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Serebii Forums Suggestion Thread - 2010 Edition

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by RaZoR LeAf, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. Bhatman

    Bhatman Chilled Hottie

    How about holding a donation pool or something similar (most people will surely donate), this money can then be used for many things like improving the time lag and serebii joe deserves something for this epic site.
  2. Kreis

    Kreis Still Dirrty

    Joe doesn't want donations.
  3. chuboy

    chuboy <- It was THIS big!

    Yeah, besides, how many of the members here even get pocket money =/ To donate online you need a Visa or Mastercard, meaning you have to be at least 18.

    I'm quite sure no one would pay.

    However, the Google Ads actually earn the site money.
  4. natie

    natie Mr. F

    I just noticed that the amount of views topics get is constantly updated. If you let the amount of views update only once every hour or so, you'll be able to reduce the lag.
  5. Neo Duality

    Neo Duality Banned

    I second this. Nobody actually cares about the views, and if they help reduce lag I say remove them altogether.
  6. natie

    natie Mr. F

    Something else: give all mods the power to move topics to wherever they want, but not from wherever they want.

    Let's say someone posted a topic in Misc. that actually belonged in Computer Systems, now, it would just be closed and the poster would have to post it again (that is, if it was locked by someone that has control over Misc. but not over Computer Systems). If you gave all mods the ability to move topics everywhere, the forums would be more organized, rather than having a bunch of locked topics everywhere.

    That said, it might bring some lag again but I'm not sure.
  7. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Mods have that ability already...
  8. DBK

    DBK Renegade Trainer

    Not necessarily. With PayPal, you would just need a bank account connected to the PayPal account so you could just transfer the money. But I agree, donations are not a good idea (and Joe doesn't want them). The ads are fine. There not in the way, nor are they fancy.

    Also agree with natie. The closed threads really need to go and mods should be able to just move any displaced threads to were they belong. It would organize the forum and reduce the amount of info that needs to be loaded, thus probably reducing the lag a bit.

    I also think that doing away with the search feature and the rating feature would be ideal. They don't work and are just taking up space. Since, like Ellie said, the rating thing isn't that big a deal anyway, it shouldn't be a big deal getting rid of it.

    Also, is the Calendar page popular or useful in anyway? Cause I know a lot of people (including myself) who never use it. Maybe make it part of the User CP page instead and make it optional. Just another way to organize the clutter.

    I know that there is a thread now for the VGCs, but maybe there should be an official sub-forum for it in the competitive forum. Since it is growing in popularity and differs greatly from the metagame, it would be beneficial.

    That's all I can think of for now.

    edit: Scratch the mod part since Joe already answered that.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2010
  9. natie

    natie Mr. F

    What? But why don't they make any use of it, then?

    I seem to remember Profesco just locking one of my threads and saying it would be better fit in the Games section, why didn't he move it, then?
  10. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    we wouldnt get rid of the search feature because some people actually do use it. it helps you find the answer to your question instead of making a new thread and find other things. i use the search feature a lot personally and i know others who do as well.

    for vgc, that would probably be better to ask the crmt mods if they want to do that.

    obviously im not profesco so i cant say for sure, but a lot of times mods dont move threads to sections outside of theirs because either 1) your thread wouldnt follow the rules in the other section and would need to be tweaked before it was allowed there or 2) the mod moving the thread is unfamiliar with the section he/she would have to move it to and doesnt want to move a thread that could break the rules or be redundant (that has happened before when some less-considerate mods move stuff).

    some mods do make use of it, especially when they're familiar with the section it has to be moved to. but if your thread could potentially break the rules in the new section anyway, its usually easier on the mod doing the moving to lock it and tell you to consider section x instead.
  11. natie

    natie Mr. F

    Ah yes, I see now. Thanks for explaining.
  12. Silver_Seoul

    Silver_Seoul Well-Known Member

    Small suggestion and sort of a spur-of-the-moment thought, but maybe have an option to get a notification when a post is quoted? I understand it could get cluttered for, say, mod posts that a page-worth of members would quote, but maybe have the option for it to be on/off and ...yeah, I'm not sure how that would work, just a thought.
  13. DBK

    DBK Renegade Trainer

    Ah. I assumed because it doesn't work for me and a few others, that it didn't work at all. Scratch that idea then.

    Ask the crmt mods? Will do.

    Thanks for the explanation about the closed threads.

  14. Trainmaster718

    Trainmaster718 ORAS is here!

    It sure would be nice to have all of the User Rank mini-banners updated. It would seem that they all use out-dated sprites of Pokemon, dating back to Gen III. Not to mention, with the release of HeartGold and Soul Silver, new sprites of the Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders/Elite Four have become available.

    It would be quite pleasent to see more up-to-date User Ranks, and with all of the talented graphic artists who are members of these Forums, I'm sure you could find somebody who would gladly do it!
  15. xxGlassRose

    xxGlassRose m☆gic

    Do we have character disscusions for the Pokemon Anime? Because if we do I can't find them. I think it would be a good idea to have some so we can all discuss the characters of the anime. Without bashing, of course.
  16. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    We had Character Discussion threads, but the Anime Mods apparently couldn't keep up with the sheer amount of SPAM and rule-breaking in them so the whole section seems to have been deleted. The threads weren't able to sustain themselves basically. It wasn't a good idea, maybe in a few more years but not at the moment :[
  17. natie

    natie Mr. F

    The ranks are pointless and a waste of space. I don't see why EVEN MORE should need to be added.
  18. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    I personally agree with natie. I've never liked the fact that there are so many User Ranks, when the vast majority of forums have around 5 or 6. I imagine the user ranks will get updated with new sprites at some point, but I don't think it's high on Serebii's to do list.
  19. natie

    natie Mr. F

    I've been seeing quite a bit of spambots that were only banned but not deleted. So, I'm going to assume that there is no 'spambot button', or at least not all mods have one/make use of it.

    Now, the sites that sent those spambots still get some advertising because the posts and/or sigs remain. Which obviously isn't a good thing.
  20. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    the problem is that mods can only delete posts in the section(s) theyre assigned to, even though they can infract/ban in any forum. so unless youre a smod/admin, if you ban an adbot for posting in gpd but it also posted in misc, hgss, and tech help, you cant delete all the posts. if you see posts like that, report it to a mod of that section or a smod/admin and theyll take care of it. it also helps if you report unbanned spambots asap so we can ban them before they have time to spread to other sections.
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