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Serebii, Coronis & PK's DP Discovery Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Serebii, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Several things which I constantly get PMs about:

    1) The two 'new' natures which were noted from Japanese sites before the games' release - as far as I can see, neither of these natures exist, and I can't find any current Japanese sites that document them either. So most likely it was a rumour (or prank) posted by the Japanese websites during the pre-release time.

    2) In the Pokemon Mansion, two maids block the left and right exits of the building, and there have been heavy speculations on where they lead to. Recently, one of the Japanese sites posted up a short video on a hacked game which had the maids removed, but those 'exits' aren't actually accessible even without someone blocking them. So the conclusion is they are only for decorative purposes.

    3) There are have speculations on how Arseus's unknown variant was unlocked. Well, I've tried making it hold various either items, and none seem to trigger that form. I tried using moves that tamper with its ability (e.g. Skill Swap, Digestive Juice) during battles, and apparently, none of these moves can affect Arseus.

    4) Feebas are caught in Tengan Mountain, in the mist-filled lake, and just like in RSE, there are only selected fishing spots in that lake where Feebas are found. I don't know the exact number of fishing spots though. Some say it's 6 like before, and some say there's only 1, since that lake isn't really that big.

    5) By now you should have known that there are a total of 5 side characters who would pair up with you in specific locations along the game, during which even wild pokemons you encounter will be in double battles. Many wonder where they've gone since you don't seem to see them again. It turns out that in the Battle Tower, when you pick the double battle option, these 5 characters will be waiting to pair up with you in the Battle Salon, just like the Battle Tower in Emerald. The only difference is these people have actual backsprites now, so you won't have that weird front sprite VS front sprite battle screens.

    6) Explanation on some of the unobtainable key items:

    a) Red Chain - this is the item Team Galaxy created from the Legendary trio by chaining up their jewels. It lifts the seal on Dialga/Palkia on Tengan Mountain, and thus allows the boss of Team Galaxy to awaken those creatures. It is an in-game item alright, just not accessible to the player, like the Red and Blue Orbs in Emerald.

    b) Volcanic Rock - when you do the Hard Mountain quest, the red haired girl Bagu snatches this item from the Hard Mountain, believing that by obtaining such a rare item in such a perilous area, she has proven herself to be strongest trainer in the world. Unfortunately, this act awakens Hiidoran. Again, another in-game item that the player isn't supposed to get.

    c) Treasure Sack - this is actually an automatic function when you go underground. Guess this item was initially planned to hold the treasures, but Gamefreak changed their plans and simply made it an automatic option in the underground world.

    d) Contest Pass - for some reason you don't need the Contest Pass to attend the super contests (actually, I don't think you need this either in Emerald), so this is likely another redundant key item.

    e) Sticker Sack - actually a duplicate of the Sticker Box, possibly another redundant item.

    f) Boat Ticket - this is probably the only inexplicatble item since it is described to be a ticket for S.S. Anne. Not sure on this one since S.S. Anne has not been referenced at all in D/P as far as I can recall.

  2. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Some Pokedex entries of the legendary pokemons for your interest. Note that except for pokemons in the 150 Shinou dex (plus Manaphy, Darkrai, Sheimi and Arseus), all the other pokemons, old and new, have identical Pokedex entries in Diamond and Pearl.

    480 Yuxie
    D – It is called the god of knowledge. It is said to possess the power to erase the memory of those who have seen it.
    P – It is said that the wisdom to enrich people’s life was born through the birth of Yuxie.

    481 Emrit
    D – It taught humans the pain of sorrow as well as the treasure of joy. It is called the god of emotion.
    P – Although it slumbers at the bottom of the lake, its spirit is said to leave its body and flitter on the water surface.

    482 Agnome
    D – It is called the god of will. It sleeps continuously at the bottom of the lake to maintain the world’s balance.
    P – Yuxie, Emrit and Agnome are believed to be born from the same egg.

    483 Dialga
    D – It possesses the power to control time. It appears in Shinou myths where it is depicted as a god.
    P – Dialga bears the legend that time began to flow at the moment it was born

    484 Palkia
    D – It is depicted in Shinou myths to be a god who possesses the power to distort space
    P – It is said to live in the gaps of space which are aligned in parallel. It is a pokemon that appeared in myths.

