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Serebii.net Pokémon X/Y Discovery Thread

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Serebii.net Pokémon X/Y Discovery Thread

Posting this now in order for me not to be rushed when the coverage does begin in the next two days.

This thread will be where myself or other members of the staff will post our discoveries within the game. We have a good team once more so should be able to ace everything again

I'll keep you posted on all the discoveries we make, minor and major and I'll be constantly updating this thread and the site, with major stuff on our social media sites. However, like the past discovery threads, this thread is just for us posting so please use the following discussion thread;

I hope you enjoy our complete coverage. With DP, Plat, HGSS, BW & B2W2, we were the fastest and most thorough on the entire Internet and I am not about to let that change at all, despite the leaks

Discovery Helpers:
mcdanger -- POKEMON Y
Psychic Politoad -- POKEMON X
Valoo. -- POKEMON Y
Miror -- POKEMON X
Nutter t.KK -- POKEMON Y
Hydrohs -- POKEMON X
Wulava -- POKEMON Y
Ragnarok -- POKEMON X
Shine -- POKEMON X
Archangel -- POKEMON X
bobandbill -- POKEMON Y
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Right, here we go!

Due to the worldwide launch and the irregularities that have occurred in the past two weeks across the internet, it will be slightly different. Out of respect for Nintendo, we shall not be posting story spoilers until after Saturday.

However, I have had my games for 24 hours and have been playing them non-stop (barring a quick nap earlier this morning...trust me, it was necessary) and am now in the post-game. I shall continue reporting , but at the moment I'm just getting things up

Starting with this:

I'll be making pages such as Gym Leader/Elite Four listings over the coming days as well as a preliminary Pokédex, Pokéarth and hopefully Attackdex update soon



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First, here's some exclusive pictures of many of the Pokémon that have not yet officially been revealed






















And a couple Mega Evolutions

Mega Gyarados (Water/Dark-type)

Mega Gengar (Ghost/Poison-type)

Mega Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy-type)


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To start off, Jigglypuff and the Gothita line have got a new ability called Competitive, which boosts its Special Attack stat when one of their stats is lowered. Kecleon has a new ability called Protean that changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the move it just used. The latter is demonstrated in a new kind of battles "Invese Battles" where the type effectiveness is inversed. This is only done in Route 18 against a Psychic. It's a daily battle


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List of in-game locations

Vaniville Town
Aquacorde Town
Santalune Forest
Santalune City
Lumiose City
Camphrier Town
Parfum Palace
Connecting Cave
Cyllage City
Ambrette Town
Glittering Cave
Geosenge Town
Reflection Cave
Shalour City
Courmaline City
Sea Spirit's Den
Kalos Power Plant
Laverre City
Poke Ball Factory
Lost Hotel
Dendemille Town
Frost Cavern
Anistar City
Couriway Town
Terminus Cave
Snowbelle City
Pokemon Village
Victory Road
Chamber of Emptiness
Pokemon League
Kloude City
Flare Cafe
Team Flare HQ
Azure Bay
Battle Chateau
Battle Maison
Tower of Mastery



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Several new items

Weakness Policy: When held, it sharply increases the holder's Attack and Special Attack when it is hit by a move that is Super Effective
Assault Vest: When held, it raises Special Defense, but prevents the user from using Status moves
Safety Goggles: When held, this protects the holder from weather damage and powder moves
Ability Capsule (Costs 200BP): Switches between the Primary and Secondary abilities on the Pokémon


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Here are the notes I made while playing. BE WARNED THEY ARE SPOILER FILLED
You can ridethe Rhyhorn. Was used in Rhyhorn Races.

In Santalune Forest, your friends are there and Shauna heals your Pokémon

After beating the gym, Alexa gives you the Exp. Share (which now affects all Pokémon)

Pokémon Amie can interact via people locally so their Pokémon will show up on your game.

When Sycamore gives you your second starter and your party is full, you can select a Pokémon to box. When you go downstairs, you meet Lysandre who is trying to learn about Pokémon to build a brighter future

Attack & Defense Power given by Mr. Bonding

When you get to Champier Town, you learn of an issue on Route 7. It's Snorlax and you need to go get the Pokéflute!

Snorlax is Level 15.

Day Care Centre is on Route 7, as is a Berry Field where you can go various berries!

Battle Chateau is on Route 7 and has you given the title of Baron and have to defeat all trainers in the area to get the next title. Enemies increased difficulty/level with each title.

Battle against Tierno & Trevor together

When you get to the end of the Route, you're told to go to Ambrette Town to the fossil lab to investigate Mega Evolution. Once you reach the other side of the Connecting Cave, you get your Pokédex upgraded for Coastal Kalos.
However, the assistant is gone and at Glittering Cave beyond Route 9. This is where you can ride a Rhyhorn! At the end of the cave you meet Team Flare, and when defeated, receive a fossil from the scientist. It can be revived in Ambrette Town

When you get to Cyllage City, you'll receive HM04 from Grant near the bicycle track.

Cyllage Gym has you climb various climbing walls to get to Grant. He gives TM39
A guy in Cyllage City will trade a Steelix for your Luvdisc.

You can choose colour of Bicycle, as well.

