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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 1

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Hence should. We should be, but are not. If we were, i would say are, not should. Does one not speak english?
Message from sexy theebay:

so, why didn't you play in week1? and you are just a random filler!
I did not play in week one because I was not asked to.


opponent doesn't ever go on xat/irc and i really don't check these forums very often, but i haven't been contacted here about it either so yeahhhhhh


defeated bobyjoe gg

thanks a bunch windsong for your help<3
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Somehow I'm betting my opponent will not be on tonight, the time difference and all.

I'm on literally the entire day tomorrow (I will sit with his clan and scream his name till he gets on, again), requesting extention till then, please.
I believe it's cuz you're bad. Although I'd probably play you over pkmner if you were on my team.
You dont know me, and probably haven't played me. This seems a bit rude to assume ones skill level.
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