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Serebii MTG League

Discussion in 'Alternate TCG Discussion' started by Kamotz, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    This is the thread created to keep track of, and organize, what I've dubbed the "Serebii MTG League." This is where we'll organize our own tournaments over Cockatrice. The idea is to use this thread as a hub for whatever events we decide to run. From "Friday Night Magic" to Commander/EDH events, 2-Headed Giant games, Sealed Deck games, Draft, and everything in between.

    Several of us already have Cockatrice accounts. They'll be listed here. In order to have a buddy-list on Cockatrice (which makes finding everyone easier) you need to register on the website. Then use your username and log back in the program.

    Here are the known names and accounts:

    Serebii - Cocatrice

    Kamotz - Kamotz
    Niedude - Niedude
    the3rdH0kage - the3rdH0kage
    palingensia - TEA_DEMON
    DucksGoMooful - DucksGoMooful
    Phlogiston - filthydegenerate

    We'll be starting with FNM. FNM is Friday Night Magic - a tournament that usually takes place at game shops on Friday nights (obviously). Seeing as how we're all likely in different time zones with different obligations and schedules, a Serebii FNM will take place over an entire week. Right now, we'll set the tournament up into 3 rounds, which will each take place on a different set of days.

    Round 1: Friday and Saturday
    Round 2: Sunday and Monday
    Round 3: Tuesday and Wednesday

    Here is how the tournaments will work. Each round consists of a "best of 3" game setup. For those unfamiliar with how this works, I'll explain:

    The two players will begin the round loading their respective decks (this is the deck you will be using for the rest of the week). Sideboards (15 extra cards outside your deck) are allowed once the first game is played. The first person to win two games wins the round. After the round concludes, the winner will report the score (2-0 or 2-1) here in this thread. Matchups for the next round will be determined by the standings.

    As with all threads and tournaments, there are, of course, some rules to follow:
    1. Please don't over-crowd the thread with off-topic discussion.
    2. Treat others and your opponents in a courteous and respectful manner.
    3. Conventional Decks will consist of a minimum of 60 cards.
    4. Sideboards will consist of exactly either 15 or 0 cards.
    5. EDH/Commander decks will consist of exactly 100 cards, including your Commander. Aside from basic lands, no more than one of each card is allowed.
    6. Please respect the Ban Lists for each format.
    7. Rules may be added as needed.

    Weekly Winners:
    Week 1. palingensia
    Week 2. Kamotz
    Week 3. Kamotz
  2. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Serebii MTG League: FNM #1.
    Dates: January 11 - January 16
    Format: Standard
    Sets included in Format: Innistrad, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Magic 2013, Return to Ravnica
    Rounds: 3

    Registered players:

    Round 1: (Friday - Saturday)

    Kamotz v. DucksGoMooful
    the3rdH0kage v. TEA_DEMON
  3. DucksGoMooful

    DucksGoMooful Evergreen tail?

    The only issue here is that I may be busy for most of the weekend, so there's a chance I won't be able to play all the matches. I wouldn't care about forfeiting or something if I couldn't make it.
  4. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    i have contacted my opponent.

    also maybe list people's time zone in the sign up bit just to make things a touch more streamlined? although i kinda get the feeling i'm the only non-american lol...
  5. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Because I got the pairings put so late this week, I'm going to extend each round another day.
    R1 - Friday to Sunday
    R2 - Sunday to Tuesday
    R3 - Tuesday to Thursday.
  6. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    You going down paligensia.

    I lost
    Game 1-Lost
    Game 2-Lost
    Game 3 -Not needed.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
  7. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    won 2-0, ggs bro.
  8. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Gotta love them adbots.
  9. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    So I tried contacting DucksGoMooful, and he was on at one point since I sent the message, but he hasn't responded...so I'm just going to move on with the Tourney. I don't want our first to stagnate and be our last.

    Round 2: (Sunday - Tuesday)

    Kamotz v. palingensia
    the3rdH0kage v. DucksGoMooful

    I'm also accepting signups for FNM #2, beginning Friday, January 18th.

    Serebii MTG League: FNM #2.
    Dates: January 18 - January 23
    Format: Standard
    Sets included in Format: Innistrad, Dark Ascension, Avacyn Restored, Magic 2013, Return to Ravnica

    Serebii: Kamotz
    Cockatrice: Kamotz
    Time Zone: US Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5:00)
  10. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    Username: the3rdH0kage
    Cockatrice username:the3rdH0kage (I finally green shirted)
    Time Zone: (found here) Whatever the East Coast of the US is. I think -5

    Is this FNM like a normal FMN in we can't change deck in between rounds. I know you can't for matches, like I played against palingensia last round and this round is Ducks, so would I be able to change decks?
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2013
  11. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    That's right. No changing decks between rounds. I wanted to make everyone register their deck for the week, but I think that gives too much foreknowledge to you and your opponent.
  12. the3rdH0kage

    the3rdH0kage Turn my Swag on!

    ok well we've talked about what deck I'm using, but next week I'm switching it up.
  13. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Sounds good. That's perfectly allowed. I always encourage people to use the decks they play in real life, but there's really no way to confirm or refute that, so it's kind of an unenforceable request.
  14. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    serebii: palingensia
    cockatrice: TEA_DEMON
    timezone: gmt+13
  15. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    Username: Phlogiston
    Cockatrice username: filthydegenerate
    Time Zone: UTC/GMT -6 hours
  16. DucksGoMooful

    DucksGoMooful Evergreen tail?

    Yeah, sorry about that. I got on at like 10pm the last time, and I've been at a tournament all weekend, so I couldn't contact you let alone play 3 games. I'm not even sure about rounds 2 and 3, if I'll be able to compete. Perhaps in a couple of weeks (my exams are coming up, so I don't have a lot of free time right now).
  17. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Did you go to AC? A few friends of mine went, said it was a blast.
  18. DucksGoMooful

    DucksGoMooful Evergreen tail?

    Io no comprende (no idea if that's correct). What are you saying?
  19. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    The MTG Grand Prix in Atlantic City, New Jersey was this weekend. I was asking if that's what you were talking about.
  20. DucksGoMooful

    DucksGoMooful Evergreen tail?

    No unfortunately, it was just a local curling tournament. Probably should've specified :D

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