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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 3

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Joan Ranger
how do you join these tourneys??


Joan Ranger
well its ur loss then. ;P
i grew up with pokemon. i remember when gold/silver came out.
i know nearly everything about pokemon. more than you do.


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PikaSnap, you can't join, and you've shown no signs of knowing more about pokemon than anyone else in this thread, stop posting in this thread please (that includes responding to this post).


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me and zero are having problems due to he is 8 hours be hide me and he is going on a trip but we our going try battle tonight or tomorrow in the morning, if we don't battle he will need someone to sub in

be hide you?


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Why are Aggrons so ignorant. Anyway, tried to contact Maka... no luck. I'm requesting a sub unless I get a pm or see some sign of him.
Confirming on the behalf of myles.


I've been told to post this, too. http://i44.*******.com/35b5xcn.jpg

When Theebay gets unbanned I'm going to petition to have his name changed to John Connor.

Pretty good considering we paid 6% the price of Skynet for Theebay.
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