    485 Heatran
    D/P – It lives at the crater of a volcano. It crawls around by digging its cross-shaped claws deep into the walls or ceilings.

    486 Regigigas
    D/P – A legend which has been passed down says this pokemon dragged a continent into movement by pulling onto a rope

    487 Giratina
    D/P – This pokemon is said to live beyond the mortal’s world. It appears in ancient graveyards.

    488 Creceria
    D/P – Light particles are given off by its veil-like feathers when it flies. It is referred to as the embodiment of the crescent moon.

    489 Phione
    D/P – This pokemon lives in warm seas. It inflates the bladder on its head and drifts between waves to search for food.

    490 Manaphy
    D – It is born at the bottom of cold seas. It swims a long way to return to the ocean where it is born.
    P – 80 percent of its body is water. A pokemon whose body condition is highly susceptible to the influence of its surrounding environment.

    491 Darkrai
    D – It possesses the power to lure people into deep sleeps and show them dreams. It is active on nights of the new moon.
    P – It is rumoured that on moonless nights, Darkrai shows horrible dreams to people.

    492 Sheimi
    D – Although it lives in flower fields, it curls its body up like a flower and therefore people seldom pay notice even when they see it.
    P – It has the power to decompose the toxins in the air and turn the land into flower fields in an instant.

    493 Alseus
    D – It is portrayed in myths as the pokemon who created the universe with 1000 arms.
    P – It is described in myths as the first pokemon being born when the universe is still in the state of complete emptiness.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2006
  3. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Starters of Shinou for today, and those of our good old legendaries:

    387 Naetle
    D – The shell on its back which is made of soil grows even stronger when it absorbs water. It lives in areas that are close to lakes.
    P – It makes oxygen by carrying out photosynthesis with its whole body. The leaf on its head will wilt if it becomes thirsty.

    388 Hayashigame
    D – It lives along water sides in forests. During daytime, it goes outside of the forests to let the trees on its shell take in sunlight.
    P – Its shell is strengthened by soil. There are also pokemon who come to eat the seeds which have already grown into trees.

    389 Dodaitoise
    D – There are occasions when small pokemon will gather and start building their nests on the shell of a Dodaitosu that is not moving.
    P – Moving forests are actually herds of Dodaitosu who are migrating to search for water.

    390 Hikozaru
    D – It climbs up cliff walls agilely and lives on top of rock mountains. Its flame goes out when it is asleep.
    P – The gas produced in its stomach acts as fuel to the flame on its tail. The flame doesn’t go out even in rain.

    391 Moukazaru
    D – By extending the flame on its tail to make its body look bigger, it scares off its attacking foes.
    P – It saunters in midair using ceilings and walls. The flame on its tail is also one of its weapons.

    392 Goukazaru
    D – Using its two hands and two feet, it pulls off special fighting moves. Its flame will not go out throughout its whole life.
    P – Just like the flame burning on its head, this pokemon has a fiery personality. It will not lose to anyone when it comes to speed.

    393 Pochama
    D – It has great pride and hates to accept food from people. Its long down keeps it from the cold.
    P – It lives along the shoreline of northern countries, and is very adept in swimming. It is able to dive into waters for more than 10 minutes to retrieve food.

    394 Pottaishi
    D – Each colony is founded by one of its kind only. Each Pottashi considers itself to be the greatest one.
    P – A single strike from its wings can be deadly, even big trees will be bent with a snap. It searches for prey in frozen seas.

    395 Emperte
    D – The 3 horns extending from its beak are a symbol of power. The leader’s horns are the biggest of all.
    P – It swims with a speed that cannot be beaten by jet skis. The edges of its wings are cut from sharp glacier ice.

    144 Articuno
    D/P – A legendary bird pokemon. It can freeze the water content in the air to create blizzards.

    145 Zapdos
    D/P – A legendary pokemon that is said to live inside thunder clouds. It can freely control thunder.

    146 Moltres
    D/P – One of the legendary bird pokemons. It is said that spring will soon arrive if Moltres shows itself.

    150 Mewtwo
    D/P – It is born through the manipulation of Mew’s genes. It is said to possess the most ferocious heart among all pokemon.

    151 Mew
    D/P – Many scholars regard it as the ancestor of pokemon since it can use all known moves.

    243 Raikou
    D/P – It is said to have landed together with a thunder. It is able to make thunder from the rain cloud on its back.

