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Serebii.net Suggestion Thread


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I've considered that but it'd waste resources and kill the site :p
Not necessarily, you would keep the news updates as a "site exclusive" type of thing that way everyone would still have to visit the site for the updates. Maybe you could have some other things that are "site exclusive" too maybe like PokeEarth, or Project Valhalla depending on what that is. Even some older things like the Gen 1-3 Pokedexes. Plus you could make a little money if the app was $.99 or something. I think it's a great idea so please at least keep it in mind as a possible thing to do.


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Maybe it's been suggested and moth-balled before. Maybe it's complicated, but maybe we can have a Reputation system on the forums? You give one point to a person, and three points creates a symbol below the avatar to arrogantly show how superior some users are to others.
If possible, could we make articles (newletters) about the Pokemon series and share our thoughts and opinions over that certain area of the Pokemon world? Bulbapedia has articles about Pokemon when they have the time to write and it's not always news and updates word on the street. And perhaps some Serebii Radio Broadcast that features tunes from the game or anime. Okay, perhaps a youtube account where podcasts could be held there.


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Maybe it's been suggested and moth-balled before. Maybe it's complicated, but maybe we can have a Reputation system on the forums? You give one point to a person, and three points creates a symbol below the avatar to arrogantly show how superior some users are to others.
Not a good idea, because then lots of people will say stuff like '+rep if you like this post' and seeing there's loads of young members here, that WILL be the case.


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Hey guys!
I said before that Dawn's bio is missing her last ribbon, and I was told that we had to wait for the usual person who does the ribbons/badges to do it, so I decided to have a go! So here you go! I give you permission to use it for the main site, and feel free to replace it if the usual ribbon/badge user does make one.
Here's the link;

Also might I suggest adding new pictures to her bio, for her pokemon, because the ones used are quite old, and Togekiss' one is irratating with the japanese text and buneary.
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Cite all sources, including "Secret" ones?
I do cite all sources. As for the inside contacts, I obviously cannot source those as it puts people's jobs on the line. Do you ask IGN, Gamespot etc. to cite their inside contacts? No.

Nice try DCM but after the e-mails, you don't have a foot to stand on in this argument. You even admitted as such in your first e-mail and now you've gone and done a 180.


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Wow, I thought I posted something in here about the custom avatars again but apparently I didn't. Sorry for the late reply.

Anyways, what I wanted to say was: if it's possible with vBulletin, let people use custom avatars from a different site (so not on these servers). Eg: instead of choosing an avatar from the galleries, they provide a link to the image (not a dynamic one) and the avatar service resizes it to this forum's avatar size limit, but still does not save it on the server. Kinda like when you post an image with the


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Oh, okay then :)


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Some of my ideas for other parts of the site.

An image gallery, possible HQ ken sugimori artwork that we can download? Because I find it hard to find good quality artwork that I can use for projects.

Also, I think you will probably already onto this, but updates of the maps? I realised that the Johto reigon still has the Gen 2 artwork maps rather than the new ones.
Not really a big thing, but It may be helpful to be able to click the banner at the top of serebii.net to get back to the home page. That's what a lot of other sites do.


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In Pokéarth, the Gen II maps are there...for the Gen II section. Generation 4 games, as they are 3D, are much harder to map, but rest assured, it is being worked on
I thought this would be happening, But I still had to ask.

And how about an image gallery? Is that something being worked on, or is it a no no?


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How about a Trainer-dex carring information about trainers, the Pokemon they have, Where you can find them, items they tend to use, pokemon types that would have an advantage against them, and any other information that would be viable.

I also think adding the corresponding number of the berry's into the item-dex. Or adding the berry-dex information to the item-dex and vice versa for quick reference.


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I have a suggestion for the Attackdex. When looking at what Pokemon learn attacks, could we just have a line for each one that tells the Pokemon's egg groups? It would be thin and not take up much room on the page, and would help when looking for what Pokemon are compatible for chain-breeding attacks.

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Perhaps you could mention on the Pokedex and Attackdex if a Pokemon learns a move via Gen III tutors, like Blissey and Seismic Toss.