3 other old Pokémon (especially the shillmons) rejoin Ash on his quest to beat Leon and become world champion!

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Nothing says this'll be the only time Ash visits the Alola gang.
Yeah, even if this isn't a two parter Ash and Go will obviously come back at some point. The classmates will get plenty of time to shine.

I'd be more concerned about Lillie or Gladion making a appearance


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Looking forward to the baby and Mallow, don’t really care about anything else

I hope Kukui or Kiawe are part of the PWC and one of them get a quick battle in with Ash
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