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Serebii Premier League 2

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by goldfan, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. BaldWombat

    BaldWombat Mortal Wombat!

    Yeah, I sat there and thought about using painspit or switching and ended up making the wrong me when gross woke up.
  2. zapdragon14

    zapdragon14 High as the sky 8D


    lol yeah, tbh they do seem like stupid questions, but I'll let dave clear that up for you.

    Anyways, I've Pm'ed my opponents except mareepman, he's in belgium or something.
  3. Cojak374

    Cojak374 Been a while.

    post your FC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i pmed you
  4. DaveTheFishGuy

    DaveTheFishGuy Fish Trainer

    lol. Shipping is pairing characters in a fandom. RelationSHIPPING. I've noticed a lack of people who are regulars in both the battling and shipping forums, so i put that in my sig to make a statement.

    And now I've lost all your respect.....

    Want that battle Wombat?
  5. BaldWombat

    BaldWombat Mortal Wombat!

    I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear the part about the Shipper.

    GG, Dave. I predicted right at the end and it got me the win.

    I've also learned that my Cradily shouldn't be used outside of a sandstorm but that is a different matter.
  6. DaveTheFishGuy

    DaveTheFishGuy Fish Trainer

    Yeah, my Cradily is for SStorm use ONLY, except in Roulette.

    Good game man. I'd like to think Pory would've survived that ExtremeSpeed, if it hadn't critted. I thought about swtiching to Empy or Mence, but i wasn't sure.

    Stupid Cham.......

    Good match. Now I have to wait for Gold to get back so I can battle him.
  7. BaldWombat

    BaldWombat Mortal Wombat!

    That's 2 battles in a row that Cham has taken you down isn't it?

    You want to battle again with different teams for fun?
  8. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    OK I'm back. Nice to have some activity. So I will update now. I may battle dave at some point but i think i will eat first :p
  9. weebl33

    weebl33 The Terror Of Death

    I beat zapdragon 3-0. Gd game Zap ;)
  10. zapdragon14

    zapdragon14 High as the sky 8D

    Yeah, nice one weebl, promotion seems so far away now...;(

  11. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    Awwwww Zappy man, don't worry about it. Any more battles being done yet guys? Hopefully we can get a lot done over the weekend!
  12. MareepMan

    MareepMan Well-Known Member

    I'm back from Belgium! w00t!, I'll be up for battling tomorrow sometime most likely because I need to rest, but I'll get back to any (3) PM's that have been sent.
  13. weebl33

    weebl33 The Terror Of Death

    If someone flees the battle does the other player win???
  14. BaldWombat

    BaldWombat Mortal Wombat!

    Fleeing a battle means that they forfeit and that you win. It adds a win on your trainer card.
  15. zapdragon14

    zapdragon14 High as the sky 8D

    Generally speaking, yes. Although a few of my opponents "accidently flee" but you can't really tell if its because their losing or if they DID misclick.

    Edit: beaten!!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2008
  16. Iggly

    Iggly Banned

    I forfeited my match against Weebl33, fled ftl!
  17. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    kk I will update. I think I might be battling SKy_Net and I'm chatting to Dave, so i may get both done tonight, get as many battles done as possible guys!
  18. weebl33

    weebl33 The Terror Of Death

    Umm I won't be battling tommorow (sorry). I will resume battling on Sunday at 8.00PM. Sorry again
  19. JmH Reborn

    JmH Reborn Project BWI???

    Sup guys! Sorry I haven't been around...PM me to battle...I'm on a tight schedule...but I'm available I guess tomorrow night at like 11pm...then on a case by case...been reeeeeal busy
  20. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    SAll right JMH, we understand. Luneth is Banned till wednesday so he has even more catching up to do. I beat Dave 1 Time because of Exreme hax, 3 crits, 2 of which turned 2HKOs into OHKOs :p Second time wasa a much closer 1-0 victory
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