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Serebii Forums Suggestions Thread

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    That unfortunately sounds like it's is all vBulletin stuff (that we could not change without hack-mods), so hopefully their programmers will work on designing more mobile friendly in the future.
  2. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Would it be possible to have the Unown pokedex page be able to show all the forms? I know its got a lot of forms but its quite a short page at the moment.
  3. Power Up

    Power Up ...

    Make it so we get a message if we quoted/someone replies to us?

    I feel like this really necessary and should be added because one has to rummage through what could be pages of posts to find if someone replied to them or not.
  4. I'm just throwing an idea out there, but maybe we should keep the current likes system and keep post count hidden like it is now? I think both together might encourage people to make better posts and not spam for post count or something.
  5. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Farewell N...

    Can you install the bb codes add on for profile messages if you haven't yet already?

    Also can you change the color of links from black to like blue or something?

    Can you make the avatar size appear bigger in posts?
    keepitsimple likes this.
  6. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    Maybe add blog features now that we're on Xenforo? I have a lot of ideas that wouldn't really fit in the actual forums
  7. This. It would be a lot more easy on the eyes.

    I disagree with this though. I like the aesthetic of the way it is now.
  8. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    Can we please change the double posting and inactivity rules in the Clubs section especially for the ones of TV shows that get one or two seasons a year and said seasons maybe up to six months between new seasons and episodes?
  9. raichu27

    raichu27 Well-Known Member

    I liked it better when the dates were shown on top of the posts. Plus, I liked it more when the pages and sub-boards show on the topics and boards, rather than hiding it.

    Plus, I don't like that there is no poll icon on the topics anymore.

    The "View Conversation" option is also gone on profile posts, sadly.

    I would also like to see the feature to search certain words in topics to return.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
  10. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded At this point, who knows?

    I think they already said they weren't doing blogs.

    Maybe it could change?
    Kung Fu Ferret likes this.
  11. XanderCage

    XanderCage Loose Cannon Cop

    Not sure if possible on the new forums but I really liked having the button at the end of each post that jumped all the way to the newest post at the end of the thread.
  12. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    Weird spam ads often appear when I'm on mobile, but it's only this forum, and it only started after the transfer. Not sure if this is the right place, but hopefully it's just my phone being weird.
  13. I think it's just your phone because this has never happened to me
  14. Sadib

    Sadib Time Lord Victorious

    I think this topic should be moved to the Debate Forum.
  15. shay_bella

    shay_bella Dragon-Kitty Enthusiast

    Just throwing out there that on the default style, when you go to start a private conversation by clicking on the name of the person you want to PM, the links in the pop up are the same color as the background. That's not exactly user friendly - maybe change the link color to a green or light grey?
  16. Scammel

    Scammel Well-Known Member

    How about a dedicated cosplay subforum? Could either be a standalone in the Fan Work section or fall under Fan Art.
  17. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    It might be better to have another preliminary section for Gen 8 discussion now rather than to wait until next Pokémon Day to see title announcements. Hype period for Let's Go will drain by mid-January anyways.
  18. SBaby

    SBaby Dungeon Master

    The most toxic forum on this site? I think not. Besides, these are mainly just suggestions and not really debates.

    I actually don't mind the likes system the way it currently is. As long as it's not a reputation system, since we kept getting rep trolls every time it was implemented. But I totally agree with keeping the post counts hidden, since post counts only really affect the person who is posting anyway and nothing else.
    WishIhadaManafi5 likes this.
  19. Sadib

    Sadib Time Lord Victorious

    You can debate the suggestion.
  20. Scammel

    Scammel Well-Known Member

    Sadib's pulling your leg - a topic in the debate forum was locked because 'It should be moved to the suggestion thread'. Sadib's inverting that.

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