    244 Entei
    D/P – It is said that every time Entei roars, a volcano erupts somewhere in the world.

    245 Suicune
    D/P – It travels across the world to purify polluted water. It moves together with the north wind.

    249 Lugia
    D/P – It slumbers at the bottom of a deep trench. It is said that when Lugia flaps its wings, there will be a non-stop storm that goes on for 40 days.

    250 Ho-oh
    D/P – It possesses seven-coloured wings. It is said that those who see Ho-oh are promised an eternal happiness.

    251 Celebi
    D/P – It uses its powers to travel across time. It is said that it only shows itself during eras of peace.

    377 Regirock
    D/P – Its entire body is composed of rock. Even when its body is damaged in a battle, it heals itself by patching up rocks to the wounds.

    378 Regice
    D/P – Its body is made of ice from the Ice Age. It controls cold air that is minus 200 degrees.

    379 Registeel
    D/P – There is no way to cause a single scratch to its metal body which has been strengthened by the underground pressure for several ten thousand years.

    380 Latias
    D/P – It possesses the ability to make itself invisible by wrapping its entire body in light refracted by its feathers.

    381 Latios
    D/P – A pokemon with high intelligence. When it folds its arms, it can fly with a speed surpassing that of a jet plane.

    382 Kyogre
    D/P – It is said that it expanded the sea by its power to summon the rain. It slumbers at the bottom of a trench.

    383 Groudon
    D/P – A pokemon which slumbered in the underground magma after its deadly fight with Kyogre long ago.

    384 Rayquaza
    D/P – It cannot be seen from ground level since it lives far up above the clouds in the ozone layer.

    385 Jirachi
    D/P – It is said to use its power to fulfill any wish within the 7 days it awakens every 1000 years.

    386 Deoxys
    D/P – A pokemon that is born through the mutation of the DNA of a space virus which is attached to a meteor.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2006
  4. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Here are the dex entries for all the remaining 4th generation pokemons :

    396 Mukkuru
    D – These pokemon move in numerous flocks. Their bodies are small, but their wings are very strong
    P – Usually living in flocks, this pokemon becomes not as prominent when it is alone. Its cry is very noisy.

    397 Mukubird
    D – They hover over forests or plains to hunt for bug pokemon. These pokemon move in big flocks.
    P – These pokemon reside in forests or plains. When two groups of Mukubird meet up, they will set up their own territories and start competing.

    398 Mukuhawk
    D – A pokemon with a fierce nature. It will boldly challenge foes even if they are bigger than it is.
    P – The muscles on its wings and feet are so powerful that it can still fly comfortable even when it is gripping small pokemon in its claws.

    399 Bipper
    D – It has bold nerves which makes it undisturbed by anything. It acts quickly despite its appearance.
    P – It sharpens its upper fangs by constantly gnawing on big trees or stones. It builds its nest and lives near the water side.

    400 Beadull
    D – It builds its home by blocking rivers with dams made by berry trees or mud. It is known to be a hard worker.
    P – It moves in a relaxed manner above ground, but its swimming speed rivals that of Feebas

    401 Koroboshi
    D – It shakes its head back and forth, beating its feelers together to make xylophone-like sounds.
    P – It generates sounds by beating its feelers together to communicate with its companions. These sounds are compared to the poetry of the autumn scenery.

    402 Korotok
    D – It crosses its knife-like arms in front of its chest when it cries. It makes impromptu melodies.
    P – It shows its emotions through melody. Scholars are researching into the formulae of its melody.

    403 Kolink
    D – Its entire body flashes when it detects danger. It grabs the chance to escape when the foe is temporarily blinded.
    P – Its front legs possess structures that generate electricity when it moves its muscles. Its entire body flashes at times of danger.

    404 Rukushio
    D – An electric current which is able to faint in one shot flows out from its claws. It lives in groups consisting of several members.
    P – It touches the body of its companions with its front legs. It expresses its emotions through the electric rhythm flowing out from its claws.

    405 Rentorer
    D – It has eyes which can see through everything. It spots and catches prey hiding in shadows.
    P – When its eyes flashes gold, it can spot prey hiding on the other side of the wall.

