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September 9th: PM2019 124 - The Semifinals III: Valor

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Grass type FTW
Stealth Rock is cool and stuff, but why
A) waiting until the middle of the battle?
B) waste a move like that on Garchomp?

She should have started with Garchomp putting on Stealth Rock and then doing the Spritomb strategy. THAT would have been OP.!
She knew Ash didnt have something to counter Spiritomb in the match up aside from Gengar who is weak to both of Spiritomb's types.
being over confident can turned out to be a mistake.


Deluded Dreamer
Yeah no **** that you didn't literally say it was some Light Yagami plan but describing Stealth Rock as "this is writing heaven, jesus christ Tomioka is pulling all the stops" was so obviously exaggerated as though it was some big brain move. Also, Stealth Rock this late in the battle is more of dumbass move rather than anything tactical. She could've set up Toxic Spikes when she first sent out Roserade as her entry hazard early on. Since her Garchomp is the only one who can use Stealth Rock in her team, it also means she sacrificed an offensive move for it.
Bro I literally explained why I said its writing heaven for me and why I feel Tomoioka is putting out all the stops, it feels like a nice throwback to Paul and I love he introduced entry hazards along with all the other strats he has been having this battle pull out, this WHOLE battle is writing heaven for me, not just the stealth rocks strat. Its literally the most strats ever in a battle besides Paul
And as for Stealth Rock being redundant, I dont think necessairly thats the case but we'll see
People like you really need to get your heads out of your asses because damn do you get worked up seeing anyone appreciate a thing or hype up JN because they like a particular direction
Not open for further replies.