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September Plot Discussion


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'ello, 'ello! It's time for Pokespe SWSH for July! We're back from break!





Peta's back where it belongs, and it seems Mr. Rime wants to go with Soudo. No surprises here.

Meanwhile, Opal and Bede are having a meeting.
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What did he name Mr. Rime?


Just Mega and Giga left.

Also, more Opal is always welcome.

When will "Sword" take on Gordie/Melony already? We NEED to get to Piers soon.


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Opal finishes the chapter saying that Bede has passed. So we're seeing this now and not later like in the game
I'm so glad we are getting more time with this concept !!
The pacing is really slow but atleast it's not like SM where the whole story fell apart thanks to the rushed nature
Man I wish Kusaka would spice up the story. Don’t need a play-by-play of the game. Make some changes. Make Bede a sweetie, make Marnie actually something beyond waifu bait, did well by making Hau more focused on a crush than some dumb hero worship of Leon.

Speaking of which, yay to Mr. Rime. Love that tap dancing clown and more Galar reps!


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Hey lolipiece, I know it has been 11 days already , but is there a rule that only admins can make episode (or in this case, chapter) threads?
If so, then when was it implemented? Because I remember both I and other people made monthly threads from time to time in the past.
And if not, then why was my thread deleted? Because there was plot information there that people who can't read Japanese could have discussed in these 11 days.

Well, I can just write again anyway, specially now that I've read the chapter.

Anyway, I want to include the cheesy joke I started my thread with.
'Ello, 'elo, and ho ho ho! It's time for PokéSpe SwSh for July Christmas.
You know, because Circhester is snowy.

Here's the summary.
Soudo and Shieldmilia arrive at the place she met Peta, which looks like a stage made of ice. As the group of Eiscue carrying the Ultra Ball and cane arrive, other Eiscue, Darumakka, and Mr. Mime. The group of Eiscue release Mr. Rime from his Ultra Ball, and he starts performing. Shieldmilia figures he is a star, the Darumakka and other Eiscue are fans, the Eiscue that brought him are bodyguards, and the Mr. Rime are apprentices. She mentions that years ago, when she came to catch an Eiscue, she saw him performing. She almost froze to death on that day but was saved by the Eiscue in the audience, and that's when she met Peta. Shieldmilia also says that before the Slumbering Weald incident, she used to come here to watch the Mr. Rime show from time to time, and also guesses the Eiscue bodyguards were watching Soudo, and probably Melon too ever since she caught him.

Soudo then notices the Eiscue bodyguards handing the unsculpted cane to Mr. Rime and takes it from him without thinking, which causes the bodyguards to attack him. Peta notices Shieldmilia and the two reunite, and she asks it to protect Soudo from the other Eiscue. Mr. Rime himself attacks Soudo, and he sends Gunbain and Tekkotsun to fight while he finishes the cane's repairs, but Mr. Rime defeats them both. Soudo finishes sculpting the cane and hands it for Mr. Rim to try it, and he does so by hitting Peta on the head, turning it into Noice Face form.

Mr. Rime returns to his performance, bu Soudo notices the rhythm is a few decimal seconds off, and Mr. Rime indicates he's also not satisfied with it, meaning the repair is incomplete. They decide to contact Melon and she arrives with Manabu (Marvin), Magnolia, and Sonia, who tagged with them after making her big discovery. Melon realizes Mr. Rime still hasn't forgiven her. She reveals she also used to occasionally watch Mr. Rime's shows and one day, she decided to catch him and went up the stage in the middle of the show, and battled him while he was unprepared, because she feared she wouldn't be able to meet him again. This caused the cane to be broken. She also believed if she could mend her relationship with Mr. Rime, she could also mend another relationship, referring to her son.

Soudo can't finish the cane's repair in time for the Gym battle, and because Makuwa (Gordie) is sick and in bed, Melon is the only Gym Leader available, but he can't have a serious battle with a Pokémon whose tool he fixed like he wanted. Melon suggests that should keep winning until the Finals so they can have that battle, and that he takes Mr. Rime with him so he can keep repairing the cane.

