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Serebii.net turns 10

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Woo hoo! Happy Birthday Serebii.net! Great job Joe! You really run an amazing site and kudoes to all your helpers aswell! Can't wait until I am saying happy birthday for our 20th birthday when I am 22 ^_^


Pfft, what loser uses that site.


Oh, that's right.
It was Kittys birthday on October 21st

Yep, this. Happy Birthday to me too x3

Yay for Serebii.net's 10th B-Day!

They grow up so fast...


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happy b-day serebii.org
i hope for more fruitful years


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*fanfare* !!Happy Birthday!! *fanfare*

I haven't been on spp for 10 years but well...(i dont know how to finish that sentence)



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Wow really nice to read the upcomming of serebii...
Really showed that you started from nothin and you worked really hard to make this happen. And that you're still working hard (especially for HG/SS: it must take alot of time to discover all safariizone pokemon :p)

But this site has always been my favorite, It let me become good in competetif battling, it made me even more excited for every new pokemon game, I was able to find information so quickly and so well explained that it was hard not to discover more about pokemon :p.
And now i'm still a great fan of this site and forum. I come here (almost) every day. The forum is so structured that it isn't a chaos here and that everybody stays nice against each other. There are so many mods to take care of every problems, and that without losing THE face of the forum: you :)
Happy birthday!
You diserved it :)
And make every unbirthday at least so fun as this day :)


This is special as SPP turns 10, but also it marks my three years in Serebii! Yeah i joined the site on October 21st 2006 when Serebii turned 7!

10 years....


Oh cool! Though I hope this won't turn out like when Pokemon itself celebrated its 10th birthday as the universe tried to eat me back then >.> Damn the disorganisation of Australian pokemon events... um. My z key is being difficult.
Happy Birthday thun!

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Where's the presents for him? *gives Joe giant cookie*

I came here in '06, so that means..... I been here for about more than 3 years.

I appreciate (s/p?) the work oe and the rest of you guys have been putting in to this site.

Oh yeah...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (It's still the 21st over here)


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happy Bday SPP, even after 10 years the site still owns :D


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Happy 10th Birthday, Serebii.Net! Shucks, time flows fast.


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HAPPY B-DAY SEREBII!!! ^_^ *gets out party hat*

If I'm bored tonight, I'll make a cake.... Maybe. xD

Congrats Joe on your huge success of a site! Can't wait to see this site ten years from now! xD


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congrats on the achievement. i've only been here since 2005, owning several forum accounts. but i have a perfect excuse cause i was born in 1998, stop blaming me. but back to the post, congrats! you made it very far, and you did manage to get to number one pokemon fan site. <3


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Happy Bday Serebii.net!!!!! I remember coming across this site in 2005 while I was in the school computer lab. Supposed to complete an online task set by my teacher but, meh... Joined in 2007 in the run up to D/P... Serebii FTW!!!!11
Why are we all congratulating Joe? What's more important is what starter pokémon Serebii.net is going to choose as its very first pokémon.


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Happy Birthday SPP iv been coming to this place for about 5/6 years, but only just made an account on the forums, as i have more time now

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