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Serebii.net Battle of the Week #8

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~Banner credits to Extroph~

Ok here's the deal. Think of your favorite two serebii.net users. Have you ever wanted to see them battle? Well now you can. Once a week you can vote on who you want to see fight. Voting happens twice a week, for two full days (to select two people + tier). You may vote for two players, NOT YOURSELF. After that the battle begins! Rules are simple.

• Voting begins from the time this thread is posted or when a new vote starts and lasts 24 hours (or more if I deem fit).
• First vote will be for tier
• Second vote will be for players
• Battles will be recorded if possible and analyzed here.
• When player voting commences, you may vote for 2 players only.
• Don't vote for people that don't want to participate.
• Submit troll votes and face infraction.

So, tier voting starts now!

Ineligible people:
- Ragnarok
- jesusfreak94
- Makaveli
- Miror
- kingothestone
- jirachiuser1

Chosen Tier: BW2 OU

Participant Votes:
Dragonuser - 7
Hiro_ - 1
Flyers108 - 1
Kalus - 1
Chapter of the charizard - 2
Skarm - 1
Guerrilla radio - 3
Mcdanger - 8
Suhnny - 5
Rising star - 1
Jirachiuser1 - 8
Ger9119 - 2
Clay 95 - 2
Connor - 1

McDanger Vs. Dragonuser
Battle Replay:http://oriserver.psim.us/battle-ou-49189

Credits to jesusfreak94 and Gamefreak for hosting this in the past
Special thanks to Ragnarok for allowing me to revive this.
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Voting RSE NU because no one plays that and I want to see failures (chew)


Trader and Battler
Voting for BW2 ubers.
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