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Serebii.net Update: Friday: Serebii.net Web-Comic


Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot
Serebii.net has just updated with this:

- 13-07-2007- 17:40 BST / 12:40 EDT - Serebii Movie 10 is tomorrow, and with that, you will maybe start seeing legit Darkrai in your WiFi wanderings
The WiFi Battling & Trading Chatroom is booming so now its even easier to find people in ...



The artwork needs more personality. Looks bad in some places and generic in others.

Not very funny either. I once saw a comic where a trainer sent out a golem in the middle of the ocean, that one was funny. The idea of a small pokemon trying to carry you is good but the execution is not that great.

Like I said the idea is good but it needs work.