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Serebii Premier League 3 - Player Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by guerrilla radio, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. guerrilla radio

    guerrilla radio war of change

    Now that we have our six managers, the player sign up phase shall begin! To sign up as a player, please fill in the form below:


    Please note that the tiers you can choose are: BW Overused, BW Uber, DPP Overused, DPP Uber, DPP UU and now ADV OU.

    So, for example:

    Name: SvN
    Tiers: BW Overused, BW Uber, ADV OU
    Timezone: GMT +1

    Do NOT request to be on a particular team, as that is not how this will work. Each player will be bidded on; they will go to the highest bidder. Each manager will start off with a budget of $20,000. The minimum bid for each player is $1,000 and the minimum raise is $100. This will go on until each team has at least eight players. A live auction will be held on the Serebii Premiership xat. Players may come and witness the auction, but will not be able to chat, so there isn't a spamfest during the auction. The live auction will take place some time next week.

    The deadline for sign ups is Tuesday 8th March at 6 PM GMT.

    So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2011
  2. guerrilla radio

    guerrilla radio war of change

    I guess I'll start things off:

    Name: SvN
    Tiers: BW Ubers
    Timezone: GMT +1
  3. Giggity...

    Giggity... Banned

    Edit: Oyeh! Sign-up 1st, since sam cheated coz his thread.

    Name: Giggity...
    Tiers: BW Ubers/Bw OU/ Dpp OU/
    Timezone: gmt
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2011
  4. GerbilGuy

    GerbilGuy Goodbye, Serebii

    Name: Guy
    Tiers: All BW (BW OU, BW Ubers)
    Timezone: GMT+2
  5. lunar22

    lunar22 Da Boss Nigg@

    Name: Lunar22
    Tiers: BW OU / DPP OU (Preferred) DPP UU / Ubers
    Timezone: GMT -5
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2011
  6. Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Well-Known Member

    Name: Archangel
    Tiers: BW OU / DP OU / DP UU / Adv OU
    Tier Preference : BW OU / DP UU
    Timezone: GMT -6
  7. Saibankan

    Saibankan Competitive Battler

    Name: Saibankan
    Tiers: DPP OU, DPP Uber, BW OU, BW Uber
    Timezone: GMT -6
  8. Big Beluga

    Big Beluga u r a fatty

    Name: Big Beluga
    Tiers: BW OU / DPP OU / DPP UU / DPP Ubers / RBY LC Ubers
    Tier Preference : 1. DPP OU / 2. DPP UU / 3. BW OU
    Timezone: GMT -5
  9. ~Roey~

    ~Roey~ Wandering Trainer

    Name: LordCaedus
    Tiers: BW OU, DP OU
    Timezone: GMT +11
  10. shadowice1234

    shadowice1234 Member

    Name: CJ
    Tiers: DPP UU
    Timezone: -5 GMT
  11. Gamefreak

    Gamefreak Well-Known Member

    Name: Gamefreak
    Tiers: DP OU(preferred), DP UU, BW OU.
    Timezone: GMT -5
  12. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    Tiers:B/W OU, DPP OU, B/W Ubers, DPP Ubers
    Timezone: GMT -5
  13. Regarde

    Regarde Banned

    Name: Regarde
    Tiers: DPP OU, ADV OU
    Timezone: GMT-5
  14. AB2

    AB2 cake cake cake cake

    Name: AB2
    Tiers: DPP OU, ADV OU, BW OU, BW Ubers
    Timezone: GMT -5
  15. Nilla

    Nilla Cresselia's Tea Cozy

    Name: Nilla
    Tiers: DPP OU, ADV OU, BW OU, BW Ubers
    Timezone: GMT -5
  16. Mooo

    Mooo Member

    Name: Mooo
    Tiers: DPP OU, DPP Ubers, BW OU, BW Ubers (And LC but that doesnt count :p)
    Timezone: GMT +0
  17. Armando Payne

    Armando Payne Well-Known Member

    Name: Armando Payne.
    Tiers: DPP OU, DPP Ubers, BW(If I get Black tomorrow) OU (In about 6 or so months)
    Timezone: GMT +0.

    Other details. I'm not the best, and I'm not a professional, I treat Pokemon as pets, so the natures may be crap, and I'm not one of those peeps who destroy their pokemon because their personality is not good enough, so if you want a great player, buy someone else, if you want a mediocre/good player, then I'm your man, think of me more of a jobber then a mid, or main carder.
  18. Plusle.

    Plusle. Plusle!

    Name: Mreddozook(AKA Plusle)
    Tiers: BW Uber / BW OU / DP OU / DP Uber / Adv OU (best to worst)
    Timezone: GMT+0
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2011
  19. ashluvsme

    ashluvsme you cant show up!

    Name: ashluvsme (known by Solace. on Smogon)
    Tiers: BW Overused, DPP Overused, DPP Uber, DPP UU.
    Timezone: GMT-5

    im the best, it would really be a shame if you didnt pick me for your team
  20. Charminions

    Charminions Hot♥

    Name: Charminions
    Tiers: BW OU, DPP OU
    Timezone: GMT -5
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