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Serebii.net turns 15!


The Abysswalker
Seeing this title has made me feel very old. Glad to see you guys are still up and running and remaining at the top of the game (no pun intended lol). Lurking has been nostalgic.

Lost Lore

Diving Deep
Well well, happy birthday to Serebii.net! 15 years is quite a long while. Heck, I don't even think I've been here (even as a lurker) for a third of those... well, maybe...

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful site for this long, regardless~

Kitt Geekazaru

Infernape Trainer
Happy Belated Birthday! I remember the good ol' days of pokemon when I would play as a kid and look up the most effective things for contests since I thought I had gone as far as I could in the game... when I still had to beat the last gym leader. Thank you for creating such a great and easy to use site!
Congrats. When this website started Misty was actually still a main character in the anime, lol. I remember coming here for the first time around mid-2002 when Japan was heading up to the Johto league episodes and everyone was amazed by Blaziken, lol.


Well-Known Member
Wow, that's two years older than Wikipedia and six years older than YouTube!

Happy birthday! Keep up the good work!


Happy birthday Serebii.net!!!
First discovered the site in 2004. (MAN, it has been 10 years..) And registered here in summer 2006. :3

(Also happy birthday to everyone who turns 15 here and outside Serebii.net.. xD)


I'm pretty late on this, but congratulations anyways. I was still in diapers when Serebii was created. Not bad, haha.


Look RaZoR LeAf you got burned.

Erron Black

The Outlaw
Oh my god.

Serebii, you're one old site.

In fact, you're almost as old as I am, that's weird :s

Heppy birfday


Fossil Hunter
Woah, wait. What. I'm younger than Serebii?! That feels kinda wrong. I've been using the site for longer than my join date appears, but I never knew this about the site. Anyways, many happy returns, and all the best for the next fifteen :)

Crash & Charm

Back I guess
I am older than serebii!! (By like 8 days)