    406 Subomie
    D – In winder, it survives the cold by closing its bud. When spring arrives, it opens up its bud to disperse pollens.
    P – It spends time in the area around the pond where it resides. It disperses pollens which induce powerful sneezes and nasal secretions in others.

    407 Roserade
    D – It lures with sweet scent, and kills with the thorns inside the bouquets of its two arms.
    P – With its dancer-like body movements, it attacks by whipping its throns which are densely grown with poison needles.

    408 Zugaidos
    D – It lives in dense forests about 100 million years ago. Its skull bone is hard like iron.
    P – An ancient pokemon revived from a iron ball like fossil. It kills prey with its headbutt.

    409 Rampard
    D – Its fierce headbutt attacks have the power to shatter anything in one hit no matter how tough they are.
    P – Its skull bone is hard like iron. A mischievous being who catches prey by knocking down and flattening trees in the jungle.

    410 Tatetops
    D – A pokemon that lives in dense forests about 100 million years ago. The skin on its face is very hard.
    P – It has the habit of polishing its hard face by rubbing against the trunk of big trees. It is weak against attacks that come from behind.

    411 Tridetops
    D – It can deflect any attack that comes from the front. It eats grass or berries, and has a gentle nature.
    P – Under the siege of enemies, it creates a defensive wall with the shield on its face to protect the children in its herd.

    412 Minomucchi
    D – To protect itself against the cold wind, it makes a coat from materials like twigs or fallen leaves to cover its body.
    P – After its coat is destroyed in a battle, it immediately creates a new one with the materials available nearby.

    413 Minomadam
    D – When it evolved from Minimucchi, its coat became part of its body. The coat will not come off in its entire life.
    P – Its body changes upon evolution depending on its location. The materials around it will become part of its body.

    414 Garmeil
    D – It loves flower honey. It snatches honey collected by Mitsuhoney to eat.
    P – It does not have a fixed habitat. It flies continously across the countryside searching for its favourite flower honey.

    415 Mitsuhoney
    D – A pokemon which is made up of 3 individuals. It diligently collects sweet honey from flowers for Beequeen.
    P – It carries the collected honey back to its living place. At night, many Mitsuhoney pile up to form a beehive and sleep.

    416 Beequeen
    D – Its body became the hive of the young ones. It nurses the young ones with the honey collected by Mitsuhoney.
    P – At times of danger, it retaliates by sending out young ones from the 6 hive openings. There is only one Beequeen in each colony.

    417 Patchirisu
    D – It hides its favourite berries together with fur balls that are stored with static electricity in tree holes.
    P – The electricity generated in the electric pouches on its cheeks is discharged from its tail. It lives on top of trees.

    418 Buoysel
    D – The floater around its neck stores air and inflates like life saver. It floats with its head above the water surface.
    P – It swims by spinning its two tails like a screw. It deflates its floater when it swims.

    419 Floatsel
    D – It floats with its well developed floater. This pokemon is known to assist in saving drowning people.
    P – Its internal floaters are well developed for it to chase after prey in the water. It carries people around like a rubber boat.

    420 Cherrinbo
    D – The nutrients needed for evolution are stored inside the smaller berry. It is very sweet and very delicious.
    P – It reddens and ripens under the light of the sun. It is close to evolution when the smaller berry which is filled with nutrients begins to wilt.

    421 Cherrim
    D – It blossoms when the sunlight is strong. It releases the pent up anger during the state of a flower bud in one go.
    P – It is gentle when it is a flower bud, but it is always smiling when it opens up its flower. It returns to being a flower bud when the sun sets.

    422 Karanakushi
    D – It is known to have different appearance and colour depending on its habitat. Two forms have been confirmed to exist in the Shinou region.
    P – It lives near the water side.The appearance of its body changes to suit the environment of its habitat.

    423 Tritodon
    D –It has a soft and boneless body. Its damaged body parts heal and recover immediately.
    P – Long ago, it used to have a tough shell to protect its body. It lives along shoals of the sea.

    424 Eteboth
    D – It uses its two tails to skillfully extract berries from their shells and eat them. Because of this, it seldom uses its real arms anymore.
    P – These pokemon move in big tribes. They make rings by connecting their tails together. It is a symbol of friendship.

    425 Fuwante
    D – This pokemon is born from the solidification of the souls of humans and pokemon. It likes damp seasons a lot.
    P – It tries to bring children to the underworld by pulling onto their hands, but it gets swung around instead.

