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Serebii.net turns 10

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Wow, 10 years? Really? Well, I may be late, but congrats, Serebii, on keeping your site alive. *holds up wine*


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happy 10th birthday, youre a big boy now serebii... lol


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they kicked me from the chat rooms.. i was on the cr and didn't know that serebii had a chat room.. i want to use the serebii chat rooms for future use.. so please remove me from the banned list.. because it wasn't me who was using the pc during that time.. i promise to never let my brother enter serbii.net again.. please help..


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Happy belated b-day!
I'm sick today, and I felt like going on a bunch of websites I love, so, I'm here!

In my opinion, a website's 10th anniversary (mostly the good websites), is any of these: like, similar, a lot like, exactly like, or even almost the same, (as) the 10th anniversary of a web comic (Mostly the good ones). Also, the 10th anniversary, can be equal to, a web comic's 100th comic!


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This all started on Geocities? Interesting timeline . Happy 10 years Serebii.net! Thanks for the wonderful site Joe.


Ive gotta admit the only reason I can here was because it was made the same day as apple day.


Just kidding!

Im a little late here but I thought I'd "bake" you a cake =)


well that shows how 5 minutes of making a spp cake goes. Hahaha


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I accept with information: October 21st 1999;
Created as Joe's Pokémon Page on Geocities
Sometime in Early December 1999;
Changed to Serebii's Pokémon Page
March 2000;
Site accidentally deleted
September 5th 2000;
Serebii.net domain purchased and Serebii's Pokémon Page name demolished (SPP now stands for Serebii.net. Two silent Ps)
September 19th 2001;
Site blows up a server. Down until February 2002


Such a great site! oh and btw,I heard of this Project Valhalla what is it ?

Mimori Kiryu

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I've been here on the forums for 6 of those years. D: So sad.

Happy Birthday, SPP. And here's to many more. ^^
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