Team Flare appear in Route 10, seemingly investigating the weird rocks

As you go to leave Geosenge, Korrina will appear again and challenge you with her two Lucario.

A scientist in Reflection Cave mentions the Reveal Glass.

When you get to Shalour City, you need to go to the Tower of Mastery where you learn all about Mega Evolution. Battle your rival over the Mega Ring and you'll then have to beat Korrina

Shalour Gym features a ring for you to roller skate around, with various trainers dotted around it and rails to grind. Defeat each trainer to create a path to Korrina. Defeat her to win the Rumble Badge and TM98, Power-Up Punch

After beating her, meet her at the Tower of Mastery. She'll give you the Mega Ring and challenge you, but with you using one of her Lucario. Win and she will give you the Lucario. It's Level 32 and comes with the Lucarionite

You also get given a Lapras in Route 12. It's Level 30. Surfing on Lapras uses an actual model as opposed to other Pokémon.

Eventually it's the arrival at Courmaline City. Battle the rival again and then move onto the gym! This gym is the one in the original trailer and has you navigating arounda large tree by swinging from various ropes. At the top is Ramos, the Grass-type Gym Leader. Defeat him to earn the Plant Badge and TM86, Grass Knot.

Go to Route 13 and your Pokédex gets upgraded again

As you progress, you learn there's a blackout in Lumiose City due to the power plant. Upon investigation, Team Flare has taken over the plant and need to be stopped. Strangely, the Power Plant's overworld bits have 3D. Defeat Team Flare and it's time to move on to Lumiose City where you see a mysterious man.

In Lumiose City, there's a Stone Emporium. In it, a guy is selling Mega Stones such as Venusaurite, Charizardite and Blastoisenite :)

In the gym, you have to answer a quiz set by Bonnie. You still have to battle the trainers within it, however. Four rounds and you get to Clemont. Defeat him and you'll get the Voltage Badge and TM24, Thunderbolt.

Next stop is Laverre Gym after a rematch with your rival. In Laverre Gym,you have a standard warp tile puzzle with trainers dotted around. Once at the end, you'll battle Valerie who will give you the Fairy Badge and TM99, Dazzling Gleam.

When you leave, Trevor and Shauna recommend you go to the PokéBall Factory which is above town, but when you get there, Flare is there! Defeat them and you get a choice between a Master Ball and a Big Nugget.

As you move on, you'll get to Frost Cavern where it seems the Mamoswine that can be ridden is sensing issues in the cave and you have to investigate.

After doingso, you can move to Route 19 where you can ride a Mamoswine. Get to Anistar City and your rival will challenge you again outside the gym

The Anistar City Gym changes its layout and unravels a platform based puzzle that acts as if it is on top of a sphere, with various levels accessed by warp tiles. Get to the end where you battle Olympia. Defeat her to win the Psychic Badge and TM04, Calm Mind.

Afterwards, the Team Flare plot starts ramping up, but I won't get too much into that into after launch due to not wishing to spoil.

As you reach the end of the Team Flare plot, you will encounter Xerneas/Yveltal. It is Level 50.

Right after you capture/defeat it, Lysandre will battle you once and for all. He has a Mega Gyarados. It is Water/Dark-type

Xerneas technically has two forms/appearances: Neutral Mode and Active Mode. Active Mode is how it's always like in battle, with antlers all lit up, while Neutral Mode is duller, pure blue.

Also had a chance to test out my Mega Gengar. It's Ghost/Poison still

A new battle mode introduced by Psychic Inver in Route 18 "Inverse Battle". All type effectiveness is reversed. Kecleon has been given a Hidden Ability in this game called "Protean". This ability changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the move it just used. You can rebattle him daily

When you get to Couriway Town, Professor Sycamore will challenge you with the final evos of the Kanto starters

When you get to Route 19, Shauna will battle for you for the first time since the beginning. Once defeated, you will then be challenged by both Tierno and Trevor and you will receive HM05, Waterfall.

When you get to Snowbelle, the Gym Leader isn't there to greet you, but has disappeared on a trip to Route 20.

Both Gothorita and Jigglypuff have a new ability called Competitive which boosts the Sp. Atk stat when a stat is lowered.

The 8th gym is an Ice-type gym which has a puzzle where you have to hit switches that move various platforms around in order for you to gain passage to Wulfric, the Gym Leader. He gives you the Iceberg Badge and TM13, Ice Beam

Move Tutor is in Route 21

Get through Victory Road as usual. Your rival will appear half way through and challenged you. Then it's onto the Elite Four: Malva, Wkstrom, Drasna, Siebold and the Champion Diantha.

After defeating Diantha, at the celebrations, you get challenged by AZ and after defeating him, the story comes to a heartwarming close.

When you start up again, Shauna will give you the starter you're strong against


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Friend Safari is located in the post-game. In it, it takes everyone on your friend list and makes them a specific type. When selected, Pokémon of that type appear (it'll take a while to catalogue, please bear with us). The Pokémon found here can have their Hidden Abilities.

Unlike the Safari Zone, however, you can battle and use your own balls.


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Trying to rack my brain around where Mega Stones would be

Ampharosite was in Azure Bay, not too far away from someone referencing Jasmine
Gengarite was in a town filled with spooky happenings
Aerodactylite was in the museum
Abomasite was in Frozen Cavern.

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