    426 Fuwaride
    D – It floats in a half asleep state during the day, but moves in big groups during the night. No one knows where their destination is.
    P – Humans and pokemon ride on it to fly, but it is solely carried by the current of the wind and no one knows where the destination will be.

    427 Mimirol
    D – It vigorously extends its rounded ears to slam them into the foe. Even adults will jump in pain.
    P – Its two ears stand up in alert when it detects danger. It digs its face into its fur to sleep on cold nights.

    428 Mimilop
    D – A very wary pokemon. When it sense danger, it covers its body with the fur at the fluffy tips of its ears.
    P – It always tends to its fur at the tip of its ears. It loves tidiness and never neglects self-care. It jumps and runs with lightness.

    429 Mumage
    D – After hearing its cries which sound like spells, the foe will suffer from headaches and hallucinations.
    P – A pokemon that recites spells. While some spells are for torturing the foe, there are also ones for happiness.

    430 Donkarasu
    D – It becomes active when night falls. It is known to bring numerous Murkrows with it to create a flock.
    P – It makes its Murkrow underlings bring food to it while it spends its time tending to its feathers in its own lair.

    431 Nyarmar
    D – Although it flashes its claws when it dislikes something, it is loved for its nature of occasionally extending its neck to charm.
    P – It puts its foe into a mild hypnotic state with its sharp gaze. A very quirky pokemon.

    432 Bunyat
    D – It will indiffferently enter the homes of other pokemon and brazenly make it its own sleeping place.
    P – In order to make its body appear bigger to predominate its foe, it squeezes its waist tightly with its forked tail.

    433 Lisyan
    D – It emits cries by shaking the circlar orbs around its neck. It moves by bouncing lightly.
    P – It emits a ringing sound every time it bounces. It deafens its foe with cries of very high frequencies.

    434 Skunpuu
    D – It protects its body by shooting off a secretion from its rear which is very foul smelling. The stink will not go away in 24 hours.
    P – From its rear, it gives off a liquid with a terrible odour which irritates one’s nose to ward off enemies from a distance.

    435 Skutank
    D – It attacks by shooting off a foul smelling secretion from the tip of its tail. Its shooting range is over 50 meters.
    P – It shoots off a secretion with a terrible odour from its tail. The longer this secretion is processed in its stomach, the more foul the smell becomes.

    436 Domirror
    D – Items that highly resemble Doomirror have been unearthed at old graveyards, but their relationship is unknown.
    P – X-ray imaging was used to investigate the structure of its body. However, the X-ray failed to capture anything at the end.

    437 Dotakun
    D – The incident of a Dootakun that has been sleeping for more than 2000 years being unearthed at a construction work site became big news.
    P – It possesses moves to summon rainclouds and cause rain to fall. It was respected as the god of harvest by the people in the past.

    438 Bonsly
    D – Although it always appears to be crying, it is actually secreting tears to regulate the water content in its body.
    P – It likes dry places. It regulates the water content of its body by secreting tears through its eyes.

    439 Mime Jr.
    D – It has the habit of mimicking its foe’s movements. It is said that the mimicked foe is unable to look away.
    P – It likes places where people gather. It confuses its foe by mimicking their movements impeccably, and uses the chance to escape.

    440 Pinpuku
    D – It likes white round objects. It imitates Chansey and carries around a stone which is very similar to an egg.
    P – It puts the egg-like Round Stone into the pouch in front of its stomach. It will give the stone to opponents that it likes.

    441 Perap
    D – It learns people’s words. When several of them gather in one place, they all learn the same words.
    P – It beats off a rhythm by swinging its tail left and right like a metronome. It mimicks people’s words.

    442 Mikaruge
    D – A pokemon born from the assembly of 108 spirits. It is sealed in the cracks of the Crucial Stone.
    P – 500 years ago, it was sealed into the cracks of the Crucial Stone due to the bad things it did.

    443 Fukamaru
    D – It lives in small tunnels of caves. It swiftly jumps out to catch prey when they come near.
    P – It once lived in tropical lands. In order to escape from the cold, it lives close to the heat from the ground in warm caves.

    444 Gabite
    D – It is believed since ancient times that medicine made from the scales of Gabaito can heal incurable diseases.
    P – It has the habit of collecting dug up gemstones in its lair. Thiefs who try to steal them will not be seen or heard of again.

