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Serebii Premier League 4 - Week 4

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Scyther Slashers (5) vs Tin Tower Terrakions (2)
The slashers come back in week 4 trying to put a playoff spot the 2nd seed for the playoffs in concrete. the terrakions just come to hopefully compete for a spot.
BW Overused 1: Pimm94 vs. Rairyan
BW Overused 2: Rockstar19958 vs. Nilla (freshly coming off his win vs lucs in week 3, rockstar now has a bigger challenge ahead of himself: the ferocious nilla.)
BW Overused 3: D. Gray Man vs. Makaveli (gray's hot, even continuing on into his trade to the slashers.)
BW Ubers: JirachiUser vs. Ninja Dog
BW UU: Sucka_Punch vs. EchoIsWin (sucka is good...but echo has the experience in the tier.)
BW RU: TheMaster vs. Admin Mirror B
DPP OU: Reagan vs. BestGamePearl (bgp's 2nd start should be an interesting match if he can get it done.)

Agnostic Aggrons (3) vs Spear Pillar All-Stars (4)
Both teams come in this week after crushing defeats, looking to heal the damages done and also get closer to the playoffs.
BW Overused 1: Aenea vs Dusknoirs (aenea recieves his 3rd huge challenge in the poopy dusk. However...dusk has luck.)
BW Overused 2: 123Fakestreet vs Lucs99 (lucs looking to avenge his disappointing loss to rockstar in week 3.)
BW Overused 3: Sweet Dreams vs Lunar
BW Ubers: SvN vs MooseSmuggler
BW UU: Big Beluga vs PokeMazter3001 (If fatty does show up this week, mazz is in for a real challenge.)
BW RU: Arab Money vs MagikarpRules
DPP OU: OMN's_SkyNet18 vs Cloud Strife (steve's been showing rust, and he'll need to knock it off if he hopes to defeat bro fist.)

Team Cloverpod (5) vs Classiest Cleffa (2)
cloverpod comes in this week +8 over 2nd place, a tie between the cleffas and the slashers. However, cleffas bring the toughest lineup faced thus far by the cloverpods.
BW Overused 1: Jets vs. WindieStyles (where did jets come from and why is he suddenly good?)
BW Overused 2: Cometk vs. Zerofield (zero is also given a challenge this week vs the one and only serenade of colors.)
BW Overused 3: Theebay707 vs. Chuck$$$ (will they be able to battle despite a timezone difference?)
BW Ubers: AppleButter2 vs. DragonMaster123
BW UU: Kuja20 vs. Blaaz (starting blaaz over scuba is gonna come back and hurt the cleffas.)
BW RU: complete legitimacy vs. Shnen (shnen drops down to RU this week, only to face the second highest RU player on which to be bidded. Despite being a friend of legit's opponent in week 3 and shnen showing a slight rustiness in his UU match, legit somehow will manage to win this, with or without any rust shnen has on him in RU.)
DPP OU: assassinsceptile vs. Epic_Eevee (windsong never showed up vs bgp in week 3, but if he does vs doc, doc will have his toughest opponent thus far.)

You have some of the crappiest predictions ever. Just saying. Anyway contacted Jets. Go cleffas.


Activity. Fatty, I don't exactly know where he is. There's like a billion different IRC chats, and Im not exactly about to go through each one to find him.


lost to theebay 3-0 as predcited!
sorry cleffas but hes to strong!. :/


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PM has been sent to Dusknoirs, just waiting on a reply.


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Classiest Cleffa's are drawn 2nd place! Lets just make sure we stay in the top four, avoid as many loses as possible basically.


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Won 2-1 against Blaaz in 3 GG's. CLOVERHOTTIES !


i lost. bo3 2-1
Classiest Cleffa's are drawn 2nd place! Lets just make sure we stay in the top four, avoid as many loses as possible basically.

Then maybe I'll get a game! Pro bench warmer though.


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Come on cleffas... You gotta do better We're getting way to many losses. Pick your heads up though we will still win this week! Go cleffas!


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time to prove tht scythers arent weak to rocks

gogogo scythers


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All-Stars quit being bums and get your battles done smh.
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