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Serebii Forums Suggestions Thread


extra toasty
Um, many of us DO have lives. You don't know what goes on in our lives outside of here, but nice ignorant remark. Laugh all you want like an immature child, but it's the truth. You can "lmao" all you want about it. Grow up.

Oooo testy, testy. I put lmao bc your "behind the keyboard" comment was clearly meant to be an insult to those who voice concerns, see them fall on deaf ears, and subsequently tell others not to get their hopes up. No one denied that staff members have lives. Staff can be busy AND my comment that they don't care about updating the forums can be true at the exact same time. To insinuate that my comment about staff not caring means I believe they have all the free time in the world and choose to ignore the forums is laughable (to me, hence an lmao where I choose to freely lmao... lmao)

No kidding. It would be nice to get more activity in the forum. Believe me. If I had the power I would work on some of these things, but it's all Joe's final call. I wish I could help with updates, username changes. Ect. The list goes on. Again, it's not my final call to make. Joe and the Admin call the final shots, and if they aren't active they aren't active.

Hence why I specifically mentioned Joe, and said "most of staff" not "every single last staff member." Thank you for agreeing.

When someone comes on here and claims that most of the staff "dgaf" I'm going to clap back because that's complete utter bogus.

So there are 21 people listed on staff (11 Mods, 6 Super Mods, 3 Admins, and Aquarelle who is just listed as "Staff Member") and of those 21, 9 have not posted in at least 6 months, with 6 of those 9 not having posted in over a year (and 4 of those 6 further have not posted since 2020 or earlier).

Of those 9 who haven't posted in at least 6 months, 4 of them are Super Mod or higher, with 2 being Admins. And if bobandbill doesn't post in the next few weeks, that will be 5 out of 9 "higher staff" who haven't even bothered to post in at least 6 months - granted 3 of those (2 being Admins) haven't posted in a year or longer.

So yeah, with over half of the "higher staff" and 2 of the 3 Admins not bothering to do anything, I stand by my original statement that "Joe and a lot of the staff dgaf about updating anything on the forums anymore." And again, not caring =/= not having a life outside of the forums (lmao)

If you care to see where I got any of this info from, I put together a lil table for easy reference:
StaffLast SeenLast PostPosition
AquarelleN/AJun 8, 2019"Staff Member"
bobjrMar 30, 2023Mar 29, 2023Moderator
DephenderMar 30, 2023Mar 29, 2023Moderator
Hunter ZolomonMar 30, 2023Mar 29, 2023Moderator
HydrangeaN/AMar 24, 2022Moderator
JerichiMar 30, 2023Oct 31, 2019Moderator
lolipieceMar 30, 2023Mar 29, 2023Moderator
Meowth CityFeb 23, 2023Sep 23, 2020Moderator
MirorN/AMay 13, 2022Moderator
ShineAug 4, 2022Aug 4, 2022Moderator
WishIhadaManafi5Mar 30, 2023Mar 30, 2023Moderator
bobandbillFeb 24, 2023Oct 9, 2022Super Mod
HydrohsFeb 23, 2023Sep 16, 2022Super Mod
PsynergyMar 30, 2023Mar 3, 2023Super Mod
RagnarokDec 24, 2022Apr 14, 2018Super Mod
SushiN/AMar 29, 2023Super Mod
TiffanyMar 26, 2023Feb 23, 2023Super Mod
ellieN/AJan 9, 2022Admin
KirbyN/AMay 10, 2020Admin
SerebiiMar 30, 2023Mar 30, 2023Admin

***I fully recognize that not posting does not mean they haven't done something mod-related, but also want to mention that rules that are outdated, links that are broken, member concerns in this thread, etc. have not been addressed in a way that makes it seem like staff (more specifically "higher staff") care.

My big question is where has that complaining gotten us? Absolutely nowhere. Flooding this thread with complaints, suggestions, whatever you want to call it has gotten nowhere.

