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Serebii.net Pokéarth - Release Discussion Thread


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Clicking on the wild Pokemon Yellow pokemon takes you to the 3rd Gen Pokedex rather than the 1st/2nd Gen one.


Are there any plans to add the genders of trainer's Pokemon? This would help with planning for some of the gender-related attacks, and in DPP, it would help with the Pokedex (I personally try to pick which gender shows up for the default of the Pokemon, and this would make it easier to know which trainers need to be avoided and such).
Don't get offended but, The whole thing is frikkin' inaccurate how the hell did sinnoh get way down there? it should be north of kanto, that's south. Serebii, You and your crazy Ideas.......


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Again, the positioning is just an afterthought and was manipulated due to size and need for navigation. It's not meant to be a n accurate representation. I'd much prefer to have Sinnoh more north but it'd make the picture massive.

The project is NOT the map

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Not sure if I should really put it here or in the mistakes thread...


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should the last pokemon really be at level 90? That sounds a bit... high...
I still haven't seen it at level 90....
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In the Johto Region, Route 44, Crystal, it says that one of the trainers has a Pidgeot (lv 38) and a Pidgeot on level 8. It's at the very bottom at the page, the trainer is a birdkeeper.

EDIT: In Mt. Mortar the map is completely mixed up. To be more specific it's 1F - 2.
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"edited for space" is right. Sinnoh is north of japan, and Hoenn is south of it. So assuming you've got Kanto/Johto right(Tokyo and surrounding areas), then your map is on it's side.

still, for space's sake, that can be overlooked. otherwise very cool.


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For Mt. Silver in both the Gold/Silver and the Crystal sections, clicking on any of Red's pokemon will lead to their R/S/E/FR/LG/Col/XD Pokedex page, not their R/B/Y/G/S/C page, unlike the other clickable pokemon on that page.

Why on the Johto map, between Ilex and Azelea, there is a patch of yellow to signify a road, but it is unclickable. I remember in G/S/C that there was no road there, as it was just Azelea, and then the building, and then Ilex Forest, so what's up?
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I pulled up Pokearth for reference while canvasing the Hoenn sea routes today, and I noticed several errors. I'm playing through Emerald, so that's the section for the corrections below.

0) Let me mention one thing first, a nitpick, really. Pokearth calls "Cool Trainers" just so, by two words, but the game shoves it together as one word (all caps). I realize that the latter is probably a consequence of naming restrictions in the game, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I had to mention it, just in case you weren't aware of the difference.

1) Swimmer Dean on Route 126 is missing from the Emerald section; his pokemon are the same as his listing in the RuSa section, but I'm not sure about (wasn't paying attention to) their levels.

2) Triathlete Donny on Route 127 is female.

3) Triathlete Allison on Route 129 and Triathlete Taila on Route 131 should be swimming triathletes, not running triathletes.

Route 132
4) Swimmer Linda seems to have been misplaced: she should be on Route 133.
5) Expert Paxton's pokemon are level 33, not 34.
6) CoolTrainer Darcy is female.
7) There's no mention of the Protein found in a pokeball below (west of, rather) CoolTrainer Jonathon.

Route 134
8) CoolTrainer Marley and Swimmer Laurel are female.
9) Swimmer Jack's Gyarados is level 34, not 33.
10) Sailor Hudson and his level 34 Wailmer are missing from the trainer list.

There's one other thing, which might be a mistake or it might be intentional. Trainers (at least that I saw) whom you can rematch have a note that says "Match Call Rematch" in every instance they're listed. When I first saw these trainers, I tried to find one that didn't have this note, the first match (not a rematch). Having figured out that the first instance is the first match, it's easy enough to read now, but I still think it would be best to distinguish the first match from rematches so that future visitors aren't confused like I was.


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Wow, you people are like hounds. You must deliberately search through PokeEarth just to find errors.
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Wow, you people are hounds. You must deliberately spend hours sifting through PokeEarth so you could find errors and shame Serebii. Come on. Cut him some slack.

Oops. Double post. Hate it when my computer freezes up.

Hey, Foxyman1167, Steve Tyler's real last name is Tallarico. Nice "Dream On" reference, though. Best song ever.

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First of all let me say, I love Pokearth, I think it's amazing how you put all of this together in only four months.

Second of all, I thought I'd let you know that routes 7 and 8 are mixed up.

Third of all, I had a question, How come the images of the Sinnoh region aren't the full views of each route?

Fourth, and finally, of all, how did you take the images of each area in the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions?

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You should re-do the entire map. If this is going to be on the actual site, then what is up with the terrible mapping? It's inconsistent with the D/P region map spriting style, it just looks really ugly. Get an actual spriter to do it...