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September 8th: SM138 - The Finals! The Ultimate Rival Showdown!!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Aug 6, 2019.

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  1. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    I'd happily take some Kanto propaganda for once and have Lance show up to destroy worst professor. Been too long since Dragonite's gotten to kick some ass, Charizards always get to.
  2. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    Excuse you, Papa Kukui is amazing
  3. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    Or we can accept the Alola League as an official League and recognize that Ash didn't need to win Leagues to prove himself to anyone.

    I mean it's not like winning the Pokémon League somehow makes you a Pokémon Master.
  4. GarchompChain

    GarchompChain Well-Known Member

    If they come up with some requirements, then I'll consider it a real league.

    I mean, at least have the requirement that you can't enter with Magikarp.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  5. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    Clearing the Grand Trials would be an excellent first step to culling the mess

    Maybe not all four, because 151 trainers? The kahuna wouldn't have time to sleep
    Zoruagible and KenzeyEevee like this.
  7. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    Funny. The last time I heard "real League" was when people disqualify the Orange League for not being a "real" League despite having a Gym Badge Requirement. Thus it stands to reason that any League based on the actual game Leagues is the "real League" no matter what.

    Oh, it seems Gladion is highly dependent on throwing discs to tank Z-Moves. Would be a pity if it doesn't work for the final match.
  8. GarchompChain

    GarchompChain Well-Known Member

    You must be pretty old then. And no anime league is based on the games. In the games you fight the E4 and the champion.

    Besides, at least the Orange league had requirements. As did the Alola league in the games. I don't really understand why it's so hard for you to see the difference.
  9. Revolver Furious Dragon

    Revolver Furious Dragon Well-Known Member

    They couldn't do that. It would be classed as discrimination against magikarp trainers
    Kawaii Emolga and GarchompChain like this.
  10. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    I am older than the Pokémon franchise itself, that is for sure. But my point is to highlight a certain myth that "Ash never wins a Pokémon League."

    I mean, what is a "real" Pokémon League? Is it based on requirements or based on the game region?
    Kawaii Emolga and Spider-Phoenix like this.
  11. GarchompChain

    GarchompChain Well-Known Member

    It's something else for everyone. For me it's a league where not just anyone can enter.
  12. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    Just have challengers attend trials and only those that complete trials can go on to challenge Grand Trials for the stamp of league approval.
  13. pancakemonster

    pancakemonster Does this look like the face of mercy?

    Looking back on the past few big Fujisaku battles, we had Ash sending out Pikachu against a ground type, then Rowlet against its fully evolved evolution, both resulting in unconventional tactics that lead to controversial wins for Ash.

    To one up himself for the league finals, I predict that this time, Ash will go into the battle with no Pokemon at all, and defeat all of his opponents Pokemon with wrestling moves that he learned the night before (revealed via flashback of course). The refs will be mad but Kukui will be forced to allow it as he never specified a rule against it.
    Lightning Bolt and mehmeh1 like this.
  14. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    If we want an conventional tactic for Ash, why not the classic evolution in the middle of a battle? And let's make it a Mythical Pokémon evolution while we're at it (looking at you, Meltan).
    Bortgreen likes this.
  15. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I actually thought this was a preview for the final match and got excited for a moment.
    Kawaii Emolga and KenzeyEevee like this.
  16. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    Yeah and I mean each main rival match had match-ups of which one or both trainers were not familiar with each others Pokémon.

    6: Ash vs Sawyer (Goodra vs Slurpuff)
    5: Ash vs Stephan (Krookodile vs Liepard)
    4: Ash vs Paul (Gliscor vs Drapion)
    2: Ash vs Gary (Charizard vs Blastoise)

    In Gladion's case its Zoroark** (edited) vs Meltan.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  17. Doppelgänger

    Doppelgänger Superancient Member

    I don't think the tactics were the problem there. Especially not versus Mudsdale, which is the silliest 'controversy' in Pokemon history.
  18. pancakemonster

    pancakemonster Does this look like the face of mercy?

    I don't disagree (though I do think using Pikachu there was a shame), but it was controversial nonetheless.
    Kawaii Emolga and KenzeyEevee like this.
  19. Lord Starfish

    Lord Starfish Fond of owls

    You know, I strongly doubt either of those were actually Fujisaku's idea. At least not the Mokuroh VS Ju'niper one. It's not like each episode's scriptwriter is just given a blank page and told "Do whatever", it's more like "Yo Writer, here's the rough outline of what's meant to happen this week. Elaborate."
    Spider-Phoenix likes this.
  20. Revolver Furious Dragon

    Revolver Furious Dragon Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt any capture is going to happen here
    KenzeyEevee likes this.
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