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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 3

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Activity post. Been trying to lurk the um...one other place where sometimes people chat that is not serebii trying to catch cloud_strife online. I'll be available all weekend and Friday though and should be able to get my battle in.

I linked you the chat and i'm there pretty much all day everyday and I havent even seen you so....


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Yes I'm ignorant for stating the truth. Its like talking to idiots.

And the funnier part is I've tried Pm'd him twice and gotten no reply. Guessing that means I didn't try to contact him? Learn you're facts before you talk.

Let's not make this into an argument. ^_^ And I have no record of any PMs or VMs so we haven't been in contact. My fault for being busy. I will get the battle done this weekend at some point but until then no *****ing from anyone about this. Thank you. ^_^
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we'll hopefully be battling during the weekend. activity post for now

yeah, we will battle whenever this weekend haha


i lost again 0-2 in bo3 0-4 and 0-3 sorry again :/


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Confirming, a bit of hax in the second game, but gg anyhow
Only one match done in our team lolol. Also I'm in contact with my opp and I gave him sometimes when I can battle before the deadline. Hopefully something works out...
day and a half before deadline, and 7/21 battles done....

I feel this whole tournamet might have been better with 2 weeks per round, as people do have lots of things going on, as a general.


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cus Sena ain't hard like us

we better not lose 4-3 due to coin flips -_-
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