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September 23rd: PM2019 126 - Go for Dream! Go's Road to Mew!!

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Why would this being Project Mew mean that Cynthia is beating Ash?
Not many episodes of JN left, moving on to PM might suggest that Ash's battling goal is done for another season.


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No, it’s done because the small and overworked staff are likely at their absolute limit ever since the Master Class started.
I’m at my limit.


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Seriously, WHAT is with these recaps/clip shows SO close together? Even better, why interrupt the M8 Tournament for them?!

I get they might need them to remind people of the character arcs...but a well handled character arc DOESN'T need a whole episode dedicated to it. Though it doesn't help they keep putting said arcs on the backburner for filler faffing. Yet if viewers are invested enough they'll keep up on their own.
And even then there's certainly no reason to interrupt the all important tournament that's the finale of a series long storyline with them... o_O
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I just find it hilarious that THIS particular series series in which the poke girl only has an Eevee and the main companion barely has 2.5 Pokémon that are important, acts like we need a recap vs. I don’t know, May, who had 7 captures, 5 evolutions and two regions to travel through LMAO
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