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Serebii Premier League 3 - Week 5

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by guerrilla radio, May 10, 2011.

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  1. guerrilla radio

    guerrilla radio war of change

    Snowpoint City VValreins (2) vs. Straiton Samurai (0)
    BW OU 1: Nilla vs. Yamborski
    BW OU 2: Gamefreak vs. blobman94
    BW Uber: Giggity... vs. Saibankan
    DPP OU 1: Aldieb vs. bestgamepearl
    DPP OU 2: destructo vs. pkmner
    DPP Uber: Mander vs. Wailord_2
    DPP UU: :wub:disc vs. Blinky the Mew
    ADV OU: meteor64 vs. Archangel

    Funky Fromons (2) vs. Whirl Islanders (4)
    BW OU 1: IFM vs. Lunar22
    BW OU 2: Charminions vs. NailsOU
    BW Uber: SvN vs. mreddozook
    DPP OU 1: Sarcasjak vs. BlazinKickinChicken
    DPP OU 2: AppleButter2 vs. zdrup
    DPP Uber: PoignantLyrics vs. Mooo
    DPP UU: shadowice1234 vs. QuackPenguinX
    ADV OU: epic_eevee vs. Regarde

    Fabulous Furrets (0) vs. Victory Road Knights (5)
    BW OU 1: Aphrodi vs. Big Beluga
    BW OU 2: wonjoon0330 vs. ISDr
    BW Uber: artbomber_97 vs. GerbilGuy
    DPP OU 1: TheMaster vs. nkg2k10
    DPP OU 2: Jets vs. smartgamer
    DPP Uber: Armando Payne vs. xLilith
    DPP UU: Mike_kun vs. Cometk
    ADV OU: ioliolk vs. smashlloyd20
    Last edited: May 18, 2011
  2. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    eh smartgamer eh?
  3. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    contacted ald, here's to hoping i get to battle this week...
  4. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    haxxed, once again, i hate 4th gen
  5. Cometk

    Cometk west side

    contacting opponent

    what are some knight flavor pokes?
  6. zdrup

    zdrup Active Member

    PMed my opponent. This is probably a pre-finals match so it should be interesting.
  7. Damn finally the Fromons are against worthy competition.

    I'll probably be able to find Mooo on OSL xat, considering I've seen him there a few times anyway.
  8. wonjoon0330

    wonjoon0330 Currently on Hiatus

    Contacted my opponent ISDr, waiting for reply.
  9. AB2

    AB2 cake cake cake cake

    I responded to Zdrup : )
  10. Charminions

    Charminions Hot♥

  11. ClassicSG

    ClassicSG SaffronGamer(SG)

    beat jets in my match. and i don't belive that the hax mattered.
  12. Blinky the Mew

    Blinky the Mew Clever Idiot

    what is a wub disk? Also if its possible could i switch with blob?
  13. Giggity...

    Giggity... Banned

    contacted saibankan (chew)
  14. :wub:disc

    :wub:disc more like :mam:anbou


    i will contact my opponent unless he switches with blob

  15. Regarde

    Regarde Banned

    yeah sleep talk is terrible gg
  16. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    still no aldieb :/ and cant battle after friday evening until sunday night so yea...
  17. Cometk

    Cometk west side

    opp is active but hasn't replied

    honestly why do people do that?

    i'll contact him again whenever
  18. Yamborski

    Yamborski Not a Crunchwrap

    lulz im against nillers.
  19. BGP_

    BGP_ Well-Known Member

    aldieb answered and asked if i could do it then but he got off liek a minute after so yea got nothing accomplished there, hopefully we can do it tomorrow
  20. Nilla

    Nilla Cresselia's Tea Cozy

    I suppose i'll get my battle done soon.
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