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Serebii.net Update: Friday: Episode Pictures #38; Movie #38; Notched-Ear Pichu News


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Serebii.net has just updated with this:

Episode Pictures will be added shortly. Also, it is likely that this time next week or near then, we will have pictures of the 11th moviebr / Edit @ 16:20; Episode pictures added In The Anim#233; Department Episode Pictures As usual, we have the ...



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The new title for movie 12 is To the Conquering of Space-Time.


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The mystery Pokémon shocked me when it turned out to be a Notched-Ear Female Pichu. Seems cute though, and will probably be a gender difference in Gen V.


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Thats someone elses interpretation of it. Does not make it so
Many sites are saying the movie is called To the Conquering of Space-Time

Some of the sites are Bulbapedia and Pokebeach

Pearl's Perap

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I'm still annoyed at them blocking out a Pichu...

Yes, I know it's not an ordinary Pichu and it probably will have some major part in the plot, but still ;/


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That Pichu might have somthing to do with G/S/C remakes (If there are any)
and new gender differences...


I'm actually quite excited about this...
The fact that the japanese have said it's a female AND it's "notched ear" implies many different forms and patterns and gender differences are to come. However, we were promised gender differences and only got like 2.
And it likes the Grepa Berry?
I'm thinking, does the preferred berry just help boost happiness? or will it be more complicated? Maybe this form will be a way of being able to see what nature it has? something i thought they would do, eg if it's a notched-ear Pichu it's more likely to have a quirky nature, if it's a ___ Pichu it's more likely to have a ___nature etc. There could be a few, and the rarity of each for depends on where you catch it....?
Sounds like a nice little novelty....


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Are you certain it is intended as a gender difference and not just a individuality thing? For example: Ritchie's pikachu has a bit of a hair sticking up whereas ash's doesn't. Alot of pokemon have had tiny differences for making them more individualized. Like may's bulbasaur having heart shaped patterns on her head when that is not an official gender difference.


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lol the movie 12 trailer was released on the 12th day of the 12th month


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Soo thats it then? Different appearance of a Pichu meaning a Notched-Ear Pichu being a female.... Well I expected more but its OK.

I sense remakes in the future.


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notched ear pichu

maybe the pichu is the result of pkachu and buneary.