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Serebii.net turns 10

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cool celebi

Time Travel Legend
Happy B-day Serebii.Net!
10 years of awesome Pokemoness!

Aqua Manafi

Happy (late) 10th birthday!

The post made me laugh a bit:

March 2000;
Site accidentally deleted
September 19th 2001;
Site blows up a server. Down until February 2002

Nice going ^ ;)

the jman

Ak47 I choose you!
Happy birthday.

/sings lame song


i'm not dead...srsly
*puts on marilyn monroe accent*
happy birthday, to you.
happy birthday, to you.
happy birthday mr. serebii.
happy birthday, to you.


Pokemon Master
happy birthady serebii.net
keep on the good job and i hope to hold for us new suprises!!!!
man, i've been coming here for five years (april 2004) and it doesn't feel like half the site's age

September 5th 2000;
Serebii.net domain purchased and Serebii's Pokémon Page name demolished (SPP now stands for Serebii.net. Two silent Ps)



Well-Known Member
Ten years!? Already?! Well, as a person coming to serebii.net for three years:

(With Strongbad's accent)

Happy birthday to you
and your pokemon to
happy birthday dear serebiiiiiiiiiii
happy birthday to you
(and happy apple day)


Well then, happeh birthday, Serebii.net!

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Happy 10th Birthday

Calm PokeMaster

Well-Known Member
Wow 10yrs already........I have been coming here since 2006.

Hope this site continues for ever!Happy Birthday Serebii.net!


I just joined SerebiiForums.com, and I feel so comfortable and happy to be here.Everyone is perfect; the members,the stuff etc.I wish that this site becomes 100 year old.
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