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Serebii.net turns 10

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And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
As it's now the 21st in some areas of the world, I figure I'll post this

October 21st 2009, a seemingly meaningless date;
-Apple Day in the UK
-The celebration of the victory at the Battle of Trafalgar
-The international day of the taco.
However, on this day, just 10 years ago, the website which grew into Serebii.net was born during a simple lunchtime at secondary school.

Since then, it has grown into the world's biggest and most popular Pokémon site, and most trainers’ first stop for new game news, the best game coverage and some of the best and most comprehensive Pokédexes around. Let's mark a few noteworthy dates down

October 21st 1999;
Created as Joe's Pokémon Page on Geocities
Sometime in Early December 1999;
Changed to Serebii's Pokémon Page
March 2000;
Site accidentally deleted
September 5th 2000;
Serebii.net domain purchased and Serebii's Pokémon Page name demolished (SPP now stands for Serebii.net. Two silent Ps)
September 19th 2001;
Site blows up a server. Down until February 2002
Early Coro Coro scans courtesy of our old friend and ex-staff member Latios and later Coronis brought us fully into the public eye
November 2002;
With RS coverage coming quickly in through Serebii.net, another server bites until March 2003
January 2004;
FireRed & LeafGreen coverage gets us more noticed
September 2004;
Emerald coverage gets us even more recognition
August 2005;
The first dynamic system on Serebii.net opens; Our updated Pokédex and Attackdex
Pre-Diamond & Pearl stuff appears and eyes turn to us again
September 2006;
Diamond & Pearl coverage by myself & Coronis quickly shows us to be the quickest and best for the details
December 2006 - March 2007;
Exclusive reveals of many Pokémon names arrive and later on April 1st, everything else DP related
April 2007;
Diamond & Pearl's US release comes out and we reach over 400,000 unique visitors in a single day
September 2008;
Quick & Intensive Platinum Coverage
November 2008;
Pokéarth released
January 2009;
Serebii.net Animédex Created
June 2009;
Serebii.net returns to the TCG fray after a 4 year hiatus
September 2009;
After many weeks of anticipation and build up, our HGSS coverage is well received by all and still ongoing. While other sites stopped after a week, we continue on and will still continue until we have found every tiny detail
October 2009;
Serebii.net turns 10

Some could say this is full circle, what with us opening just prior to Gold & Silver's release in Japan and the remakes for Gold & Silver having just been released.

Well, here's to 10 years of glorious success and hopefully several more. I'll be doing this until it bores me; luckily I can manage both my life and this and still keep to our high level of excellence.

What's left for the future? Well there's the top secret Project Valhalla that I intend to get up before HeartGold/SoulSilver's US release and a lot more planned
Happy birthday, SPP with the silent PP. And to think, when I heard the site opened up in 1999, I thought people came to your site all "WTF IS A SEREBII?" Good luck with your next ten years... yes, your next ten.
Happy 10th birthday SPP!!!!!

And thanks a lot Joe and the other staff for putting so much time and effort in it for such a long time :D

Well I hope SPP will still be around ten years from now ^.^


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Happy 10th Serebii.net! I found this place back in 2001, used to come around and read info from the sight.. joined the forums along time ago..though i was not an active member and lost my account somehow I guess inactivity? then joined once more later andhave been an active member since.

This is the greatest pokemon fan site on the net. I love it and though there sometimes can be some frustration.. it is still the best. Great news, i keep up to date with events and enjoy discussing what i love on the forums,..pokemon.... here is to ten more years!

razor fire

Well-Known Member
Happy Apple Day! :D


Happy birthday SPP!


That's 10 candles for the SPP cake! XD

Due to me not having interent access for ages, i never discovered serebii until about 2006, and i finaly joined the forum in 08. I've missed out on so much history 0.o


Illusion & Deception
Congrats Serebii!

I feel that this place is the best Pokemon site I ever came across. I only wish I discovered it sooner.

razor fire

Well-Known Member
You did?



~Draco Rex~
Wow, ten years...even when I was just reading off this site for info it hadn't been for that long. Happy 10th for SPP! Let's keep it going for many years to come! :D
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