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Serebii.net turns 15!

I know im late but happy 15th Serebii. Im a year older than this site lol


Misty <3
Happy birthday! Lol I remember when I first came here freaking out and asking about Misty. I was spamming with angry writing style the whole time. Funny though because I'm still a Misty stan, but thank god I've matured lol
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Super Late but whatever....



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Happy Birthday Serebii.net even if it's late, I have used the site for many years now and I hope the website lives for a long time.


Really and truly
There are members of this forum who weren't born when the website started. Way to make us all feel old.
Came here to say exactly this.

I just realized that when I first discovered Serebii.net, Ruby and Sapphire were just coming out. Looks like things have come full-circle with ORAS.


Apparently i died
Happy birthday serebii.net and that many years may come
Happy 15th birthday serebii.net! such an amazing site.
Without serebii I'd suck at playing pokemon. I love u.


Hmm just realized that 15 years ago I just got pokemon Red and a gameboy color for my 10th birthday.

Ever since I found this site I've used it as my go to source for everything pokemon related. Happy belated 15th birthday and keep up the great work!


The Gawd
15 years, wow. What a long way this site has come. Keep up the good work!

Hexin' Wishes

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No way! This site is THAT old! Cool!

Happy Anniversary!


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Really? It's 15 years old? That means I joined... two years in. Wow. Now I feel old. I'm so glad I found Serebii, though. I've taken long breaks from it, but I keep coming back. Without it, I never would've met people who were just as obsessed with shipping as I was... It was so great to find people who I could talk with about it; we helped each other out a lot. And I'm so glad I got to share my love for the characters I ship here! I think it would've been a waste if I hadn't. And in the fanfic I'm working on now, I'm getting to share my own characters. Well, I suppose I would've done that, anyway, in different stories, but... changing the context does change the character, and besides, their relationships to the canon characters are important to me. Yep, I'd be a different person without Serebii!

EDIT: No, wait, I joined 5 years in. ...I still feel old.


Yeah, ok!
I vaguely remember coming here even before my reg date, I remember the forums constantly getting deleted back then for some reason? Back then the site itself was also constantly down, must have been hard to keep an internet running back in 2001-2002, huh? :p


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
I vaguely remember coming here even before my reg date, I remember the forums constantly getting deleted back then for some reason? Back then the site itself was also constantly down, must have been hard to keep an internet running back in 2001-2002, huh? :p

Yeah, back in 2004 the forum server died and the backup was corrupted so we had to start over.

As for the site, when Ruby & Sapphire came out, hits spiked (it's a mere fraction of what we get in an hour now) which caused the server to crap out and we were no longer welcome to be hosted, so had to find a new place. It was down for over 6 months.


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Why are all major events on 21st of October? I was in the middle of mourning for my Milotic that day so I didn't bother visiting Pokemon sites that day.

But still, a belated Happy Birthday to SPPf! I remember discovering the site back at 2007. It was also one of the first sites I've ever been, and I'm still sticking around 'til now.

When I look at my join date (despite lurking around the forums for a bit before joining), it's almost 6 years since I first join, with the 6th anniversary coming up next month. Also, apparently I still have all those wallpapers from the advent calendar since 2008. Ah man, I feel old now.

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Whenever I'm looking for answers, "Serebii" pops up, so thank you for all your effort.


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You know, I don't think I went onto Serebii.net the first time for Pokemon information. I remember way back that I used it to look at the "Congratulations pictures" for Super Smash Bros. Melee.


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Thanks for all of your hard work over the past decade-and-a-half, Joe. Although I've only been apart of the forums for three and a half years, I've been keeping up with the news since 2007 when Diamond and Pearl were new to America. I'm looking forward to what you'll be bringing us in the future!