    445 Gabarias
    D – It looks like a jet plane when it folds up its body and extends its wings. It can fly at the speed of sound.
    P – It flies with a speed not falling behind that of a jet battle plane. Foes which it has targetted won’t be able to escape.

    446 Munchlax
    D – For once each day, it eats an amount of food that is equivalent to its body weight in one go. It’s almost as if it swallows everything in one bite.
    P – It has the habit of hiding food under its long body fur. However, it tends to forget about the hidden food.

    447 Riolu
    D – It calls out to its companions with the pulses given off from its body when it is scared, sad or in danger.
    P – It has a flexible but tough body. It can cross 3 mountains and 2 valleys in one single night.

    448 Lucario
    D – It possesses the power to pick up the pulses given off by all things. It can understand the human speech.
    P – By picking up the pulses given off by its foe, it can read their thoughts and movements.

    449 Hippopotas
    D – It lives in dry lands. This pokemon secretes sand particles from its body instead of sweat.
    P – It bathes its body with sand to protect itself against germs. It cannot handle getting wet by water.

    450 Kabarudon
    D – It blows out the sand stored within itself through the holes on its body to create huge twisters for attack purposes.
    P – Its big mouth has a diameter of 2 meters. It possesses the destructive power to crush a motor car with a splat.

    451 Scorpi
    D – The claw on its tail clamps onto prey to inject poison. It will stubbornly not let go of its grip until the poison takes effect.
    P – It lives in dry lands. It digs holes on sandy grounds and hides in them to wait for its prey.

    452 Dorapion
    D – The claws on its two arms have the destructive power to scrap down motor cars completely. The tips of its claws secrete poison.
    P – Its entire body is covered by a durable shell. Being able to turn its head 180 degrees, it does not have any blind spots.

    453 Guregguru
    D – It has poison pouches in its cheeks. It stabs its fingers which are oozing with a powerful poison into the unguarded areas of its foe.
    P – It makes an unplesant sound by inflating and deflating its poison pouches. Its aim is to frighten the foe.

    454 Dokurog
    D – The spikes on its fists secrete a powerful poison which can be life threatening even through a simple scratch
    P – It transports the powerful poison produced in its poison pouches to the spikes in its fists through the ducts in its arms.

    455 Muskippa
    D – It lures prey into its big jaws with its saliva which has a sweet smell, then crunches down on them. It eats the prey within one day.
    P – A plant that must move around by entangling its tentacles on tree branches. It gaps open its big mouth to wait for its prey.

    456 Keikouou
    D – When it is showered with lots of sunlight, the pattern on the fins of its tail deepens and shines with a sharper colour
    P – The way it swims by flapping its two fins earned it the alternate name Beautifly of the Sea.

    457 Neorant
    D – It lives at the bottom of deep seas. It lures its prey by flashing the patterns on its four fins.
    P – In order not to be spotted by its natural enemy, it uses the two fins on its chest to reach and move at the bottom of the sea.

    458 Tamanta
    D – It uses its two feelers to catch the planktons floating in the sea water. This pokemon adores people.
    P – Scholars have discovered in their researches that the special pattern on this pokemon’s back varies with the region it lives in.

    459 Yukikaburi
    D – It lives in snow mountains. Only rarely does it go near the scarcely encountered humans.
    P – When spring comes, berries that feel like ice candies will grow around its stomach.

    460 Yukinooh
    D – It lives in the perpetually snowing mountains where it starts up blizzards. It is actual identity of the abominable snowman.
    P – It starts blizzards to turn its surroundings into pure whiteness. Its other name is the Ice Monster.

    461 Weavile
    D – This pokemon lives in cold regions. Working in groups of 4 or 5, they chase down the prey with brilliant teamwork.
    P – It uses its sharp claws to carve out mysterious patterns on trees or on ice surfaces to communicate with its companions.

    462 Jibacoil
    D/P – It evolved from Magneton under the influence of a special magnetic field. It gives off magnetic force via its three units.

    463 Berobelt
    D/P – It wraps anything with its rapidly extending tongue. One who approches it carelessly may result in getting covered in its sticky saliva.

    464 Dosidon
    D/P – It stuff rocks into the holes in its palms, then shoots them out with the power of its muscles. On rare occasions, it will fire off Geodudes.

