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Serebii.net turns 15!


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Happy Birthday Serebii! :]
This site is just really awesome.


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Happy birthday Serebii, I am grateful for the site providing up to date information for event Pokemon and the latest Pokemon games!


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Happy birthday Serebii! I may not quite have been a member of the forums as long as other users here, but I can tell you that my experience here has been very wonderful, and I really do admire the work that must be put into managing everything. So here's to many more years, I'm looking forward to it.


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Happy Birthday, Serebii!

I also want to take the chance say thanks, for the hard work you folks put into the sites. If it weren't for all the useful info and various Dexes, not to mention the forums here, I wouldn't get far!
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Well I'm pretty much inactive now and mostly became a lurker, but still. Happy b-day for the site~

I only joined halfway though ^^;


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Wow pretty amazing milestone...was using this site since FRLG which seems like eons ago now. Here's to many more years of this great site:)


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I have not been registered for long, though this has been my go-to site for pokedex and Pokemon news for a few years, now. From my experience so far, the community is very great. I plan on sticking around. Thank you for all of your effort, Serebii!


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Congratulations! I'm so happy this site is still alive and doing very well after all these years. Here's to many more years of prosperity and fun! Cheers!

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Happy birthday! Thanks for being around for so long and providing us with quick and easy to access infomation. :)