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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 2

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Here's the Week 2 match-ups! Good Luck!

Scyther Slashers (4) vs Classiest Cleffa (3)

BW Overused 1: TheMaster vs. WindieStylez
BW Overused 2: Pimm94 vs. Chuck$$$
BW Overused 3: Rockstar19958 vs. Zerofield
BW Ubers: JirachiUser vs. DragonMaster123
BW UU: PokeMazter3001 vs. Scubasteve
BW RU: Complete Legitimacy vs. Blaaz
DPP OU: Reagan vs. epic_eevee

The Spear Pillar All-Stars (2) vs Team Cloverpod (5)

BW Overused 1: Lunar vs. Takeo
BW Overused 2: Lucs99 vs. Theebay707
BW Overused 3: Dusknoirs vs. D.Gray Man
BW Ubers: Dr. Chaos vs. Jets
BW UU: EmeraldGoblin vs. Dewhinifier
BW RU: MooseSmuggler vs. Master2738
DPP OU: TheMourningKing vs. assassinsceptile

Tin Tower Terrakions (2) vs Agnostic Aggrons (5)

BW Overused 1: Makaveli vs. Aenea
BW Overused 2: Erio vs. Sweet Dreams
BW Overused 3: XatuGamer vs. WhiteStone30
BW Ubers: AppleButter2 vs. SvN
BW UU: Pika Ruler vs. Big Beluga
BW RU: Admin Miror B vs. Extroph
DPP OU: RaiRyan vs. Pkmner

Also, here's the Stats Spreadsheet!

The deadline for Week 2 is April 15th @ 11:59 GMT -4

Also, Managers, please send me your week 3 line-up some time during the week. If I don't get a PM, the Week 2 line-up will remain the same for Week 3.
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Sic Transit Gloria
gl All-Stars we have a tough fight this round. Let's not make the matches decided by activiy/coin flip this time either.

o and Panda has informed me that he will not be able to play this week. please sub in MooseSmuggler thank you.
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faults & feats
Playing chaos in a war and now sp2 :)

Pure is gonna regret not buying me :)
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Sic Transit Gloria
Playing chaos in a war and now sp2 :)

Pure is gonna regret not buying me :)
No I'm not. Even if Dr. Chaos loses he was still a better buy than you :)


So lunar posts at the beginning of the round, then dissapears

I gave him my times and when to play, HE NEVER REPLIED TO THAT

I posted activity twice

I was online all the weekend looking for him


sorry but I don't find it fair...


soooo yeah. imma be active now :3 but apparently this panda guy isnt able to battle? .-.


cake cake cake cake
ill catch svn whenever haha gl everyone!


lol i have to battle legit this round time to get my revenge for last time
I would say activity post, But im not playing. I like this, no pressure on me.

Come on SS pull some back!

Naoto Shirogane

The Detective Prince
DPP OU: RaiRyan vs. Pkmner

great terra is going john me again lucs or bay you better sort it out if he does!

Originally Posted by pkmner
You haven't VM'd me once about this tourney. Sorry that I can't do **** on a holiday?
Originally Posted by pkmner
I would, but I'm at work. S enough spam and vm me if need be

these are from 2 tourneys he is still johning me in and it shows someone how he works while on hoilday
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