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Serebii Premier League 3 - Week 1

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by guerrilla radio, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. nkg2k10

    nkg2k10 the fossil wreaker

    aldwason ourclan chat last night
  2. BlazinKickinChicken

    BlazinKickinChicken comes out at night

    confirming gg
  3. meteor64

    meteor64 Show Me Ya Noobs

    I PMed ioliolk on the 27th and he's been online twice since then (I've been checking) without responding. It doesn't look likely that I'll get a response out of him any time soon. Any ideas?
  4. Mander

    Mander Member

    Me and my opponent should be battling tonight, just to clarify, I didn't once say I can DPP Uber.
  5. Plusle.

    Plusle. Plusle!

    nobody else on your team plays it lol
  6. guerrilla radio

    guerrilla radio war of change

    btw everyone don't hesitate to use the OSL Xat since the people you're facing will probably be there instead of the clan xats idk just a thought.
  7. Mander

    Mander Member

    Beat Armaldo Pain 4-0

    AHAH, that goes to all you dis-believers.

    #TWERKTEAM Banned

    Funky fromons lets get it 1-1
  9. nkg2k10

    nkg2k10 the fossil wreaker

    lost to jak
  10. :wub:disc

    :wub:disc more like :mam:anbou

    opp hasn't been online since the 25th zzz
  11. xMetagrossx

    xMetagrossx Blaziking

    Posting my loss 0-2 against smartgamer due to his 2 lucky crits that cost me the match.
    My Choice Scarf poke was locked into a move that would have out sped and kod his last 2 pokes but w.e hax happen GG.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2011
  12. ClassicSG

    ClassicSG SaffronGamer(SG)

    Confirming GG

    btw that crit didn't matter>.<
  13. IFM

    IFM AllWeKnowIsFalling

    Whirl Islanders are gonna win this gish, and will there be midseason pickups?
  14. Nilla

    Nilla Cresselia's Tea Cozy

    My opponent hasn't been on in more than a week, so I don't know when i'm gonna get my battle done before the deadline, I contacted him since the matchups got posted.
  15. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz 0.0

    I think there will be, so you better sign up for it IFM ;D
  16. Ghastly Ninja

    Ghastly Ninja Ninetales&Lilligant

    anyone recording matches? would love to see em'
  17. :wub:disc

    :wub:disc more like :mam:anbou

    yeah so we can buy him

    why am i not on the Whirl Smogoners anyway? i even have a badge : (
  18. Mander

    Mander Member

    I want to do one.

    Fabulous Furrets (1) vs. Snowpoint City VValreins (7)
    BW OU 1: Aphrodi vs. Nilla
    BW OU 2: wonjoon0330 vs. Gamefreak
    BW Uber: artbomber_97 vs. Giggity...
    DPP OU 1: TheMaster vs. Aldieb
    DPP OU 2: Jets vs. Destructo
    DPP Uber: Armando Payne vs. Mander
    DPP UU: Mike_kun vs. :wub:disc
    ADV OU: ioliolk vs. meteor64

    I hardly know anyone, so I vote all mine. ;D

    Victory Road Knights (3) vs. Funky Fromons (5)
    BW OU 1: BigBeluga vs. AppleButter2
    BW OU 2: ISDr vs. Charminions
    BW Uber: GerbilGuy vs. SvN
    DPP OU 1: nkg2k10 vs. Sarcasjak
    DPP OU 2: smartgamer vs. xMetagrossx
    DPP Uber: xLilith vs. PoignantLyrics
    DPP UU: cometk vs. shadowice1234
    ADV OU: smashlloyd20 vs. epic_eevee

    Straiton Samurai (1) vs. The Whirl Islanders (7)
    BW OU 1: Yamborski vs. NailsOU
    BW OU 2: blobman94 vs. Lunar22
    BW Uber: Saibankan vs. mreddozook
    DPP OU 1: bestgamepearl vs. ashluvsme
    DPP OU 2: pkmner vs. BlazinKickinChicken
    DPP Uber: Wailord_2 vs. Mooo
    DPP UU: Blinky the Mew vs. RazorX
    ADV OU: Archangel vs. Regarde

    Take into consideration I don't know a lot of people.
  19. Mooo

    Mooo Member

    Activity :p
  20. Plusle.

    Plusle. Plusle!

    10 character rule
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