    465 Mojumbo
    D/P – It extends its arms and shoots out vines of plants to entangle its prey. It isn’t concerned even if its arms are eaten.

    466 Elekible
    D/P – It attacks by plugging the tips of its 2 tails into the foe, and releasing an electric current that is higher than 20,000 volts.

    467 Booburn
    D/P – It shoots out fire balls which are 2000 degrees Celsius from the tips of its arms. It lives in the crater of volcanoes.

    468 Togekiss
    D/P – It will not appear in places where disputes are started. It has not been seen lately.

    469 Megayanma
    D/P – When it flaps its wings, the shockwaves created causes lethal damages to the internal organs of the foe’s body.

    470 Leafia
    D/P – In order to carry out photosynthesis like a plant, Leafia’s surroundings are filled with clean air

    471 Glacia
    D/P – The hair over its entire body are frozen and sharpened just like needles. It uses this as a means to protect itself from the enemy.

    472 Glion
    D/P – It observes its prey by dangling on tree branches with its tail. It attacks from the sky above when it spots a chance.

    473 Manmoo
    D/P – Its beautiful tusks are made of ice. When the Ice Age ended and the climate turned warm, its number dwindled.

    474 PorygonZ
    D/P – Although program was added in order to make it surpass other pokemons, it began to have strange behaviours.

    475 Elrade
    D/P – It fights with the blades on its extendable and retractable elbows. An expert in using swords, and a pokemon who follows strict manners.

    476 Dainose
    D/P – Its entire body gives off a powerful magnetic force. It has three units which are called the Small Nose.

    477 Yonoir
    D/P – It transmits signals with the spirit world via the antenna on its head. It receives orders and takes humans into the spirit world.

    478 Yukimenoko
    D/P – It freezes its foe by blowing out cold air that is minus 50 degrees. The visible part of its body is actually hollow.

    479 Rotom
    D/P – It possesses a body that is made of plasma. It is known to slip into electrical appliances and cause mischief.

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  5. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Not directly related to D/P but to Ranger instead. All the special missions (Deoxys, Celebi, Mew, Manaphy) are naturally accessible in the English version, and Manaphy's official English name is Manaphy, while the D/P region Shinou's official English name is Sinnoh.

  6. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Ok, big apologies everyone. Seems like the only naturally accessible special missions are Deoxys, Celebi and Mew afterall, but not the Manaphy one.

    I discovered that the save file I tested with last night (I converted one directly from the Japanese save file) was actually modified to contain the Manaphy mission, and thus when the Ranger Net was activated, it showed up.

    I tested today again by converting a non-modified Japanese save file, and the Manaphy mission failed to show up. I'm not sure if there are further ingame criteria to unlock it, but I'll let you know when I find it.

    At the meantime, sincere apologies to everyone who've had their hopes high by my post last night.

  7. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Haven't had much D/P discoveries for a while, but since I've gotten myself the official National Dex book today, there are few interesting stuff I'd like to share with you (and corrections, some major ones, to what we've discovered before):

    1) Tangela & Tropius: If you remember, these were like the final pokemons whose locations we 'discovered' in D/P. Actually, we did not discover them, but rather found their locations on a Japanese site. Unfortunately, this bit of info is mistaken afterall, and according to the official Dex book, these two are the only species apart from the starters and legendaries that are NOT found in Sinnoh. So, Pal Park is the only way to get them.

    2) Shadow Tag of Wobbuffet/Wynaut: In the 3rd generation, if you have two of these facing each other, neither of you will be able to switch pokemons, and you can only wear their attacks out until the struggles set in. In D/P, switching is possible if two pokemons with Shadow Tag are up against each other.

    3) Bad Luck: Ok, this is heavily mistaken. I misinterpreted the Japanese term 'kyou' as bad while it should have been strong. So, in other words, this ability should have been named Strong Luck, and as the name implies, those who have this ability (Murkrow, Absol, Donkarasu) should have increased chances of PERFORMING a critical hit rather than receiving one.

