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Serebii.net turns 10

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happy birthday even that it was two months.it would be nice for it to last a another 10 years


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happy bday to you
happy bday to you
happy bday happy bday
happy bday SEREBII.NET!!!!~ :D yaay I am happy~

If me I just join last year~ but I really happy!!!!

edit :

uh 2 year ago XD
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10 years, it's a long long time.Congratulations Joe!

I have been around here for many years already though, but i never celebrated the site's birthday xp.


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I've been around since 2005. Love your site, it's the best source for Pokémon news.

Keep up the good work!


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Dudes I have been on this site ever since the like beginnin of the world but only just recently discovered the forums

'Doh' *SLaps self on head*


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Wheres the cake?

EDIT: It's sad this site is older than how most people act like on this site........
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buizel kid

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Ever since I discovered Serebii.net in 2004 I've loved it and i just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Excuse the lateness, but I better say it anyway:

Happy Birthday Serebii.net! Congratulations on your tenth anniversary! 10 years on the Internet is a VERY long time.


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okay it's been almost 2 months now. no need for this thread to remain open.
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