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Serebii Premier League 3 - Auction

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Spreadsheet has been edited.

Whirl Islanders have 9 team members
Straiton Samurai have 8 team members
VValreins have 8 team members
Victory Road Knights have 4 team members
Funky Fromons have 5 team members
Fabulous Furrets have 1 team member

Now because of banning and LC becoming a manager, only 49 people are signed up. This means all the teams will have 8 members, except Steve's who has the only sub available. So if anyone can up LC's current bids that would be nice, since the other teams wouldn't really be able to play.
In the interest of fairness I am withdrawing my bids on Charminions, PoigantLyrics and xMetagrossx.


Well most of the teams don't have 8 players so it must have to be extended.
Obviously the auction will last until all teams have their 8 players. Otherwise it would be a matter of random assigning, which isn't really fair given the way the auction has been run so far.

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Yeah I'm just going to end this tonight at midnight (GMT). So whoever has the last bid on someone before the end gets them. I also suggest you bid on other players..

I'll also remind the managers:

Funky Fromons need 3 players, Victory Road Knights need 4 and Fabulous Furrets need 7


Charminions: $2700

xMetagrossx - $2700

PoignantLyrics - $3700

iSDr - $1000
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Well it's over. Gonna be a lot of random assigning.
Also the above post was 2 minutes late.
ya it'd be cool if peeps on my time (i already pm'd you but some didnt respond) if you all could use the chat which is located in my sig so we could communicate...
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