    4) Spirit Cloth: Once thought to be a one-off item to evolve Dusclops in the tall grass of Route 229, you can get unlimited Spirt Cloths afterall, but you'll have to capture Giratina first. Every time you visit the Return Cave after Giratina is defeated/captured, there will be an item waiting there. You must know by now that the Return Cave is like a maze, and if you manage to reach Giratina's room within 3 doors, the item will be the Spirit Cloth. Between 4 to 15 doors, you get the Precious Bone, 16 or more, just the Star Dust.

    5) The Tower Tycoon Kurotsugu, is actually your rival's father. And that red haired 'girl' Baku involved in the Hard Mountain/Heatran quest, is actually a boy, according to the official art.

    6) Download: How this ability works is, if your opponent's defense > sp. defense, your sp. attack increases. If your opponent's sp. defense > defense, your attack raises.

    7) Slow Start: This ability of Regigias halves its attack and speed for 5 turns.

    8) Technician: Only attacks below the base power of 60 will get a 1.5 boost.

    9) Dry Skin: Apart from the weather effects, pokemons with this ability also heals when hit by water attack, and receives more damage from fire attacks.

    10) Flower Gift: Both attack and sp.attack are boosted to 1.5 during the sunny day turns.

    11) Psychic Dream: Allows you to see the strongest attack of your opponent only, if more than 1 attack has the same strongest base power, the move you see will be random.

    12) Nature Power: It generates different attacks now. Grass - Seed Bomb; Sand - Earthquake; Cave - Rock Slide; Swamp - Mud Bomb; Water - Hydro Pump; Snow - Blizzard; Ice - Ice Beam; Indoors - Tri Attack.

    13) Treasure: You don't have to use up all your other attacks really, just use all the attacks at least once, then Treasure is already usable.

    14) Mighty Guard: Apologies, wrong info collected from Japanese sites again. It should be named Crescent Dance, and when used, this exclusive move of Crecelia makes itself faint, but heals all PP, HP and status conditions of the next pokemon sent out.

    15) There are 4 fishing points for Feebas in D/P in that misty-filled lake on Tengan Mountain. Unfortunately, it changes every day.

    16) Hurl: The book listed some examples of items being hurled and the added effects apart from the damage. King's Rock - flinches foe; Light Ball - paralyzes foe; Poison Orb - poisons foe; Flame Orb - burns foe; White Herb - resets stats; Berries - individual berry effects.

    That's about it for now. I'll post again when I find something interesting.

  8. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    I have received PMs for clarifications on certain things, so I'll just post this here for everyone to read:

    1) Feint and anticipate: the listing on the site's attackdex are indeed mistakenly swapped. For feint, it works by attacking before protect or detect can set in, but it fails if the foe isn't using protect or detect. For anticipate, it uses the attack the foe is about to use with heightened power. It fails when the foe isn't using an offensive move, or when the foe actually uses an attack that guarantees to hit first.

    2) Other attacks:
    - Feather rest: recovers half of maximum HP, loses the flying type attributes during the recovery turn (i.e. not only losing immunity to ground types, but also type advantages)
    - Metal burst: deals 1.5 of last attack's damage back to foe, regardless of special or physical nature
    - Imitate: mimics the attack which has just been used in the battle field, whether it's the foe's, partner's or one self's
    - Tail wind: raises self and partner's speed for 3 turns, even with switching
    - Gravity: For 5 turns, disables all levitate and flying type attributes, and disables moves like fly, splash, bounce and electrolevitate
    - Electrolevitate: makes user immune to ground attacks for 5 turns
    - Beak peck: attacks and uses the effects of foe's held berry
    - Squash, Squeeze: higher the foe's HP, greater the power, maximum power = 120
    - Gyroball: higher power if USER is slower, maximum power = 150

    3) Safari Zone (The Great Swamp):
    There are a total of 6 areas in the Great Swamp, and each area will randomly generate a rare pokemon each day. This rare list is different before and after you obtain the national dex.

    (the * ones means they are already naturally found, so it's hard to tell whether it is the rare pokemon of that area of the day of just a normal inhabitant. Thankfully it's just a problem before you get the national dex)

    Before: Gureggru, Scorpi, Muskippa, Golduck, Roselia, Mukubird, Marill*, Azurill*, Wooper*, Quagsire*, Bippa*, Beadull*
    After: Gureggru, Scorpi, Muskippa, Golduck, Roselia, Mukubird, Dokurog, Dorapion, Exeggcute, Yanma, Shroomish, Paras, Kangaskhan, Gulpin

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