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Serebii.net 8th Advent Calendar Discussion & Suggestions

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I have 2 questions of my own! xD I bet there easy too.

Could I have help for:

Down 15 and Down 10 x3


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These was the last ones for me too

Victini and Hypnosis
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I don't have 15 down or 18 across, which are the only two I'm stuck on.

Here's 10 Down though:



Soon2B PokemonMaster
I'm in need of assistance.

So I've tried spent about 40 minutes on it I'm done.
Could someone please give me the answers for
15.down attack that changed between two games in the same gen.
17.across Move that can steal opponents item
11.down The fire type moves
K thanks


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Thank you so much!

Hum, 18 across is this:






Thank you Grilo!

For thoses who din't see, :

!!! (Grilo found the awnser for 15 down, thank him, not me!)
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There we go. Here are all the answers for anyone who's interested.
1. Splash
5. Earthquake
6. Magnezone
7. Piplup
13. Old Amber
14. Societea
17. Covet
18. Poketopia
21. Special Attack
23. Flower Zone
24. Sunkern
25. Illusion

2. Light Ball
3. Pokewalker
4. Safari Zone
8. Poison Jab
9. Water Gun
10. Victini
11. Flamethrower
12. X Accuracy
15. Hypnosis
16. Snorlax
19. Lamp Jump
20. Treecko
22. Deoxys


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Gotta say, I like these interactive crossword puzzles; saves on paper that way :).

Quite a few tricky ones, I might add. Thanks for the hints guys!



Lol, it took me over 120 moves to end the puzzle. :|


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Oh lovely! xD

Just kidding! Well, making it challenging is what makes it fun! :3

(But, i'm really not good with those puzzles. I'm better with cross words)


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Hey Serebii, are we going to see some Sudoku puzzles like we did a few years ago? I really liked those and was sad there werent any last year.


why am I so bad at sliding puzzles????
I have shuffled 4 times now, each time I got to 300 moves, now im at 120...
-16:39- (+JoshYEAH) gay as shit anime related questions on advent calender worst advent calendar ever
-16:46- (+JoshYEAH) and fuck this sliding picture puzzle as well

I hope my view is taken note of thankyou in advance.
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Aha! I put
Magnemite instead of Magnezone
because it coincidentally fit...and I'm thick I guess. I did wonder..."Well...no technically that's not right..." but now the world makes sense again XD

Finished the slider in 60 moves :D I remember I was a pro at them when I was a kid, I had a formula worked out in my head for three by three...might have to practise a bit before the bigger ones :p
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shiny bagon

<- OH **** YEA!!!!!
so how'd you guys do on the puzzle slide? I got 36 moves in 46seconds

Flammable Hippie

Does anybody happen to have the goodies from Adbent calanders past? This is my first year using Serebii.net and i bet i missed out on alot.
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