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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 3

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the greatest crisis
you've obviously never experienced the stupidity of a serebii tournament then!

Also will probably start smashing DU tonight if I feel like it.

Probs won't b able to battle tonight cuz I got a huge Chem and history test tomorow

Wb tomorow nite?


One truth prevails!
VM'd Fatty. Hope to destroy him soon :p


Well-Known Member
oh lord. I'll contact eevee when i'm ready to battle and/or when i feel like it. I predict anywhere from utter humiliation to just losing, so sorry in advance team! I'll try my best!


youll lose a classy loss :3


Sic Transit Gloria

****** *** people have to hax to win their matches! smh

Also I work till 10 tomorrow night so I can't fight you then either :(

Naoto Shirogane

The Detective Prince
me and zero are having problems due to he is 8 hours be hide me and he is going on a trip but we our going try battle tonight or tomorrow in the morning, if we don't battle he will need someone to sub in

Ninja Dog

Contacted Dm123, Hopefully we can battle soon


Creator Of Victory
Messaged Comet yesterday with my available times this week, just waiting on a reply :3

Go Aggrons!
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