In the trailer, Sonia tells them about the statues behind the mural. She has started to suspect someone has been trying to hide the two Pokémon so the legendary deeds are attributed only to humans, and found evidence at Bob's Your Uncle. At the restaurant, Sonia shows the tapestry, which Shieldmilia says it looks like it came from a garbage dump and shouldn't be put in a food establishment (which offends the cook). Sonia notices it looks like it was "thrown away, so it wouldn't be part of the legend".

In Ballonlea, Beet shows up to Poplar's (Opal) audition. He says he intended to ignore the letter because he thought it was some kind of sarcasm, but noted the irony that he would only be able to confirm by showing up. Poplar likes his honest bitter words and approves him.

-Howses doesn't appear, so pokesupe29's theory about the man in the preview was wrong. He could still be an easter egg.
-We also see Melon's other kids. Yeah, I knew it! Besides them Yarrow's (Milo) brother, is there any other design sheet exclusive relative? If not, we're only missing Peony's wife, who'll only cameo whenever we get to Crown Tundra content.
-So, Beet was approved. Is Beet a Gym Leader now? Or is Poplar going to test him, or something.
-There's a mistake in this chapter: Tekkotsun is referred to by his species name rather than nickname. Hopefully they fix it in the volumes.

The mural finishing breaking offpanel is not something I was expecting. What was the point of not showing it breaking back then if the moment that happens is not going to be changed? Are we getting a Sonia-focused chapter for that in the full volumes?

Melon is probably not going to use Mr. Rime, and Peta existing probably means she won't have an Eiscue. Based on her team in the games, and the fact the Gym Battles have been 3-on-3 since Stow-on-Side, her Pokémon should be Darumakka, Frosmoth, and Lapras.

As I mentioned in the previous thread, volume 3's preview for the next chapters mentions the following:
-Soudo's resolve!!
-The secret of Dynamax is revealed!!
-The Gym Challenge's future...
-And finally, the Darkest Day... Arrives!!!

The last point might be what happens at the end of the volume. People on 5ch have mentioned that in both XY and SM we have something important happening on volume 3 or 4. I don't remember exactly what they said because it has been months since I read it, but checking back, both arcs have a big turning point in volume 4: XY's volume 4 ends with the Ultimate Weapon being fired, and SM's ends with Sun and Moon being trapped in Ultra Space and a 6-month time skip.

The Darkest Day might be that turning point. And, as I speculated in the last thread, it actually might refer to Pokémon Dynamaxing everywhere, and not Eternatus. Because, really, Eternatus can't appear before the League, and I'm not sure we'll even be done with Spikemuth by this volume's end. I mean, look, volume 4 should go up to chapter 25, based both on SM and the past SwSh volumes having 6 chapters. This gives us:
-20: This chapter.
-21: Gym Battle starts. Maybe something with Beet and Poplar too.
-22: Gym Battle ends. Probably.
-23: ??
-24: ??
-25: ??
Hop still has to show up in Circhester, because so far everyone has appeared in the same places they do in the games, but that can probably happen in 21 or 22. And in Spikemuth we don't have just a Gym Battle, we also have a confrontation with Team Yell, which might take at least one chapter. Not only that, but based on how things have played out so far, Mega, who should be next if they're really going with the order their names were first said, might show up in the path to Spikemuth.

If Mega shows up, there's no way the Spikemuth Gym Battle is finished in volume 4. So, I think we'll get Pokémon Dynamaxing everywhere as a replacement for the Route 9 Tunnel event, which we already covered, and it might happen before the Gym Battle. This might be where the volume ends, and with Kibana (Raihan) previously saying he was going to contact Nezu (Piers), volume 5 might start with Nezu telling the Magnolia crew what he knows, or telling Soudo "beat me and I tell you".

But anyway, regardless of how it happens, I legit think we'll getting Pokémon randomly Dynamaxing as the "Darkest Day", and the postgame story being mixed with the main story. Because, honestly, with Sonia already figuring the legendary cover up, Swod and Shildy have to appear soon. They're already taking longer to appear than both Esprit (Essentia) in XY and Handsome (Looker) and Lila (Anabel) in SM.