...that's exactly the point. That's why people are upset. It all falls on deaf ears where Admins are concerned. A lot of suggestions (what this thread is for) are things that only Admins can do. But telling people that flooding this thread with suggestions has gotten nowhere is exactly the point that I was trying to get across. And it's also the reason why others have complained, because if people are upset and want change, they're going to gravitate to a thread about making suggestions for the forums.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
Oooo testy, testy. I put lmao bc your "behind the keyboard" comment was clearly meant to be an insult to those who voice concerns, see them fall on deaf ears, and subsequently tell others not to get their hopes up. No one denied that staff members have lives. Staff can be busy AND my comment that they don't care about updating the forums can be true at the exact same time. To insinuate that my comment about staff not caring means I believe they have all the free time in the world and choose to ignore the forums is laughable (to me, hence an lmao where I choose to freely lmao... lmao)
You're darn right that my "behind the keyboard" comment was a shot/insult because some folks here truly believe that we don't have lives outside of this place. Not you per say, but some folks here have that thought process about us. Quite frankly I'm sick of these people, hence why I went off and I'm not apologizing for a damn thing either. I have the right to stand my ground as everyone else here does. I'm not a pushover and I tell it like it is. Like I said in my previous post, y'all can take it how you want.

Speaking for myself I know who's active here and who isn't. I don't have to look at a table, but hey it's there for others if they want to see it I suppose. I'm one of the few Mods within this thread that has openly complained about the lack of Mod activity. I still find it hilarious that I was called out on that. Like I was going to deny it or something. Listen, I don't deny crap. I'm a straight shooter. You get what you get with me. I'm honest to the bone and I don't hold back. I honestly hope that I get called out for my activity next. I'll gladly go to war with anyone here over that.

The best y'all can do is get ahold of staff via Discord. Messages. Ect. Maybe just maybe concerns will be answered. As I've said a billion times in the past in here there really needs to be new staff hired that's actually active. There's definitely staff here that is active, but if they choose to do the job or not is another story. Making a Discord only takes a few minutes. It's not time consuming. If ya'll have time to voice a concern in here you have time to create a Discord. It's where Admins are most active as well. Just saying. Reach staff on there if need be.

That's my best advice guys. Reach staff on Discord. I have. It works.

Or you can all carry on voicing your concerns in here only to be ignored more than likely. Imagine wasting time writing essays that don't even get acknowledged and graded.

That's it. That's the last I'm speaking on this whole thing unless I get replied to. This dead horse has been beaten long enough and quite frankly it's going nowhere in here. I have a job to prepare for.

Good day.


extra toasty
Your replies felt very pointed at me, which is the only reason I replied. I'm not trying to fight you on anything, and I've said my piece so I'll leave it at that.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I came off a bit hot. I dislike getting that way, but sometimes it's hard not too. Seriously though guys. Try the Serebii Discord to reach staff. It really works, I wouldn't lie to you all.

I literally agree with pretty much everyone here that we need more activity on here among staff. I've agreed with almost everyone on a lot of the staff related issues.

It's just a matter of action being taken at this point. The best thing that you guys can do is contact staff on Discord. They're more active there. They will hear you out and listen.

Just go about it respectfully with them and things will work out in the end. Joe is a very busy guy. Between here and doing outside things for Pokemon he's a busy guy. I'm not sucking up or anything it's just the truth. I feel like if he gets the proper help a lot of requests can be met.

In the end we're all really in this together.


holeh moleh
Staff member
Yeah I just don't like talking but I'm still around doing stuff lmao. I don't know anything about the anime which is largely the most active forum, I'm also a bit more lax when it comes to stuff and genuinely think it's quite funny what people consider "trolling" these days.

I don't like putting myself on a public stand like this because it makes me uncomfortable but I genuinely hate how much back and forth happens in this thread.

A staff drive has been discussed, it will happen eventually. There's some stuff that just... takes time. Once it's open people have to apply and not everyone that applies is going to automatically get handed the keys to the castle... that would lead to disaster. So even when it does start, everyone here will still be waiting. The username change thing seems to be a plugin issue, I'm personally not savvy on forum plugins or anything in that regard but I'm also just a mod so there's flat out nothing I can do about it in that regard.

More mods doesn't help half the issues people bring up (a lot of them are admin things and shockingly... the admins are actually active, despite what some people may say), and I'm tired of it being constantly worded that only a couple people do any work. It's useless drama that's getting us nowhere, not to mention it's something that really shouldn't have been so aired to everyone because now there's a "bah bah us vs them, mods are so lazy :(" mentality. Especially in this thread.

