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Serebii Journal Discussion Thread

This thread is to be used to discuss the current issue of the Serebii Journal. This thread will be used for all articles of the Journal instead of having a new thread for each issue.


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Gotta start the discussion somehow, right?

So yeah, some of us, like me, are new to this writing thing so any criticism or suggestion is appreciated, especially now in a time where the section isn't particularly active. There's a lot of stuff but if nothing else I'd highly recommend at least reading jesusfreak94's bit on Leftovers Numbers for how applicable it is to any competitive setting. It's also really informative and well-written.

And of course let people know we're here if you can, we know there's not a ton of people reading this but if there's anyone you know here who might be interested in reading what we've got here, that helps not just us but the section as a whole.


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Also if any readers want to see something for next month's journal please let us know.