So, with this pacing, we might be done with Gyms in volume 5, and start the League in volume 5 or 6. With everything we have to cover then, with the Tournament, Eternatus appearing, finding the Rusted weapons, awakening the wolves, the big fight, and whatever the royal twins do, guys, the writing is on the wall here, there's no way this arc ends in 2022. And before you panic over another B2W2 situation, let me bring up some things:
-The chapter where the third Kalos Pokédex was destroyed was published in November 2014, the same month ORAS came out. This suggests Kusaka already knew there would be no Z game.
-Chapter 38 was published in Shogaku 4's May 1998 issue. While I can't find a date, this page, and the fact chapter 1 is from an April issue (which we know was published on March 3), make me believe it was published on April. Why I'm bringing this up? Because in this chapter Red promises to be a Gym Leader, and we know from beta leaks Red was going to be a Gym Leader.

That first page I just linked also mentions that Kusaka planned the RGB arc was planned to last one year over 3 magazines with 36 chapters total to coincide with the release of Pokémon 2, and when that was delayed in the end of 1997, they rushedly expanded it. While the page doesn't cite sources (Kibou's PKSpedia is not a Wiki), that is consistent with the fact GS was originally intended to release on late March 1998.

Many people believe Gen 9 is coming on late 2022 because of Legends Arceus's early 2022 release date and both Gen 6 and 7 lasting 3 years. I, however, believe late 2022 is for LA DLC. I've said before that I don't think Game Freak can handle both LA, their first ever open world game, and Gen 9, which would require a completely new region, lots of new designs, and maybe need to look better than SwSh to feel like an upgrade. In fact, since they went the unprecedented route of outsourcing BDSP, which seems to be an 1:1 3D recreation of DP, at least in terms of the map, I think LA alone is already making their hands full.

So, I really don't think Gen 9 is coming in 2022, and, in my opinion, this arc's current pace proves it. Kusaka doesn't seem to be in any rush to finish SwSh in 2022, and that implies he knows he has no reason to finish it in 2022. Let's go back to the XY and that November 2014 chapter. Up until that point, Kusaka was doing what he did with every other arc: The characters were going from location to location following nearly the same order as the games. Following that chapter, there was a quick transition from "let's follow the game's order" to "let's invade Team Flare's HQ", with the Sky Battle that ends in Cyllage and the forest battle being that transition. Kusaka accelerated the plot to get to the climax faster.

And SM was a BIG RUSH after the Iki Town tournament. Seriously, they even skipped Ilima and arguably the entire Island Challenge. It's almost like Gen 7 was also shortened midway (cancelled DP remakes?). Meanwhile, SwSh shows a lack of urgency in finishing the story, almost like it's supposed to take time. And since Kusaka apparently knows when he's supposed to start the next region's arc, I think we're supposed to trust him, and this slowness might actually be indicative of Gen 8 actually being longer than 6 and 7 were. Perhaps we're back to 4 year-long Generations.

What did he name Mr. Rime?
He didn't.
Based on his naming scheme, it should be Sutekkin or Tsuen. I've been betting on Sutekkin because "sutekki" is the word used for his cane in both chapter 19 and volume 3, but at the same time, it sounds too similar to Stickun to me.

On the other hand, considering Mr. Rime is only along for the cane fix, and is supposed to be on Melon's team for the Finals, it is essentially a borrowed Pokémon, like RURU in RS. And if it's not a permanent member of Soudo's team, then it might not get a name at all, because it'll go back to Melon at the end of the arc, and we won't see Soudo with him in the Sharp Sword and Round Shield arc in 2040 or whatever other arc he shows in between now and then.

When will "Sword" take on Gordie/Melony already? We NEED to get to Piers soon.
And we will. When Kusaka wants. I'm sure we have enough time until Gen 9.


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This was a fun chapter. Sou going from ultra chill to an absolute nutjob when it comes to gear is really funny to me for some reason. And Schilly almost freezing to death because she was too excited with the show just sounds like something she'd do. What a pair of weirdos.