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Serebii Premier League 3 - Auction

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war of change
This thread is going to be open for a week, which means until Friday 18th at 9 PM GMT.

Basically, managers are going to bid on players they want. They get to bid on up to four players at once, with a minimum bid of $1,000 each. If another manager wants to raise the bid on a player, they must do so by a minimum of $100. After 24 hours without a raise, the player will go to the highest bidder.
If the 24 hours are before the deadline, the highest bidder will get the player.

Here is the spreadsheet including all of the players and the tiers they play in.

Happy bidding, managers, and sorry for any inconvenience this has probably caused.
Starting budget 20k

mreddozook 2k

RazorX 2k

NailsOU 3k

Lunar22 1.5k

Remaining budget 11.5k
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