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September 29th: SM141 - Final Battle! Satoshi VS Kukui!!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Sep 5, 2019.

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  1. Ignition

    Ignition Incineroar wins yet again (proud of my son)

    They’re basically renamed Legends as they practically have all the official “requirements” for being a Legendary. Plus the game’s code puts them in the same category as minor legends like Zapdos and Entei.
  2. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    They're still not Legendaries( also renamed Legends?),like Riley said I think I remember it was officialy confirmed they're not legendaries too. Reality is often disappointing.
    UBs are not regular Pokemon but neither are Legends/Mythical. They're in between.If not then regular Pokemon.
  3. Ignition

    Ignition Incineroar wins yet again (proud of my son)

    Just a bunch of semantics honestly. I’m going with the game’s code and the fact that they’re grouped with Legends in the Pokèdex (not to mention the specific background that special Pokémon have).

    They’re renamed Legends because all of their “unique attributes” are the same to those of Legendary Pokèmon.
  4. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    Game =/= anime, they're not legendary until proven otherwise.I am going with them being just UBs, like there are 4 types: ordinary Pokemon, UBs, Mythicals and Legendaries.
  5. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    Still unsure about Ash using Naganadel since he didn't remotely train it (though it did learn Thunderbolt from Pikachu I guess). Kinda hoping we'll get a bit of limelight in this training sequence like it interacting with Melmetal and Ash getting to grips with its battle style.

    I suppose Ash at least has his team of six for a very little while in Alola.
  6. Ignition

    Ignition Incineroar wins yet again (proud of my son)

    The anime has never changed a Pokèmon’s status though. That train of thought only works for things like the lack of traditional battling from the games as it’d be awkward watching them sit still until their turn is over. Not trying to change how you view them but they’re literally only a different category to make their weirdness stand out more. Calling them regular Legends when the main trio of Alola has the same “backstory” takes away their novelty

    Let’s agree to disagree
    TheWanderingMist likes this.
  7. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    UBs are already weird so it makes sense, that's what they are: designed to be weird. Making them separate group of Pokemon makes way more sense than making them Legendaries or Mythicals.
    Also, you do understand that Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon exist? They're not Legendary but close, same can be said here with UBs.
  8. Ignition

    Ignition Incineroar wins yet again (proud of my son)

    Yeah that’s the point. You only add to the weirdness of their base stats being all prime numbers and their absurd minmaxed stats by having them introduce their own subgroup. But if we’re discussing their strengths in terms of game mechanics, then they’re most definitely Legendary. It’s the same things as a Mythical: literally the only difference between them and Legendary is they’re mostly limited time events
    Anyway, I’m curious to see how much Torracat fairs against his rival. I’ve been waiting for this since SM063 so to finally seeing it in action is exciting
    TheWanderingMist likes this.
  9. Revolver Furious Dragon

    Revolver Furious Dragon Well-Known Member

    I was fully expecting torracat to beat incineroar regardless of whether ash won the match or not. Kukui using incineroar first only supported this in my mind.

    But all the switching confuses me. I can kinda understand the first switch if ash sends out his first Pokémon before kukui I can see him switching to torracat because he knows it wants to face incineroar but then it's switched back to lycanroc. It's a little confusing at the moment so could go either way really.

    My money's on it being switched for lycanroc after it gets Injured but then after lycanroc is defeated it releases itself from the pokeball and insists on fighting. Then either winning or drawing
  10. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    Strength-wise they're closer to Pseudo-Legends than Legendary. Also,I think Mythical Pokemon are rarer than Legendary in anime world. Like there can be like 1-2 Mythical while there can be 5-6 Legendaries.Plus, all UB's are named UB0? And Necrozma/Solgaleo/Lunaala aren't, that means those UB's are their own category different than Legs/myths/regular.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
  11. lolipiece

    lolipiece Ya did good, Twerp. Staff Member Moderator

    So am I weird to think Lycanroc running at Incineroar with a broken Stone Edge shard in its mouth is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the upcoming games/anime?

    Clearly this is foreshadowing Ash will catch a Zacian.
  12. Doppelgänger

    Doppelgänger Superancient Member

    Zacien and Zamazenta are third stage evolutions of Rockruff.
  13. Ash6K

    Ash6K 8D

    So it looks like Ash's first two pokemon are Lycanroc and Torracat with his first pokemon being Lycanroc. I guess what might happen is that Lycanroc is called out first, Ash sees Incineroar get called out, then Ash decides to bring out Torracat only to recall it back after awhile. Or as others have mentioned, Incineroar has Roar. Either way, the first couple events seem to be this:

    Incineroar vs. Lycanroc (Lycanroc recalled)
    Incineroar vs. Torracat (Torracat recalled)
    Incineroar vs. Lycanroc

    My guess for the rest of the match:
    Incineroar vs. Lycanroc (Incineroar wins)
    Incineroar vs. Torracat (Double KO)

    Then episode ends and the next episode will feature the rest of the match.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
  14. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 Neutral force of Meh

    For anyone saying this will end 6-2 or something like that......you know this is a 2 parter, right? I actually remember some people thinking Ash vs Alain would end up like that too, even if it was a 2 parter, and that was dumb as well
  15. Revolver Furious Dragon

    Revolver Furious Dragon Well-Known Member

    Probably the most likely outcome in my opinion. with maybe the very start of the next match here.
  16. AJ97

    AJ97 Member

    Why do you think Torracat would defeat Incineroar? That makes no sense to me. Incineroar is like an elite four tier pokemon in the alola region at least. If Greninja wasn't capable of defeating Charizard X even after losing twice and being able to use the battle bond perfectly, what makes you think torracat would defeat Incineroar?

    Torracat could very well put up a decent fight against Incineroar and lose. The only Pokemon on Ash's current Alola team who should have any chance of defeating Incineroar should be Pikachu. The rest of his team are inexperienced and average. At least if Torracat was his ace like Greninja, Charizard, Infernape, Sceptile etc, it would've made some sense. However, even that isn't the case. Just becauase it has a form of rivalry with Incineroar, doesn't mean it will win.
  17. Decidueye23

    Decidueye23 Well-Known Member

    Well to be fair ash did win the league. So he himself aint weak either. And torracat COULD evolve here, and defeat incineroar. I am not saying it will happen but it is a possibility. I mean we dont know if Ash actually loses this match. He could very well win..
  18. Revolver Furious Dragon

    Revolver Furious Dragon Well-Known Member

    Because everything else has beaten it's rival this league so why wouldn't torracat.

    I don't think or want it to evolve and it doesn't need to in order to beat incineroar.

    Lycanroc is a strong Pokémon. If it can do a decent amount of damage against incineroar I see no reason torracat cant finish it off
  19. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    I'm tempted to think that with Incineroar as the first opponent, we will at least whittle down a bit of Kukui's team, especially since they bothered to establish two of his other Pokemon. Incineroar being shared between Torracat and Ash's league winning ace offers some validity to it being KOed at least.

    Ash will likely lose ultimately to serve as notice that he can still get better despite winning the league, but I get the feeling he'll get SOME way in.
  20. AJ97

    AJ97 Member

    Ash won a league where Team rocket made it to the top 16. Winning the Alola league isn't as big of a feat. Even winning the battle frontier and his performance in the Sinnoh League and his fight against Alain's Charizard X are much higher feats. No reason for Ash to beat Kukui. If they had has bring in his reserves, it would've been a different story. That isn't the case
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