Genuinely the "people have stuff going on in their lives" is LEGITIMATELY what's going on. Most of the upper staff are older adults, people getting married, starting families, etc. That's just life. I'm working towards closing the distance with my partner so yeah, I'm not as active as I was when I first became a mod but I've also just... always been one to lurk more than post? (I do the same thing on reddit, it's why my postcount is so low here).

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
Very well said. A staff drive has been discussed. I just didn't go into that kind of detail. It's all just a matter of things being put together. We all just need to give it time. :)

I know originally for me my biggest gripe a while ago was only a few of us being the only ones that banned spambots. I was very open about complaining about it. I was too open about it admittedly, which is my bad.

We were getting hundreds upon hundreds of spambots at the time. The report queue was full of them, and they wouldn't get cleaned up until one of us touched them. Waking up to that nonsense was not enjoyable. It's enough to make someone want to be demodded...

It was just super annoying to deal with, and time consuming. Especially when we all have stuff going on outside of here. However, the upgrades that Joe made to combat spambots has helped tremendously. I even made sure to tell him that. It's so much better now. We actually aren't getting as many. It's a nice change. I just felt at the time we needed more Mod activitiy to combat the spambot issue. Now with the spambot upgrades, all hands on deck to combat the issue really isn't necessary.

Maybe just maybe promoting this site more will get more users to join which will build up activity and return this place to a bustling community. If I had more social media I would try to promote more. Promoting is something we could all take part in. It could help return non active sections of the forum back to activeness again. :)


Well-Known Member
I'm sorry but I don't know why we should be expected to believe the "people are busy" excuse as the main justification for why even small changes haven't been implemented yet. The supposed mod drive shouldn't take this long to set up since the original application thread still exists as does the mod application itself. Updating the application itself shouldn't take long anyways because it was already well-written and still holds up even today. But since the thread isn't stickied anymore most people don't know it even exists.

Link updates should also be really easy to do since it's just copying and pasting new links in a half a dozen important threads at most. One of the other excuses that's been given is that admins aren't active enough to bring on big changes, but some of the suggestions in this topic wouldn't even need to be done by admins. And if the admins are really as busy as we're led to believe and can't be bothered to keep the site up-to-date then maybe they shouldn't be admins at all.


site of lies
I seriously don't remember what status this is that you speak of. I'm not kidding either. I really don't remember.
I'll PM it but my point I was trying to make was that you've also publicly contributed the same bad attitude about the staff not doing anything, so attacking someone else over it is silly, though you later admitted that so we're good.

Regarding your suggestion of reaching out to forum staff on discord, personally I don't see that ending well and feels invasive to me to contact them on another platform entirely. Plus I just feel like we shouldn't have to in order to be seen lol.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I did have a bad attitude at the time. I was one of the few people here banning 100 spambots per morning. Now spambots aren't a gigantic issue anymore. Mod activitiy on that issue lately has been way better. Things are overall better in that department. I haven't complained in quite some time about it. What happens in the other sections that aren't mine isn't my problem. My biggest gripe was always about the spambots. It used to be my biggest gripe.

If yall don't want to reach staff on Discord that's totally up to you guys. I just offered it as an option. You'll have a better chance at being able to talk with a higher up there. Talking to a wall in here won't do anyone any good. Hence why I offered the option of Discord lol.

Hopefully a staff drive happens soon. Like Hydrangea said it's been discussed. Even promoting current mods has been discussed. We discussed all of this on the Mod Discord. I have no idea when any of this will happen but it's been discussed. We've made it that far at least.


The Prof. Mod
I know I am not really well known outside of my little niche here but I do want to pop in and say that Discord is a way to communicate directly with staff sometimes a lot faster than here. I can attest to it.
I ended up reaching Joe and ended up getting ownership ( Modship? whatever you want to call it ) of the Fizzy Bubbles section again ( or Unknown Chronicles as it was called ). I'm not a staff member elsewhere but I help report things when and where I can to help out to those who are working.
It took some time and I was sure as heck nervous about reaching out to Joe given that other matters are going on. He was still nice enough to get it handled in a faster timely manner than I would have believed possible. It still shows that there is care about this in my point of view. No matter where you go or what you do or how long something is going to stay nice and unbothered eventually there will be problems great or minor that will take time to fix.
Change and Growth will come, it's just a matter of waiting and or doing whatever you can nurture it in a positive manner.

Thanks to those who are working and doing their best, I wish you the best in your matters.
Off to my corner I go, Ta