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Serebii Premier League 3 - Week 3

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by guerrilla radio, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. meteor64

    meteor64 Show Me Ya Noobs

    It seems i missed...again. >.<
  2. Big Beluga

    Big Beluga u r a fatty

    lost to nails, gg.
  3. NailsOU

    NailsOU Rarely Used

    I beat Big Beluga 3-0. One of my mons got haxed and there was a little luck that I got but none of it was very relevant or outcome changing. Good Game.
  4. lunar22

    lunar22 Da Boss Nigg@

    Whirlers doin it up
  5. smashlloyd20

    smashlloyd20 Well-Known Member

    Come on VR knights

  6. shadowice1234

    shadowice1234 Member

    activity post
  7. NailsOU

    NailsOU Rarely Used

    Where are the standings located? A link in the OP would be nice, thanks.
  8. quackPenguinX

    quackPenguinX Member

    I lost to Cometk.
  9. Cometk

    Cometk west side

    Confirming. Won 3-0 in a match closer than the score says.

    The hax was in favor of me, 4 to none.
  10. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz 0.0

    Another hax win for them, well come on Whirlers we can pull through this, skill will always overcome hax!

  11. windsong

    windsong WEST SIDE

    OMN, i would link you to Reyscarface's profile on smogon to prove that your statement was false if smogon weren't down now...
  12. NailsOU

    NailsOU Rarely Used

    epic_eevee, your statement implies reyscarface has skill

    please do at least a small amount of research or have background knowledge on the subject before posting.
  13. windsong

    windsong WEST SIDE

    i was comparing him to users such as powertothepika, who reyscarface has slightly more skill than

    i apologize for not making this clear earlier.
  14. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz 0.0

    You wouldn't have to link me to rey's profile, he tutored me a while back.
  15. :wub:disc

    :wub:disc more like :mam:anbou

    i feel sorry for you
  16. smashlloyd20

    smashlloyd20 Well-Known Member

    Maybe that explains why your team is getting haxed...
  17. destructo

    destructo Well-Known Member

    didnt hear anything back from xmetagrossx
  18. nkg2k10

    nkg2k10 the fossil wreaker

    So ye VRKnights got the most none activty wins over the islanders what is that saying
  19. Mooo

    Mooo Member


  20. That you hax incredibly well :)
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