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Serebii.net turns 10

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Well, congrats to your success, Serebii.
I've only been here for a few years, but I've loved it all.

Thanks for existing, Joe. Or something.

Moo. (You know this had to be said at least once in this thread. >:| )


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So this site is as old as Ash is? Amazing.

The 10th birthday...well you know what that means. Have you decided what starter pokemon you're going to choose? Can't be a legendary, of course.


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Happy 10th Anniversary!

Continue to live as long as Pokémon lives.


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Wow, the big 10th Birthday. Awesome! Happy birthday Serebii.net. I remember finding out about this website back last year in April 2008, when I always came back to check out the new episodes announced. If only I could've been here earlier to see everything grow up. Better late than never I suppose. :p

Once again, happy bday Serebii.net. :D


Oh joy, Serebii.net's 10th anniversary! Will there be something special on that date?


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It was Kittys birthday on October 21st


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Happy Birthday Serebii! You were the only Pokemon Site I ever turned to when it came to information about new and upcoming games! And I promise I will always use Serebii because it is an utterly FANTASTIC SITE! 10 out of 10! Hope the next 10 Years go as well as ever!
Happy birthday SPP! *coughtsilent'pp'cough*

*waits for 10 more years*

hopefully there's no end in sight, Joe?

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10 years? Well, Happy B-day to the best Pokemon site on the Internet! ^_^

razor fire

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Happy Taco Day :p


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Happy Tenth I've been on this site for years.I just recently made an account for the forums, I love this place.


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LOL, isn't that ironic, it's my mom's birthday too.

But anyway, happy birthday to my top source of pokemon information on the net.


joe, why is there no serebii.net 10th anniversery skin on the forums today? D:
it was the least thing that could have been done for this grand day.

anyway as for the official business, congratulations everyone on the community, our little forum is growing up:)


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Happy 10th Birthday to SPP!
Although I just join here for about 4 months, but SPP has become the Pokemon website that I visit the most. :)
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